A Comprehensive Guide To Marketing On Quora In 2022

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A Comprehensive Guide To Marketing On Quora In 2022

The organic marketing strategies have hit a wall. Nowadays, it takes too much time, effort, and investment to gain better reach on social media platforms. Still, if you are looking to get quick audience engagement for your business, marketing on Quora could be the right way to achieve that.

As we all know, Quora is a platform where people ask questions about many different topics. Regardless of whatever business you have, you will definitely find your niche audience on Quora. People from various communities have different kinds of ideas can be easily found on this platform, sharing their views and opinions on various subjects.

In short, you can say it is a form of social media network for people to ask questions and obtain answers to their queries.

So don’t you think marketing on Quora is the right thing?

Of course, Quora can help you gain tons of traffic and even more attract customers to your website. Still not convinced? In this post, we are going to show you how to use Quora for marketing and gain maximum traffic with conversions in your business.

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Why to Use Quora for Marketing Your Business?

Compared to other social media platforms, Quora is quite unique. People not only use Quora to socialize but also ask their queries and provide answers too. With more than 300 million monthly active users, Quora is already quite a big community, and it’s growing more and more, where one can share their opinions, views, and expertise with others.


More than social media, people use it as a platform for knowledge exchange. And it also means that there will be some people who would like to get information related to your company, your competitors, or the industry as a whole. In such a case, if you had a good reach on Quora, it would help you to reach potential customers with high intent to invest in your products.

Based on research, we compared companies with an active profile and companies that don’t have any presence on Quora. It seems that those who are active on Quora get 4 times better conversions. Figuratively saying, marketing on  Quora seems to be the right option. But is it really so?

What Quora Marketing Stats See?

Quora Has Around 300 million M.A.U-

Compared to some big social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Quora isn’t that big yet. But still, its monthly active users have been growing at quite a pace. In 2015, there were more than 80 million active users on Quora. And since then, the graph has been rising exponentially, crossing over the figure of 300 million monthly active users.

Mobile Traffic On Quora-

Almost 3 out of 4 people use their mobile devices to access Quora. Especially if you are marketing on Quora, you should target mobile audiences. As it can help you to gain better reach and exposure.


54% Adults On Quora Have Good Income-

According to research done by Quora, most adults have quite a good income source. In fact, the stats show that over 50% of people have an income of more than $100K, which makes them the right audience to target for Quora marketing.

B2B Marketing on Quora-

We also found that B2B companies leverage better gains from Quora advertising. Based on Quora research, 60% of B2B businesses use Quora ads for their marketing, and the remaining 40% audiences are B2C only. Quora ads work really well with niche-based audiences. People can ask industry-related queries on Quora and get immediate answers.

Businesses Gets 4x Conversions From Quora Ads

Many marketers are investing in Quora marketing, as it is getting them 4 times better conversions than earlier. Since the launch of the Quora ad platform, more and more businesses are considering Quora as the preferred platform for advertising purposes.

Quora Worth Above $2Billion-

Considering the 300 million monthly active users, Quora has been making good income (over the figure of a $2 billion company). And it is still growing more and more. Investors are very keenly observing the progress, as it’s getting better revenue for many marketers. Thanks to that, Quora has such a big valuation in the business industry.

How To Start Marketing On Quora?

As a social media platform, Quora is quite different compared to other platforms. On Quora, people give value to knowledge sharing and acquiring content. So if you want to get success from Quora marketing, you need to focus on getting into the shoes of Quora audiences. And that means you need to provide the solution to your user’s problems and sort out their queries.

Search on Quora-

There are many categories on Quora based on different niches. Depending on your brand, you can go with a different set of keywords to target a particular group of audience. There you can search for preferred audiences, learn about their likes and dislikes, and gain better exposure for your business.

Know Your Competitions-

Nowadays, more and more brands are getting their interest in Quora ads. The reason is quite simple! There are already quite well-established brands that have created their space on Quora, leveraging a lot for their businesses. Learning about such brands could help you to gain insights, which might help you in optimizing your Quora advertising.


To do competitive research on Quora, you can rely on a powerful ad analytic tool – PowerAdSpy.  It’s an ad intelligence solution containing millions of ads database using which users can search for the most relevant Quora ad campaigns. There you have several options with ad filters, which allows you to do a niche-based search and also provide new Quora marketing strategies insights that you can target to gain more for your business.

You can even follow people who have expertise in your niche. It would also help you to find those queries which get the most views and upvotes. There you would learn about keywords that are relevant to your brands.

Write Your Answers-

Writing good answers on Quora is an art, and while writing an answer, you should keep a few things in your mind. For suppose, if you write answers that are well-formatted, which is easy to read and understand, then you would likely get more views and upvotes. Also, you can make use of images to make your answer look more attractive. In some answers, people share their real-time experiences as an example to sort out others’ queries. Like this, there are many other ways also, which you can implement to improve your answers. However, make sure to follow all community guidelines and do not spam as it would get you more downvotes and even get your answer deleted.

Use Quora Ads-

While creating an ad campaign, you will be seeing options with certain objectives to achieve. These are the objectives from which you can choose while creating an ad on Quora:

  • Conversions
  • App Installs
  • Traffic
  • Awareness

After selecting the objective, you have to set the budget with a daily max budget or lifetime budget. Based on your campaign requirement, you can accordingly set your Quora ad budget.

Wrapping Words:

So, have you been ready to start marketing on Quora? Many marketers are already leveraging a lot from Quora marketing. Here you have the selected audience who have already set their preferences with a niche that you can target. What’s your opinion? Please mention in the comments!

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