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Adespresso vs PowerAdSpy

Businesses that are just getting ready to dive into Facebook advertising might be searching for the best tool to help them manage their campaign. They want to be well prepared before running an ad campaign on the social platform. There are loads of tools out there that promise to take your ads to the next level. You probably heard about Adespresso and PowerAdSpy. These are two of the best on the market. To help businesses make a decision on which one to choose, here is a short Adespresso vs PowerAdSpy comparison.

About Adespresso

This is an easy-to-use Facebook Ad Management Tool. It is suitable for beginning businesses that want to create their first advertising campaign and want to make sure they don’t fail. Both small and medium businesses that are new to using spy tools can benefit from using it.

As a spy tool, Adespresso provides a vast Facebook Ads Gallery that includes loads of real-world ad examples you can see for free. This ads gallery gets updated every 30 minutes with new ads created and run by your competition. Users will be able to filter Facebook ads by industry, objective, placement, etc.

Additionally, the integrated Canva web design tool helps businesses create and edit images for their own ads. Users can test different ad variations by combining various images, ad copies, headlines, etc.

adespresso vsAdvanced metric data

Another interesting thing about Adespresso is that it offers advanced metric data results for ad campaigns, which helps businesses track and improve their projects. This is possible thanks to the Intelligent Tips feature. It is an analytical tool that runs in the background and gives you tips on how to improve the performance of your ad.

Finally, Adespresso offers user flexibility to delete or clone ads and ad sets. This means that you can optimize ad campaigns by copying your best performing ad set and only make the changes you consider necessary.

About PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is one of the best Facebook Ad-Intelligence tools designed for social advertising. It is mostly known and used as a Facebook ads spy tool. But it can do much more than that.

As an ads spy tool, PowerAdSpy allows users to discover the ads the competition is running on Facebook. Thus, uncover their advertising secrets and apply winning formulas to their own ad campaigns.

With PowerAdspy, businesses can create fully-fledged social advertising campaigns using multiple sources. Besides allowing users to see their competitors’ ads and the attached pages and learning about their marketing tactics, this tool also shows the social interactions each ad gets. It’s easy to see which ads really work. PowerAdspy comes with an ability to search ads based on keywords, advertisers and even the domain of your competitors. It also has the possibility to bookmark ads for later view.

Thousands of ads in one place

When it comes to available ads, know that this website includes more than 6 million ads from over 2 million advertisers. There are more than 1 million monthly updates. This is possible thanks to the thousands of people from all over the world who go through millions of ads daily and update the tool with the most successful ones.

Considering you are able to search for ads coming from businesses in your niche, you will be more successful in creating unique ads. This way you can stay ahead of the competition.

adespresso vsAdespresso vs PowerAdSpy comparison

Now that we detailed the main features of each of these two Facebook Ad Managements tools, let’s take a look at a brief Adespresso vs PowerAdSpy comparison. We will approach several perspectives, such as ease of use, number of ads, functionality, and pricing.

Ease of use

The customizable dashboard makes Adespresso a very convenient tool for beginners. It is easy to find all the features they need. The tool focuses on helping users gain valuable insight just from following the dashboard.

PowerAdSpy features an intuitive layout, which makes it easy to use even for beginners. Anyone, regardless of their advertising expertise can discover successful ads for some inspiration to build Facebook advertising campaigns. Moreover, with PowerAdspy, you can follow as many competitors as you want.

The Adespresso vs PowerAdSpy comparison is quite even from this point of view, as it’s not hard to learn how to use these tools.

Number of ads

AdEspresso manually incorporates the new Facebook ads they find. Their database currently includes 178,000 ads. A disadvantage for this tool is that it requires users to disable AdBlock first in order to see the ads.

On the other hand, PowerAdSpy’s database includes over 6 million ads from over 15 countries. New and popular ads are updated constantly. Additionally, users can filter them by keyword, advertiser, location, and more. PowerAdSpy lets you see the actual live Facebook ad from the tool’s dashboard.

In the Adespresso vs PowerAdSpy battle, the latter clearly has an advantage from this point of view.


AdEspresso allows users to gain access to millions of ads created by the competition or other successful businesses. You can also create and test variations of your own ads.

PowerAdSpy lets users search relevant ads by age, gender, interests, keyword, or by the landing page happenings. This makes the searching process more efficient without wasting time on ads that are not of interest for you. Also, it delivers engagement-oriented Facebook Ad details and features call to action-based sorting process.


Pricing is an important factor to take into account when choosing a tool for Facebook advertising. Adespresso has a little problem in this regard. It can be quite expensive to get the full package with all the features at your disposal. The Base price is just $49.00 per month and offers fewer features. If you want a Premium package you will need to pay $149.00/month. For the Elite tool, you will need to take $499.00 per month out of your pocket.

Meanwhile, PowerAdSpy seems to be a more convenient tool where pricing is concerned. The Basic package goes for $49 per month as well. However, the next two available deals are more affordable: the Standard package costs $99 per month, while the Premium one is $249 per month.


While both tools we analyzed here will help you get the job done well when it comes to Facebook advertising, this Adespresso vs PowerAdSpy comparison shows that the first is clearly aimed at startups or small advertisers. Businesses with more advertising experience would be better off using PowerAdSpy for building Facebook ad campaigns. In the end, though, the decision will be made by each business based on their preferences and needs.


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