Facebook Messenger Ads-An Overview & 10 Best Benefits

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Facebook Messenger Ads-An Overview & 10 Best Benefits

Facebook Messenger Ads are one of the fastest-growing channels for marketing because multiple people are using them to connect with businesses regularly.

And it makes sense rightly, regarding the number of monthly active users on Facebook, who would not want to make the best of this enormous target audience.

Advertising on Facebook can elevate your business broadly because of the expansive range of features that let you join with users in multiple places with niche-specific objectives to push distinct types of developments.

Messenger Ads offers objective and placement elements to an ad and both can do marvels if optimized and utilized accurately.

What are Facebook Messenger Ads?


Facebook Messenger ads let the audiences contact the businesses through the Facebook Messenger app. 

It is a promoted post used by the brands to get users to message their company for a  business-related conversation, answer questions, and boost conversions.

Facebook Messenger can start on many platforms across the Facebook family of apps, including-

  • Facebook news feed
  • Instagram feed
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Audience Network
  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Ads are a somewhat new ad feature to prompt a text conversation with your business at the click of a button. 

Facebook nowadays presents a few different types of Messenger Ads:

  1. Destination ads
  2. Sponsored messages
  3. Home section ads

These are all prepared to start conversations, push interactions, sales, and generate leads on Facebook posts.

 Why Facebook Messenger Ads? 

  1. They Stand Out

In a time when the newsfeed is more engaged than ever, any small benefit or skipping the newsfeed altogether—is a welcome change.

And it is especially true for sponsored messages. FB messenger ads make you stand out from the rest and give you the necessary visibility.

  1. Focus on Conversation

The Sponsored Messages indirectly lead to an increase in messages because the message box is already open. 

Opening the door for dialogue is a powerful selling tool. If users are encouraged for a conversation, they are more likely to reach out through messages for satiating general questions before purchasing.

  1. New Way of Interaction

FB messenger ads are a new way of conversation. Since discussion is a  crucial first step to successful relationship building, if you do, you’re doing something extra and delivering an added way to interact with you. 

Facebook Messenger Ads: Best Practices for Marketers


There are 3 prominent methods that leverage Facebook Messenger for advertising.

  • Click-to-Messenger Ads

Click-to-messenger ads can initiate a direct response to Facebook Messenger with your standard-issue Facebook advertisement. 

It means, when a customer clicks on an ad in the newsfeed, they are sent to Facebook messenger, where a chatbot prompts the conversation, fosters it, and guides it into a paying customer. 

Best practices for this are:

  • Use a chatbot to open the conversation and pass it off to a real executive for a more in-depth sales conversation.
  • Open the chat by asking some engaging questions to your prospect.
  • Home Screen Ads

Home screen ads work similarly to generic Facebook ads. 

Some best practices to consider-

  • Keep the CTA in Messenger- People are on Facebook Messenger to send a message. Do not let them go out of Messenger. It is a good place to take things forward with a CTA.
  • Use simple, static ads especially made for Messenger
  • Promoted Messages

Promoted messages can be used only for people who have already contacted you in the past( remarketing purpose). 

Best practices for a promoted message:

  • Promote something precise, like an event or discounts. Remember, these customers have finished the investigation phase of the customer journey and need a little stimulus to take the next step.
  • Don’t forget to segment- Segment your contact list for a more personalized ad experience because targeted ads are always more effective.

Key Benefits of Messenger Ads Facebook


One of the biggest reasons to use FB ads is that people are already messaging your business! 

Let’s find some more benefits-

1. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit #1-

Direct Line Between Brand & Customers Leading to Better Customer Satisfaction

facebook-messenger-ad-benefit 1

Marketing is definitely gravitating from a selling-centric approach to a more friendly approach, regarding the fact that customers don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to. 

Facebook Messenger drives this trend forward by forming a direct contact channel between you and your audience.

FB messenger’s direct engagement with consumers helps the brands fulfil their main goal of staying on in their minds and edging out the competition. 

Also, FB messenger ads support the prospects in the research phase of the customer journey and are used to construct meaningful relations between the brand and the ideal audience.

