Data Extraction With Facebook Scraper Tools: Get Ready For 2022

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Data Extraction With Facebook Scraper Tools: Get Ready For 2022

Facebook has millions of users per month, which makes It a goldmine of user-generated databases. It is the place where getting a hold of required data only needs web scraping tools. Well, for extracting data from Facebook, you will need a Facebook Scraper tool.

Facebook has data from different ethics, religions, interests, businesses, niches, and whatnot! This makes Facebook the goldmine of information, as they get them the required data for various purposes. Many entrepreneurs and marketers use Facebook scraper tools for extracting information. Information like, followers count, contact info, and more!

There was an incident called the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that brought Facebook scraper tools into some legal boundaries. However, this does not stop people from scraping data from Facebook. Initially, it was illegal to store product data. Or you could say, Facebook data, for the sake of being a private platform.

Facebook is a user-centric platform that prioritizes its consumers first, before businesses, advertisers, creators, or marketers. And hence, it has strong grounds for scraper tools. 

As the world is evolving brands are leveraging Facebook and Instagram influencers to promote their products. It is unlikely that people will stop using these information-extracting tools. However! To avoid any risks, you can use some hacks and legal procedures. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about these Facebook scraper tools. So let us begin with knowing what that means.

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What Are Facebook Scraper Tools?


Facebook as a server is highly dependent on JavaScript. When you search for something on Facebook, it provides you with totally look-alike results. And when you want to get the details of those results, there is no option but to copy-paste. 

Well, this is quite an option, but not for the long run. If you are an influencer who wants to get a hold of the user behavior of your audience, then simply copy-pasting their data will not help.

You will need something that is programmed in a way to do that in bulk. Facebook scrapers are that tool that lets you copy the data from Facebook on a huge scale.

How Does A Facebook Scraper Tool Work?


Facebook scraper tools are designed to operate on public profiles. In this way, they do not have to log in to the servers and get recognized. These scraper tools prefer to function in a way that ensures the profile is public. So the primary tactic is checking the URL to avoid the errors of private Facebook profiles. 

As we know, JavaScript provides Facebook with the functionality it needs. To that end, JavaScript requires user credentials to get them logged in to their profile. In a way, when you log in to Facebook, you are working on JavaScript. 

Javascript has an eye out for those who try to log in to their Facebook profile without actually logging in. So, whenever a bot tries to log in to any Facebook profile, JavaScript recognizes it and blocks the profile. 

To perform any activity on the social platform with the help of the Facebook scraper tools, you have to sign up. It is the first step and the next is to set the commands for data extraction. After completion of this process, it displays the option of storing the data over device storage or private cloud. You can choose either of them for the further analysis of scraped data.

Services Of Facebook Scraper Tools


Every social media marketer has a way of identifying potential leads. But I bet scraping information from social media does help. Regarding this context, web software developers have established a few tools that perform data extraction from Facebook or any other social platform.

Facebook scraper tools go by their function of:

  • URL Scraping.
  • Ad Scraping.

Let us understand them better.

Facebook URL Scraper Tool

It is a great tool that lets you extract the URL of Facebook pages. This Facebook scraper tool converts the extracted data to readable format so that you can operate on the provided information. 

Well, on Facebook, there are two different modes on which a scraper tool can perform data extraction. The first is a Facebook profile, and the second is a Facebook page. While performing data extraction on a Facebook page, you should first ensure that the page is a page, not a Facebook profile. Otherwise, your Facebook URL scraper tool might display a message of ‘page not found. 

Facebook Ad Scraping Tool

You might have heard about the ad intelligence tools. That integrates with social media platforms to provide you with ad analytics reports for your marketing and merchandising businesses. Yeah, they are also a scraping tool.

Well, as it seems that there are multiple ad intelligence tools in the market which makes this sort of data scraping not illegal. By the way, those tools and software are doing the real job for you in advance. 

