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How to Find a Sponsored Ad on Facebook

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How to Find a Sponsored Ad on Facebook

Once in a while, we all get seduced by ads. Even though we might not need the product or service they are promoting.  With Facebook being the ginormous social network that is, lots of people turn to this platform for all their needs, including advertising. If you too want to know how to find a sponsored ad on Facebook, read on. We try to provide you with an answer and other important information about sponsored ads.

What are sponsored ads?

Sponsored ads on Facebook appear seamlessly in your news feed amongst other posts from your friends and the people and pages you follow. These kinds of ads seem genuine posts which can be liked, commented on and shared just like any other post. A small disclaimer reading “Sponsored” tells you it’s a sponsored ad or update.

So for those wondering how to find a sponsored ad on Facebook, the answer is you don’t have to find it. The ad will find you. Basically, when building up an advertising campaign on Facebook, marketers narrow down their target audience. Based on your likes and interests, you will be shown ads that might appeal to you.

How to find a sponsored ad on Facebook?

There are times when you see an ad in your Facebook feed and, for one second, you find yourself wondering who posted that? Then you realize it’s not a post by one of your friends but a sponsored ad. Then you scroll through your feed you remember the ad and would like to see it again but don’t know where to find it. This has surely happened to you as well and you struggled to find out how to find a sponsored Ad on Facebook.

Well, in this case, there is a solution called “Recent Ad Activity”. But it works only if you clicked an ad and want to see it again. This section shows users the past three months of ads they liked, clicked on, commented on or shared.

Or, given you’ve shown interest in that type of ad, you could wait patiently and continue scrolling as chances are you’ll see the ad again. Because you will most likely be retargeted.

Why should businesses use sponsored ads?

Besides learning how to find a sponsored ad on Facebook, it’s also essential to understand why businesses should pay for and use sponsored ads.

Facebook sponsored ads are very effective and should be a part of any business’s social media advertising campaign. Catchy, creative sponsored ads can help businesses raise brand awareness, reach target audiences and convert leads.

how-to-find-a-sponsored-ad-on-facebook-2This is so because Facebook users are the most engaged social media consumers. Thus, are most likely to click on ads to go visit a business’s website.

More than 65 million businesses all around the world have a Facebook page. Around 4 million of them create and run ad campaigns on the platform. It’s easy to see why Facebook has become the place to be for companies that want to promote their products.

Facebook sponsored ads are important for businesses because:

  • these ads can help them reach more potential customers;
  • promote their products or services;
  • create a stronger link between their brand and their clients through social media engagement.

Why pay for sponsored ads on Facebook?

Facebook no longer allows all of a business’ fans, followers and subscribers to see all their posts for free. Any marketer wanting to use the social platform has to pay for Facebook advertising in order to make sure that their posts get the reach they expect.

However, Facebook sponsored ads are quite affordable for any business, regardless of its size and advertising budget, as they are cost-effective. Actually, Facebook’s cost per click (CPC) is cheaper than the majority of online advertising platforms. For those who want numbers, the average cost per click for all countries stands at $0.97 at the moment. The highest is in the Czech Republic ($2.09) and the lowest in Switzerland, Croatia, and Cyprus ($0.75).

If you’re wondering why pay for sponsored ads on Facebook, know that the platform’s targeting system is exceptional. It will ensure you get rid of any out-of-market clickers and reach the right audience. Thus, increase your chances of finding new qualified leads.

Sponsored ads and competition

In today’s competitive marketing environment, chances are high that your competition is also using Facebook as an advertising platform. It’s always a good idea to keep up with the trends.

Knowing how to find a sponsored ad on Facebook is not enough. It’s also important to know how to create the best ads out there and be aware of what your competition is doing every step of the way. A great tool that can help you in this regard is PowerAdSpy. It provides you with a database of 5 million ads from 15 different countries.

PowerAdSpy is an easy-to-use Facebook Ad-Intelligence tool designed for social media advertising. It comes with an intuitive dashboard and lots of useful features that help users to create comprehensive social ad campaigns with powerful sources.  Moreover, the tool allows you to discover your competitors’ advertising secrets by spying on their ads. You can thus learn what works for them and apply successful strategies to your own business.


Facebook sponsored ads have the potential to increase sales in any advertising campaign. That’s a fact. But it is always a good idea for businesses to do their research before throwing money at them.

A poorly written ad campaign can do more harm than good. So it’s important to learn how to find a sponsored ad on Facebook in order to be able to do your research and then create appealing, qualitative ads for your target audience.


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