Customers value interacting with the brand that goes the extra mile in providing them exceptional customer service. 

2. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit # 2-


Facebook Messenger is fast evolving into an excellent medium for optimal exposure. 

These marketing campaigns concentrate on high-traffic channels, and Facebook Messenger seems an ideal terminus for max impressions. 

3. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit #3-

Instant Lead Capture

Messenger ads provide instant lead capture, without even asking, from anyone who starts talking.

Facebook’s lead contact by default collects this data-

  • First and last name
  • Location (country and language)
  • Timezone
  • Gender
  • Profile photo

With Facebook Messenger, the possible buyer can reach out and ascribe their situations just by connecting a button. 

You can respond instantly and capture the lead right away.

Here, instant accessibility creates the difference when a competitor won’t reply, and you can develop more leads by the immediate response, leading to better sales.

4. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit #4-


FB Messenger advertisements position your products and services in front of their ideal customers. 

Some businesses opt for standard ads in leads’ newsfeeds, but Facebook Messenger lets you utilize sponsored messages to instantly send a message to a prospect’s inbox. 

In addition to providing an edge over competitors, it also allows you to open communication with your niche segment.

They provide ease of access and lead the customer to your chosen next step for lead generation.

5. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit #5-

Best in Mobile-Optimization

FB Messenger is the most suitable for your Facebook mobile ad because of the best mobile-optimization experience.

After connecting the “Send Message” call-to-action button, you can doze well knowing that the experience is 1000% mobile optimized.

With FB messenger ads, relax about a form or landing page malfunctioning because of responsive design failings again.

6. Facebook Messenger Ad Benefit #6-

facebook-messenger-ad-benefit 6

24/7 Automated Lead Qualification & Follow-up

Another special use of Facebook Messenger Ads comes in a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Facebook Messenger bots furnish instant replies like written by a living human. Bots are programmed to reply to questions, plan appointments, and mail promotions straight to a customer’s inbox. 

Messenger ads are excellent on their own, but automated answers maximize their prospect.

The Facebook Messenger automation via chatbots can effectively lead qualification queries and nurture follow-ups for you to address every incoming inquiry.

7. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit #7-


With Facebook Messenger automation, you can personalize any dialogue with default FB contact info like name location and take a step further by mailing leads through a conversation flow.

Advertising through Facebook Messenger eradicates a hard-sell strategy for more personalized,  more relevant offers and more closed deals.

8. Facebook Messenger Ads Benefit #8-

Outperform Other Ads 2X-10X

At the end of the day, every ad points lead volume, cost per lead, and sales and FB messenger ads beat the best here.

9. Facebook Messenger Ad Benefit #9-

Free to Use

Facebook messaging is free. All you need is Internet access to communicate, and it’s free for your business.

10. Facebook Messenger Ad Benefit #10-

Send Files & Images

With Facebook Messenger, you can send images and files, and FB also provides Creator Studio so your customers can manage their content. (as much as you want)

And make sure that you use the best social ads analytics tools before running these ads.

Tools like PowerAdSpy will allow brands to identify and display relevant ads according to their searched keyword.

PowerAdSpy is a smart, powerful social ads advertising analytics tool that can improve your content creation experience for social ads and advertising campaigns by finding hidden niches & lucrative opportunities.

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To Sum Up

If your social media marketing strategy doesn’t include Facebook Messenger ads, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. Do not hold yourself back because of ignorance or being too busy.

Facebook Messenger ads deliver outstanding benefits over other ads. They add a massive performance boost in lead volume and cost per lead acquisition.

By centering the ads around a dialogue between the brand and the user, you encourage relationship-building, overcome objections, and convey value to the customers.

Both Click to Message and Sponsored Message ads have excellent use cases beyond the standard in-feed “shop now” Facebook Ads.

By running Messenger ads, you invite users to contact you. Running these ads show you’re responsive and makes them feel like contacting you for an immediate response.

Have you ever tested Facebook Messenger Ad options? If so, share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!