5 Best Facebook Ads of 2022 (And 5 Tips to Make Your Own)!

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5 Best Facebook Ads of 2022 (And 5 Tips to Make Your Own)!

5 Best Facebook Ads of 2022 (And 5 Tips to Make Your Own)!

Facebook is a social media behemoth in 2022, as new users sign up every day, growing in numbers with each passing day. With a daily active user base of 1.62 billion people logging on to their Facebook accounts every day, hosting their best Facebook ads is every marketer’s dream today!

So it makes sense for marketers and content creators to push their content and products on Facebook for their audience to purchase it! Facebook is a marketplace where your products can catch your audience’s attention if used in the right way!

Facebook gives its users the ability to post what’s on their minds. Right? Have you noticed how many people interact with each other on Facebook while being continents apart? Imagine the same between you and your customer, and your customer can reach out to you whenever they need your assistance.

Best Facebook Ads

But your efforts will be in vain if you do not know how to push your products to your audience, so they purchase on your website, leaning into your plan.

One way to get the most out of Facebook’s advertising strategy is to create streamlined Facebook ads that target the right audience. Optimized advertising helps you use your PPC budget wisely and increase your return on investment. In this article, we will learn about some of the best Facebook ads we have seen in the past year and get some tips on making our own!

5 Experts recommended tips for making the best Facebook ads

Best Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a brilliant way of showcasing your products and services to attract new customers cost-effectively, compared to traditional advertising methods. They don’t burn a hole in your pocket and spread the message about your products to people interested in your niche. Curate your ads keeping these Facebook ads’ best practices in mind, and you will be golden! Don’t worry! You will know when your numbers show the magic!:

Use Targeting Options

Best Facebook Ads

Creating the best Facebook ads requires marketers and content curators to know how Facebook advertising works. The goal of Facebook advertising is not hordes of new people with little to no interest in your products but to attract those who look forward to your products with keen earnestness.

If you target your ads to a broad category of people, it will be difficult for you to gauge how relevant you are amongst your customers and give you bad analytical reports.

Facebook has various targeting options that set it apart from other platforms. These options include age, sex, purchasing behavior, likes and dislikes, and finally, location and demographics. These targeting options let marketers pinpoint users with specific interests from a vast population and display ads to them based on their activity on the web. If you are a clothing store that supplies school clothing to their customers, you may target users with specific filters like “children between grade four to grade ten from Xyz school” and get narrow with your searches!

Be Relevant to your Audience

Best Facebook Ads

Relevance is necessary when curating the best Facebook ads for your business. Trends and relevant content work best with users on social networking platforms. Posting likable content for your audience will expose your Facebook page to a new audience interested in your work.

For Facebook advertising, design your ad copies with content that resonates with your audience to make them click on it. Otherwise, all your investment will be in vain. If your advertisements do not farm clicks and attract users to interact, then they might as well be not there.

For curating the best Facebook ads, look into ways of optimizing your ad copies to circulate within the crowds of your niche. Facebook advertising cost is lesser than traditional advertising methods. But the primary goal should be to get the best bang for your buck while investing in the best Facebook ads for your organization.

The Facebook creator studio offers you ways to get your ads rated by their AI and gives you a relevance score. Similarly, Google Ads has an Ad Rank system that provides them with the same metric for their ads. Remember that the relevance of your ad copies is directly proportional to how the Facebook algorithm will treat them.

Focus on your Visuals

Best Facebook Ads

Digital marketing works best when you have eye-catching visuals on your ad copies. These visuals help in marketing by providing valuable information while consuming less space on the ad copy. Facebook’s algorithm loves ad copies with more visuals! The best Facebook ads generally follow an 80-20 visual to text ratio and provide more information while taking less space on a website or a Facebook page.

The best Facebook ads are those that provide information, value, and memorable content. When you use visually appealing images in your ad copies, the Facebook algorithm appreciates it and pushes your content out to more people on their platform!