Talking about Facebook ad scraping tools, PowerAdSpy is one of the most trusted Facebook scraper ad intelligence tools. That has integrations with eight other platforms apart from Facebook. PowerAdSpy serves you with one of the huge ad databases of ads from more than fifteen countries and nine integrated platforms. In addition, it provides you with a comprehensive set of scraping tools in a single dashboard. 

Let us have a look at it.


PowerAdSpy can take you to the backstage strategy of any displayed advertisement. You can leverage it to decode the best marketing strategy with just a click. Not to mention, PowerAdSpy enables you to check up on your competitors and beat the competition, all at the same time.  

So you know what exactly PowerAdSpy is, now it is time to understand the function of the software. 

As soon as you log in to your PowerAdSpy account or request a trial, you will see a window that will take you straight to its well-decorated dashboard. There, you will find nine icons consecutively below each other on the left side of the window. Facebook is the default platform that you will find. Here, the upper portion has various Facebook scraper tools that work on any chosen integrated platform.

You can see there is a search bar and four other options given below. You can enter any keyword, brand, or advertiser name on the search bar, and you can also subscribe to that keyword. 

Getting ahead, let us discuss what the other four options do!

Search By

Search By is the tool that enables you to search relevant ads based on provided ad information. For example, search by an object in an image/video or a celebrity in an image/video. In this way, you get the most comprehensive results by mentioning the elements used in ads.

Sort By

Sort By is a tool that gets you the ad data in the desired order. You only have to mention the number of likes, comments, and shares and hit the search button. It will generate the results, placing the ads of the highest numbers on top.


Filters allow you to break down the ad according to its visual type (imagery or video) and CTA buttons. This tool alone is capable enough to generate most of the comprehensive ad results you can ask for!

Lander Properties

The Lander Properties tool gets you the information regarding the placement of ads. Only placement windows and supported devices can make a lot more difference in the success of the ad. With this tool, you can understand what placement option is trendy and could get you more engagement.

Are you impressed already? Then get yourself the convenience of the Facebook ad spy tool PowerAdSpy! 

How to Scrape Data From Facebook?


There are countless data extraction ways available for the Facebook platform. But what makes us choose any specific method is the sort of data we wish to collect from Facebook.

You can use the Facebook scraper tool to get a hold of data, such as profile information, post information, contact details, profile location, user behavior of profile owner, and much more. There is no limitation on what sort of data can be extracted or not. You can use this software on various Facebook groups and pages, such as fan pages.

Well! Now coming back to the real question- how to scrape data from Facebook? So, you have to install the Facebook scraper tool before operating. Then there is a general procedure of signing up to that tool and managing its scraping settings. Now you are all set to proceed with it more firmly.

Well, scraping data from Facebook is considered illegal by the platform on some grounds. So you have to follow the specified terms and conditions of data scraping from Facebook before you proceed.

Risks Of Scraping Data From Facebook


There are some risks associated with data scraping from Facebook. Facebook considers itself a private platform, so collecting any data from Facebook will come under data breach or trespassing. 

It seems that people involved with brands and their merchandise cannot avoid using Facebook scraper tools. Hence they are allowed to extract data from Facebook by filling out respective forms. 

If you cannot avoid using a scraper tool, then you can always use a trusted and safe tool. If Facebook finds you guilty of illegal data extraction from the platform, then they can take you to court no matter where you live in the world. Hence it is of utmost importance to follow the suggested protocols before you proceed with data scraping.

How to avoid getting detected by Facebook while scraping data?

  1. You can screen record or screenshot the Facebook navigation and searches and then perform data scraping. 
  2. You can simply copy-paste the data.
  3. You can use bots that only work on public profiles and pages.


The suggestions given in the blogs are not legal advice. You can proceed the way that works for you most. Data scraping is a sensitive issue. Hence it is good to involve trusted mechanisms and tools to avoid any hassles. 

Moreover, Facebook scrapers are open-source technology that can work in both good and bad ways. It is upon the user to decide how they can make use of such technology.

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