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A Step-By-Step Guide To Facebook Lead Generation

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Facebook Lead Generation

With 2.910 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook has one of the largest audiences in the social media network space. More than 1.6 billion of these people are connected to a business on Facebook. 

With this in mind, consider the prospects it provides for advertising your company and reaching your target audience. If you’re looking to promote your company on social media, Facebook lead generation is possibly the most effective method.

In 2015, Facebook introduced Facebook Lead Ads to increase online conversion of Facebook ad campaigns from mobile devices. The process of generating interest in a company and its products through Facebook Lead Ads is called face Facebook lead generation. Facebook Ads help you reach out to your target audience, conduct customer research and retain current customers on the platform.

How to run a lead generation campaign on Facebook? Let’s delve deeper into this and address all of your concerns.

How Does Facebook Lead Generation Work?

Facebook lead generation campaign function in the same way as any other paid ad campaign. You can create an ad through Ads Manager and customize the targeting features, creative assets, and budget to ensure that the ad reaches the intended audience. Facebook then uses the information you provided to show your ads to people who might be interested in becoming your customers. This ad then appears on the users’ news feed resembling an organic post but is labeled a sponsored post. 

When a user sees your ad and clicks the CTA, Facebook displays a pre-filled form with their information in it. It is a great way to reduce pressure when signing up because customers now have fewer form fields to fill out. Based on how you design the lead flow, Facebook Ads will then deliver a code in-app or via email via a “Thank You” message.

Features Of Facebook Lead Ads 

Creating New Ads – Facebook Lead Ads lets you choose campaign parameters, such as an advertising objective. You can also manage creative work by uploading ad creative, writing ad copy, and reviewing how your ads appear on different devices. 

Choose Your Target Audience – You can improve ad targeting by understanding your target audience. You can also make your target audience as large or as small as you want.

Set And Manage Ad Budgets – You can set a budget for your campaigns and decide whether it pertains to each day or the expected life cycle of the campaign.

Run Ads On Multiple Platforms – With automatic ad placements, you can extend your ad across Facebook’s group of apps and services, giving Facebook’s delivery system more flexibility to get you better results.

Determine Which Ads Perform The Best – Test your ad campaigns to determine the best target audience, shipping optimization, positions, creative, or product sets.

Get Real-Time Insights – Using reporting tools, you can see if your ads are reaching their intended goal. By observing trends and patterns, you can identify areas to improve the performance of your campaigns, such as your image, budget, or audience.

Benefits Of Facebook Lead Ads For Your Campaigns

Huge And Highly Converting Audience – Facebook has the biggest monthly active users of all social platforms. It allows you to reach many people in your market segment through the platform.

Optimized For Mobile – 98.5 percent of users on Facebook access it via a mobile phone or tablet device. When you use Facebook Lead Ads in your marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to reach a large portion of your target audience. It also eliminates the need to create an ad solely for Mobile because it includes a mobile version pre-built.

No Conversion Friction – Lead generation Facebook eliminates the need for users to be redirected to your landing page, allowing you to boost conversions. It also helps to save money on the cost of creating landing pages for your ads.

Cheaper Than Direct Advertising –  You can undoubtedly save money on your advertising budget by using Facebook Lead Ads. According to research, Facebook Lead Generation Ads significantly reduces the cost per lead.

Increases Brand Recognition – Facebook is the ideal place to raise brand awareness because it makes the process of building an audience and converting it into leads as simple as possible.

Saves Time – When Facebook first introduced Lead Ads, they described it as a “tap tap done” feature, which it is. Not only does it save the user’s time, but it also saves yours by making lead acquisition and management quick and simple.

How to set up Facebook Lead Ads

Step 1:

Go to the Ads Manager. Then select “Select your campaign objective” from the drop-down menu. Click “Lead generation” because you’re using it to generate leads.

Step 2:

Give your campaign a name under lead generation. You can also run a split test and optimize your campaign budget. 

Step 3:

Choose the Facebook page you’d like to run the campaign.

Step 4: 

It’s time to figure out who you’re going to target with your Facebook Lead Ads. This segment is in two parts: custom audience and location. Users with whom you already have relevant data, such as their name, email address, and phone number, are included in the custom audience.

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Examples

Wealth Factory – 


The ad features an appealing list of benefits that prospects will receive from the Internal Revenue System as well as a free Pdf that serves as the campaign’s lead magnet. Furthermore, the only information required to sign up is the person’s name and email address, making the lead acquisition a quick process.

Airstream – 


Airstream promoted its brochures and video presentations using Facebook lead generation. It is a viable tactic for Facebook retargeting campaigns since the target audience seems to be individuals who have already visited your site. 

VirginActive –  


Instead of offering discounts, VirginActive gave free membership for a few months. This example of a Facebook lead generation ad performs well because of its appealing features for someone in search of a good workout.

Running Facebook Ad Campaign Through PowerAdSpy

If you want to improve your ad campaign, PowerAdSpy is one of the best tools you can use. It is one of the most effective ad intelligence tools for spying on your competitors’ Facebook ad strategies. PowerAdSpy allows you to find the best-performing Facebook ads and inspect them in detail. It will help you understand your competitors‘ best ad strategies, analyze how they were able to be so successful, and figure out what else you can do to gain an advantage over them.

Following are some utilizations of PowerAdSpy.

Get The Best-Selling Ads In Your Niche – 

Untitled design (26)

PowerAdSpy allows you to find and analyze the best working ads by your competitors on the platform and understand what else you can do to gain an advantage over them.

Find Top-Rated Ads From Around The Globe – 

PowerAdSpy has the capability of retrieving the best Ads from over 100 countries and picking the best Ads in a short period. The tool’s database gets regular updates with new exciting ads, and it contains compelling ad data worth analyzing. 

Customize Your Search – 

Untitled design (27)

PowerAdSpy helps you find Ad content based on your niche prerequisites such as targeted keywords, locations, prices, and much more.

Bookmark Ads –

PowerAdSpy allows you to bookmark Ads that you may find relevant to your niche. It helps you create new and better Ads for your business or brand. 

Extensive Analysis – 

Untitled design (28)

PowerAdSpy allows you to analyze all aspects of the ads you select. As you become more familiar with these, you will rate the Ad more accurately and identify the best type of Ad for your reference.

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Facebook Lead Ads isn’t as mysterious as you might think. Use them to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign on social media. You can also use PowerAdSpy to Spy on your competitor’s ads and track the effectiveness of your advertisements. With PowerAdSpy, you can stay ahead of the competition by continuously refining your ad campaigns based on insights gained from top-performing ads. By leveraging this tool effectively, you not only enhance your ad strategies but also bolster your social media lead-generation efforts, ensuring sustained growth and success for your business in the dynamic digital landscape.