Align Visuals and Textual Elements

Best Facebook Ads

The best Facebook ads have less text than visuals. But when you misalign the words with the visuals, they look congested and unappealing to the consumer’s eyes. When you align your texts and visuals correctly, your ad copies create a sense of personalization and help the user to feel connected to your brand through the advertisement.

For example, if you own a car dealership and have a Black Friday offer upcoming, it would be a good idea to have an ad copy with a sleek minimal interior design with text in the middle providing the information subtly. Generic ads with little to no work put into them do not bode well with the audience on social networks. Your visuals must be appealing enough to catch their attention and create a sense of action within your audience.

Provide Value Per Interaction (VPI)

Best Facebook Ads

Value per interaction (VPI) is something that you give the audience for interacting or going through your ad copy. We, as human beings, need a reason to do any task. When you give something valuable to your audience in your ad copies, they are bound to remember them or are inclined to take action. If your ad copies lack any VPI, there won’t be any interaction between the audience and the brand.

Make your ads as valuable for your audience as possible. When you tell them about your brand as an awareness tactic, they will acknowledge your presence in the market but will not interact with you.

But when you add a 20% discount, they get an incentive to exercise the offer on your products and interact with your brand. It motivates them to interact with your brand, increasing the chances of getting your money’s worth from the ad copy!

Best Facebook Ads

These tips lead you to use these practices for your ad copies the next time you curate for your organization. The professionals of Facebook advertising know how crucial it is for creators and brands on their platform to follow these tips and their platform-specific guidelines, so the algorithm favors their posts and puts them out for maximum crowd retention. Here are some more tips for social media creatives!

Next, let us see some mesmerizing and memorable ad copies from all over Facebook to see what the best Facebook ads have in common. Let us get to it!

The Best Facebook Ads of 2021


Best Facebook Ads

This ad copy by Canva might be a static image only, but it ticks all the boxes that make it an effective ad. They make themselves look useful by showcasing their scheduling feature in their text and visuals and enhancing the experience by adding two screenshots that represent the user experience. Using a catchy headline and adding a CTA button makes this ad effective and favorable by Facebook’s algorithm.


Best Facebook Ads

Capitalism and art do not go hand in hand. We all know that. But Spotify has made it a trend to have their ad copies designed by artists that use vibrant colors in their work and create a storytelling narrative with their art that incites a homely feeling in the viewer’s heart.

Combined with their brilliant take on taking their listeners on a journey of finding millions of songs, I think Spotify deserves a premium membership! For textual content, they put out their collection of songs worldwide and added a CTA button encouraging you to do something upon viewing the ad.


Best Facebook Ads

Nobody likes to see sales ads anymore. Viewers refrain from spending any time on advertisements that get on the face about their offers, and these ads do not bode well when it comes to numbers. But COS took matters into their hands and made a brilliant ad copy that screams subtlety.

The promotion has visuals that convey to the viewers of the style addition in their collection, while the textual part tells the users about the ongoing 50% offer. It is a sleek, minimal but effective ad campaign by COS and hence is on the list here!


Best Facebook Ads

McDonald’s had an impressive ad copy in 2021 for Facebook users. Instead of showcasing their products, they chose to go for a bold 3D text for showcasing their freshest deal for their customers: a free burger! It works as an incentive to interact with your advertisement and get your customers to download the app that increases their app downloads!

In the textual content, they notify their audience by doubling down on their offers; and encouraging their customers to use their reward points to avail themselves of more products in their stores!


Best Facebook Ads

Snickers want to appeal to the youth of this generation and not the boomers out here with this 2021 ad that showcased snickers bars to chill out in the best way possible! It targets the younger segment of their audience and resonates with them in the most zoomer way possible! It is on our list because of the visuals that lure people to interact with this ad copy and might be one of the best visuals on this list.

For our honorary tip, we have the tool to make the best Facebook ads for your brand! PowerAdSpy has all the right tools that you need to curate the perfectly drafted ad copies for your organization! Let’s take a deeper look into PowerAdSpy!

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Best Facebook Ads

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Best Facebook Ads

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Best Facebook Ads

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Best Facebook Ads