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How to use Facebook Messenger Ads for your Business

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How to use Facebook Messenger Ads for your Business

When talking about social media marketing, how can we forget Facebook? There is no doubt that Facebook has a better and bigger audience than any other social media channel. Furthermore, it also provides a better scope for targeting a specific audience.

But are you leveraging all the features of Facebook? Or you are still missing a huge piece.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is the centre point of any marketing strategy and if you are not considering it then chances are you are not reaching out a big part of your audience.

Your audience is everywhere and as a marketer, you need to find your potential clients from that list of audience. Facebook Messenger Marketing is one of the best ways to accomplish that task. Here is why it is important-

The numbers mentioned above can show you how important is Facebook Messenger Marketing for any strategy.

In this article, I will show you how to use and create Facebook Messenger Ads for your Facebook Marketing and Advertising Campaign. So, let’s get started.

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Reach More People with Facebook Messenger Ads

Nowadays, with the increasing number of people using smartphones and apps, there are more chances for your business to reach the right audience.

Facebook automatically places your ads at the place where they are most likely to be noticed and drive campaign results.

Whosoever uses the Messenger app and comes under your targeted audience (that you’ve already set) will see the ads in the messenger app itself and will be redirected to the destination chosen by you whenever they tap on the ad.

This is the best way to reach a new audience in order to create a brand awareness, promote leads and sales, increase app downloads and also drive traffic to your website.

Drive People to your Messenger Chats


When you are growing a business, you need to set your customers as your priority. And customer service is an important part of it. With this particular Facebook messenger ad, your targeted audience will be allowed to know about an ongoing chat with your brand. Such messenger ads are called Click to messenger ads.

To get started with click to messenger ads, you need to define your audience on the basis of certain demographics like age, gender, keywords, interest, etc.

You can leverage the benefits by allowing a bot to do all the customer service jobs. Here is what can do with such ads-

  • Allow Customer Service- As mentioned, you can easily let your customers know that you’re just a click away whenever they need you. Happy customers are the key to any successful business.
  • Retargeting People- People who have recently visited your website are most likely to buy from you. All you need to do is remind them from time to time. With such ads, you can easily retarget your potential clients and get them back to your website.
  • Create Brand Awareness- Now that you’ve started to use click to Facebook messenger ads, it has become a way easier to you for telling people about your brand and try turning them to your potential customers. As people can easily reach you out and ask you about any issues or general information, you have more chances to spear a word about your brand and services.

Retargeting with Sponsored Messages

And now when you already have a bunch of people who have reached you through the messenger app, it’s time to turn them in your potential customers by “retargeting” them.

The people have already contacted your business through the messenger app are the highly targeted audience for you, such people have already proved that they are interested in a service like yours. And would even need it at some point. Such ads have maximum ROI as compared to any other ad type.

If you are planning to run sponsored ads then it is important to stay active and responsive if you have re-engaged customers. Here are a few tips for getting started with Sponsored Ads-

  • Show people the product while using it- It is a better option to places images or videos while the product being used instead of just the product. It can help you bring out the curiosity in your audience.
  • Use Minimal Amount of Text- A lot of text can be quite distracting, use a little text with an attractive image and your ad is ready to win.
  • Simplicity is the Key- Too much information embedded in just one image can result in a backfire. If you want your ads to win, try to keep it as simple as possible.

With retargeting, precision is key. Your ads hit a select audience, so make ’em irresistible. Craft compelling, eye-catching content to maximize clicks and engagement.

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To nail your ad campaign, expect to experiment. Whether you go basic or dynamic, success rarely happens overnight. A/B test like crazy, tweaking everything from ad types to visuals. And watch your wallet—constant testing can drain funds fast. Keep the strategy simply and have a small but sufficient budget plan.

And the rest will get better with time. Just remember to look out for your competitors before getting started. Spy a little on them and understand the needs of your audience. A tool like PowerAdSpy is what you need for this.