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How Does Facebook Advertising Works?

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How Does Facebook Advertising Works?

It is known that businesses around the world use and trust Facebook advertising. Maybe you are the administrator behind such a business. Or, you are just curious about the ads you are seeing in your news feed and would like to create a Facebook ad campaign of your own. Either way, you are probably asking yourself the same thing as many other advertisers. How does Facebook advertising works?

If you are considering expanding your digital marketing strategy to include social media advertising, Facebook is the place to go. That’s because Facebook is the Ultimate Social Network with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. It’s an affordable way to build your brand and bring in new customers for your products and services.

How does Facebook advertising works is a perfectly valid question to ask if you are new to the social advertising world. In what follows, we will try to provide a comprehensive answer to this question.

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Why use Facebook advertising?

There are various reasons businesses get into Facebook advertising. The most obvious one is the ridiculous amount of users the social network has. And these users spend a whole lot amount of time on the social network. To give you some numbers, statistics show that Facebook users spend, on average, 28 percent of their time online on social networks and 40 minutes just on Facebook.

This means that Facebook is the place where your future clients spend their online time as well. The social platform is too popular and important nowadays for businesses to ignore it.

Another important reason to use social advertising is the fact that the targeting features are excellent. They help you reach the right person at the right time. Businesses and brands can target Facebook users by age, gender, location, demographics, interests, connections, and more.

By applying filters to an audience in order to target Facebook ads to a specific group of people, advertisers make sure they capture qualified leads and turn site visitors into customers. Facebook allows you to narrow down audiences. This way you can reach people who showed interest in a product/service or who recently checked out a product/service.

Moreover, Facebook advertising is not as complicated as many might imagine. Actually, now there are loads of Facebook advertising tools that make creating and managing ads seem like a walk in the park. All you need to do is give them a try.

Nonetheless, before investing money to start an ad campaign, it’s crucial to make some research. And most important, learn how Facebook advertising works.

How does Facebook advertising works?

In order to ensure you are not wasting money on Facebook advertising, it’s important to understand the basics of ad creation. As well as see the steps to follow in order to succeed.

To avoid confusion and blunders during the creation process, let’s first take a look at the structure of Facebook advertising.

Ad Structure


Facebook adverts are made up of three important components or levels:

  • The Campaign – this is the foundation for an ad. At this stage, advertisers choose the objective of the ad (page likes, website visits, product sales, etc.).
  • Ad Set – an ad campaign can include several ad sets with separate audiences and characteristics. This helps advertisers select specific audiences based on their goals and test which settings, budgets, and schedules work best for them.
  • Individual Ad – This is the end result of your efforts. The settings you selected in the Campaign and Ad Set. Now you have to design the actual ad that customers get to see on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Editors

As mentioned previously, advertising tools are a godsend that makes advertisers’ life easier. Anyone who wants to learn how Facebook advertising works should use an editor to create ads. Facebook’s own Adverts Manager is the perfect option for beginners as it is easy-to-use and intuitive. This tool will assist you in building your ad campaign. There are options to choose custom audiences, view audience insights, ask for advertising support, and more.

Choose an objective

The objective of an ad campaign defines what you expect Facebook users to do when they see your ad. Marketers can choose from three categories of objectives: awareness, consideration or conversion.

  • Awareness – choose this if you just want to increase brand awareness, get likes, increase page engagement or reach people interested in what you have to offer.
  • Consideration – use it if you want people to take action, like install apps, come to an event, get video views, etc.
  • Conversion – this category is to be used if your aim is to turn website visits into more buys. Basically, this is for advertisers who want to turn leads into customers.

Select a target audience

This is a very important step as it increases the chances of your ad reaching the right people. When creating Facebook ads, you can select desired traits for your audience based on age, location, behaviour, and particular interests.

Ad placement

Placement options for Facebook ads include Mobile News Feed, Facebook Desktop News Feed or the Right Column.

Budget and schedule

There are two options when it comes to determining your budget. The daily budget – the average sum you are ready to spend on an ad per day. The lifetime budget – the overall budget you are willing to invest for the lifetime of an ad.

As for scheduling, you have to option to choose when you want your ad to be seen by your audience in order to increase conversion.

Choose ad creative

This is basically the stage where you create your actual ad. You get to choose a layout, an image, text, call-to-action, etc. This is where you show your creative side and make sure your ad is unique and appealing.

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The process of understanding how Facebook advertising works is not always easy. But it’s not impossible either. You just need time to properly research all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising. See what worked for others in order to make sure that you design a successful ad that will bring you lots of new customers.