Facebook Ads Preview Tool and Why Spy on Your Competition

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Facebook Ads Preview Tool and Why Spy on Your Competition

Facebook advertising has been growing in leaps and bounds lately. Running ads on the social network can do wonders for your business page. And with this increased emphasis placed on Facebook ads. New tools have been introduced to help businesses create more effective ads. In this article, we will explain to you why it’s essential to keep a Facebook ads preview tool handy when building up your social advertising campaign.

More and more companies turn to Facebook to promote their products in the online world in an attempt to reach as many people as possible. But the advertising world is very competitive. Things are constantly changing. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends. Keep an eye on your competition and spy on their advertising strategy. Always create ad mockups and test them with a Facebook ads preview tool before running them.

Facebook Ads Impact on Businesses

Research has found that businesses who decide to dedicate time, money and human resources to creating social ad campaigns, including on Facebook, have way better engagement metrics. This compared to businesses who don’t invest in social media advertising.

To make an idea about the impact Facebook advertising has on businesses, know statistics show that Facebook advertisers have 77% more page fans and 96% more page clicks. Compared to brands that are not using the platform.

Moreover, 90% more fans and potential customers and 111% more friends of pages have been reached through Facebook business pages. And people who have liked a business page on Facebook are 79% more likely to make a purchase than non-fans.

As you can see, the impact of having a Facebook page and promoting products or services through it is quite big. Which means that the effort of running a handful of ads on social media certainly pays off. It can almost double your organic reach.

How to Boost Your Return on Investment

How to Boost Your Return on InvestmentThe fact that Facebook advertising is effective is already a known fact. Now let’s see what you should do when it comes to planning and executing an advertising campaign in order to reach success.

First of all, properly narrow down your target audience to make sure your ads will be shown to people who are interested in your brand. Facebook is very good at creating custom audiences, based on age, gender, occupation, location, interests, and more. So take advantage of this feature.

Secondly, know your priorities and build ads around your goals. You can do this by accurately choosing the objectives for your ad. Facebook has twelve specific objectives you can choose from, grouped into three categories:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Another important point is to be creative and do your research on how a successful ad should look. People see hundreds of ads every day, on the internet, on TV, on the street. You need to make sure yours will stand out and appeals to them. Use high-quality images, find out what your audience needs, appeal to their emotions, and write a succinct ad copy.

Another advice is to always create mockups of your ads, maybe more of them, not just one. Test them before running them on Facebook. Try mixing different images with different ad copies and see what they look like. Only then decide which is more likely to be successful. A good idea in this regard is to make use of a Facebook ads preview tool, which will help you avoid losing time and money.

Finally, you should never forget that your audience is bombarded with ads every day. So spying on your competition and learning what Facebook advertising strategy they are using is key to staying one step ahead of them.

Choose a Facebook Ads Preview Tool

The use of tools when it comes to Facebook advertising is very effective for any business. They can help save time, automate repetitive tasks, provide valuable insights, and improve ad campaign performance. As such, it’s always a good idea to have a Facebook ads preview tool handy that can help you create mockups and test them before running ads on the social platform. Here is our suggestion list in this respect:

Facebook Campaign Planner – This is a very effective planning tool offered by Facebook itself. It is designed for creating media plans. It uses the social network’s reach and frequency buying type. At the same time, it allows users to know what performance expectations to set for each advertising campaign.

Klickwunder – This tool is specialized in online marketing. It helps users create a cost-efficient Facebook advertising campaign tailored specifically to their business. By using this tool, you will make sure to use the best practices in terms of social advertising strategy.

Acquisio Social – Offered by Acquisio, this social advertising tool is perfect for those looking for help to manage and organize Facebook and Instagram ads. It includes great features that let you test hundreds of ad variants, get optimization suggestions, and quick performance insights.

PowerAdSpy – This is a very effective Facebook ads spy tool that will help you keep an eye on your competition. It offers over 6 million ads from all over the world. It allows you to see the live Facebook ad from the tool’s dashboard. Moreover, it lets you see important details such as a competitor’s target audience by age, location, and interests.

AdEspresso’s Ad Gallery – The main advantage of this tool is the fact that it’s free to use. The Ad Gallery searches for you through thousands of ads across industries, ad types and objectives, and ad types. It’s extremely useful if you want to find inspiration in other brands’ ads in order to improve your own ad images and copy.

AdParlor’s Mockup Generator – This is a great Facebook ads preview tool that allows users to design Facebook ads without even signing in to Facebook. You only need to add all the elements of your ad (image, message, link, etc.) and then download and preview the mockup. It can be used for strategic planning, client presentations, ad reports, and more.


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