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Cool Ads That Make You Look Twice

Like any other competitive field, online marketing brings out the best in advertisers from all over the world. They want to make sure they capture the attention of potential customers. As such, they come up with cool ads that make you look twice and stick to you for a long time.

With Facebook being such an effective advertising platform nowadays, it’s no wonder everyone wants their ads to be displayed on the social network. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult for brands and businesses to create cool ads to stand out from the crowd. It’s like everything has been tested, users are already familiar with any type of content, and it’s hard to come up with ads that really impress. But it’s not impossible.

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How to Create Cool Ads

All you need to do as a business to create cool ads is to watch and listen carefully to what happens around you. Try to do a little research on what other brands are doing in terms of advertising strategy and see what works for them. Have a sneak peek at your competition’s Facebook ads and find inspiration in what they are creating and running on the platform.

A very helpful tool that could assist you in finding your competition’s best ads on Facebook is PowerAdSpy. This is an Ad Intelligence tool that allows you to browse through millions of ads from all over the world. With advanced filtering options, great tracking features and rich analytics, PowerAdSpy will help any brand spy on their competitors best advertising strategies and apply the greatest ideas for their own business.

For those looking for inspiration to create cool ads, we put together a list of the best Facebook ads this year. Take a look below and learn from the best.



PayPal’s ad has a quite simplistic design at first sight. What makes it so good? The icons used in the image. These icons describe what PayPal does, making it a little more engaging. As you can see, with minimal design and a little creativity, it’s easy to convey the message in an effective way.

Kate Farms

This ad from Kate Farms stands out because it uses an element that tugs at most people’s heartstrings: a puppy. Though it targets a specific niche – vegan people – the ad could appeal to anyone thanks to the cuteness of the image. But though the puppy is what draws your attention instantly, the product being advertised is not missing. It’s clearly there in the image, strategically taking up more than half of the image.



Nike also has some very cool ads on Facebook. The one you can see above is one of the best thanks to its colorful design, great use of the carousel format, short and concise headline and clear call-to-action. Basically, it has all it needs to be a well-performing ad.


Talking about colorful Facebook ads, here is another one from Hello Fresh. This successful ad uses a collage of images that bring even more vibrancy and contrast to the whole design. The impact is way greater compared to using just one image. It might seem too much for some, but if you look closely, you will notice that all of the colors coordinate well together and create a cohesive unit.

Besides that, the ad also includes a well-written description and an engaging call-to-action. It encourages users to comment with an emoji to vote for their favorite meal choice. Smart move, isn’t it?

Try the World

You may think that our list is full of ads coming from food delivery companies. Well, it seems food companies know what they are doing. This is another great one from Try The World’s. This ad tries to show the exact moment when a client receives their subscription box full of exotic foods. What else could make you wish to order one than seeing what it looks like when it comes to your doorstep? You can almost feel the excitement and joy of having one in your own hands.

The ad is well-thought-out in the fact that it incites feelings of excitement and anticipation. Moreover, it presents the product in an attractive manner.


Asana’s Facebook ad is also one of the greatest we’ve seen. What makes it so good is the short, direct slogan that cuts straight to the point: “Get Asana. Get Results.” This makes people associate the product with great results.

The ad link description is also simple: “Free for teams of 15,” but conveys an important message for interested users who want to try it out. Moreover, the image is attractive and suggestive for the use of the product.


DexYP created this ad to promote their Thryv service and they did it with a clever message. They started the headline with a question that makes people think about their needs. Basically, it entices people to ask themselves if other people can find their business online. The text plays a little bit with the emotional side as well by adding “when they need you most.” The image includes a graphic representation of how a business can make its presence felt in the online world. It is attractive through its simplicity.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks’ ad is colorful and short but accomplishes its goal: to inform people about their promotion. It is great because it uses numbers, it tells viewers everything they need to know about their offer, it shows a sample of their products in the image and it has a clear call-to-action. All users have to do is to click on the button to go purchase some socks. This is one of those ads that say a lot through just a few words.

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In conclusion, crafting captivating Facebook ads that truly resonate with audiences requires a blend of creativity, strategic messaging, and keen observation of successful strategies in the competitive landscape. By leveraging tools like PowerAdSpy and drawing inspiration from standout campaigns, businesses can elevate their advertising efforts and effectively engage their target demographics.

The examples highlighted demonstrate the power of simplicity, emotional appeal, vibrant imagery, and compelling calls-to-action in capturing attention and driving action. With careful attention to detail and innovative approaches, brands can navigate the evolving digital marketing landscape and leave a lasting impression on social media platforms like Facebook.