The Perfect Facebook Adult Ad Spying Tools For Affiliate Marketers

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The Perfect Facebook Adult Ad Spying Tools For Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to Affiliate marketing, you should definitely think about ways to stay ahead in your competition, by acting smarter and faster than others in your field. Some Ad spying tools are only for mobile, while some others for desktop, and here we focus on those tools, which will let you spy ads on both mobile and desktop devices at the same time. Ad research can definitely take a longer time than usual, especially on social media platforms like Facebook. So if you want to make things simpler and easier, then you have to think of ways to craft creative Ads, after performing a detailed spying on your successful competitor Ads, with the help of tools that are specifically designed for this purpose.

What Are Ad Spying Tools?

These are simply software services provided to you by certain websites, and here you will also be able to find out what kind of offers, banners or landing pages are being run by affiliates. You will  know where exactly they are being run, and where the offer has been picked up from as well. So these kinds of tools is just so apt for you, cause they will simply let you save your time by avoiding the time which you might have otherwise spent on finding out best-landing pages, offers or traffic sources.

What Are The Real Benefits Of Ad Spying Tools?

  • You need not waste time and effort looking out for the best offers which you could try your hands on.
  • It becomes easy to find out the best landing pages or ads.
  • You will be able to design super cool ads which are professional and much than your competitor ads.
  • You will get to know everything about traffic sources from where your competitors gain more attention.

Ad Spying

Why Do You Have To Perform Facebook Ad Research?

To perform a complete and thorough Facebook Ad search, it would definitely take some time. If you aim to be successful, then you have to spend a little effort to search for cool ads in your niche and try all ways to craft better Ads. When we discuss advertising on Facebook, market analysis is very crucial and provides you with three integral benefits mentioned over here.

Grab Your Opportunities

They will certainly provide you with ample of opportunities, and as you perform Ad research, you can fetch new ideas for your campaigns, and cool ideas to expand the existing ones as well.

Idea Validation

Once you get a quick idea for your very next Facebook Ad campaign, then your next step should be to check out the history, if similar kind of ideas are worthy and have been proved to be successful before.

Lowered Risk

As you do a detailed research, you will find out the mistakes done by other brands, in your field. So this will help you to analyse those mistakes and also to make sure that you never repeat those mistakes. So you will now be able to stay focused on your target.

Facebook Ads Search: Best Practices and Tools


Facebook Ads SearchFor every marketing task, there are tools available to make things easier and simpler for you. You need to look out for those tools, which will help you to uncover your competitors, and their secret strategies of success as well. Always begin spying on your top competitors, and the strategies that they generally follow to stay ahead of others, in competition. There are three important components in all successful Facebook Ads, which are:

  • Audience
  • Landing Page
  • Ad

These three important components which will surely help you to create successful Ad campaigns. Always be sure of your target audience, before you start off with your ad campaigns. Using Ad Spying tool is very mandatory, to succeed in an expected time slot.

What Are Some Of The Best Adult Ad Spying Tools For Facebook?

There are many tools, which are available for spying on Facebook Ads, and all you have to do is to choose the right tool, that will help you to fetch the right kind of ads, that is relevant to your niche. Keep reading to discover two best tools, available for Facebook Ad spying.

# The best way to spy on Adult ads

This is specifically designed for spying on Facebook adult Ads. You will get a quick glance at the best Ads of your top competitors. This tool has been regarded as one of the coolest Ad intelligence tools. With this tool, you can search for Ads of your choice based on certain metrics like based on advertiser, traffic, size, offer or landing pages. So if you are into adult affiliate marketing, then this is a tool that you should be probably be knowing about.

# PowerAdspy- Spy Effectively on the Ad strategies of your Facebook competitors

This tool is basically a Facebook intelligence tool in your fingertips. You can do a lot more than you want with this tool.  This tool, you will simply be able to spy on your top competitor’s Facebook Ad strategies, so that you could use them for your own business. So you can spy and analyse your competitors Ads to craft better Ads for your business. They also offer you with some exclusive features, which you cannot find on any other tool, in this category and they have been discussed over here.


Advanced Search And Filtering

This tool is undoubtedly one of it’s kind, and lets you search for Ads based on your relevancy. With this tool, you will be able to search and filter out ads based on important metrics like age, gender, location, interest, keyword or even filter Ads based on what is going around in landing page itself.

  • Spy On Competitors

You will be able to spy on all the Ad campaigns of your competitors and track Ads based on various metrics like Ads, creative and landing pages from a single board.

  • In-Depth Analytics

This tool will let you fetch the right target audience for your niche, with ease. For any Ad that might be of your interest, you will able to find the right target market segments. Other important metrics of Ads, that you will be able to find out with this tool are Ad reach, social engagement statistics and weekly trends, all at once.

So, if you are aiming to craft creative Facebook Ads, that will create new trends in the market, then you need to carry on a complete and thorough Ad spying on the top Ads run by your competitors, and for this Power Adspy tool, could be of much use to you.


This tool lets you spy on offers using variety of filters like Country, Network, Carrier, pop/In-App, Display, Network wise, Publisher Wise, Traffic Source Wise, Category Wise and much more. You will also be able to sort out offers based on duration like which ads have been running for a longer time and so on. You can also find about where else the ads are running apart from the current network where you have found the Ad. So if you want to look out for ads, based on specific criterias, you can go for this tool.


Why Competitor Research Is Important Before You Craft Facebook Ads?

Using Ad Spy tools, are certainly one of the best ideas to spy on the successful Ad campaigns of your competitors, without spending too much money. So, spying on your competitors is definitely one important part of the game. Spying on your competitors is certainly one of the best ways to stay ahead in your business. As you perform competitive analysis, you will actually be provided with many benefits like understanding your online competition, you can check out the successful keywords used by your competitors, engage more customers into your business by providing them better offers, than what is offered by your top competitors.

In short, the secret strategy to be successful in your business is to craft and run successful ads, for which you need to first check out for cool Ads, that are currently running well, in the market. After which, you can craft successful Ads, and widen your business, to enhance it and take it into the next level. So to keep a close eye on your competitor’s Ads and Ad strategies, you need to surely try out Adult Ad Spying tools, because they will provide you with everything you need, all at once.


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