Analyse The Life Of Ad Spy Tools And How To Use Them To Succeed In Your Business

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Analyse The Life Of Ad Spy Tools And How To Use Them To Succeed In Your Business

If you really look forward to succeed or staying ahead of your competitors, then you should think of smart ways to follow the latest, trending marketing strategies and the secret success formulas of native advertising . Yes!, it is indeed possible to get the detailed and complete list of all your faceless competitors, and this is just so possible with cool tools, designed specifically for this purpose.

So you must be thinking about which tool you should exactly use in order to fetch the trending and best ad insights of your competitors. Though there are many Ad Spy tools, here you will get to know about the must-try list of all Ad spy tools, which have found to be successful for spying the successful Ad campaigns of your competitors. Given below are the list of some of the best Ad spy tools, that you should definitely be knowing.



This has been regarded as one of the very promising and legit Ad spy tools, that is available in the market. PowerAdSpy, stands on the top list of all Ad spy tools, as it has been able to satisfy many of its users. This tool basically works on fetching and looking out for your competitor’s best selling Facebook Ad Strategies. You can first go ahead in analysing them, modify on it, to craft your Ads, and then just kick-start your business promotions on Facebook by using a better Ad strategy than your successful competitors.

The database of PowerAdSpy is also worth mentioning because they have a huge collection of Ads submitted to them by thousands of people all over the world. So people look out for successful Ad campaigns and make efforts to submit the best selling Ad copies to the database of PowerAdspy. And this is how PowerAdSpy database becomes worthy and rich with Ad data.

You can also make efforts to use the Ad data available over here according to your business niche and craft perfect Facebook Ads for your business, after analysing the Ad strategy used by your top competitors. This tool also stands a class apart from the rest of the tools available in the market because they let you search or filter out Ads based on Advanced search and filtering. So with this option enabled in this tool, you can look out for relevant Ads of the niche that you want. Some of the criteria that they offer you for Ad filtering or searching are Ad search based on age, gender, relationship, interest, keywords and much more.


Keeping track of all the Ad campaigns of your competitors are simply possible with this tool. And also using a single dashboard you will be able to track all top winning Ads of your competitors with ease. Some of the key features of this application are like detailed analytics, deciding on the perfect niche, customised Ad search, Ad placement analysis, quick and easy access to a huge collection of Ad database, check out the best performing ads which are highly in demand and to inspect the engagement level of all ads of your top competitors. So these are just some of the basic features that the application offers to you, it also provides to you many other amazing features which you must really check out.


This is one of the most reliable Ads spying tool available in the market. With this tool in your hand you will simply be able to monitor your competitor’s promotional materials like banners and landing pages from different countries across the world. They come to you in different versions like mobile, desktop, native and API. Some of the exciting features offered to you by them are like banner Ads, pop-up redirects, landing page downloads, high-speed searches, access to affiliate networks, downloads in landing pages and much more. So, if you are looking for a cool Ad spy tool, that will help you in spying your customers, then this tool could be of much use to you. Here you can filter Ads based on many criteria like keywords, advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks and much more.



This tool will offer you all competitive intelligence data, which you could make the best use of. Their database is considered to be one of the richest ones, and also they keep regularly updating their database. If you are looking forward to enhancing your ROI and sales conversion, then spying on your Ad competitors is very necessary and for this, you can always try your hands on such tools as well.

This tool provides you benefits like saving your time on researching on competitor Ads, spent wisely on your advertisements, getting quick access to all native ads in your niche, when compared to all other tools available in the market. Anstrex, in short, provide you with many features like save on marketing, driving more traffic, speed up your time on market, checking and finding out the best offers in the market, keep up the connection and fetch killer images related to your niche. So this tool just lets you improve your ROI, provide you with a screenshot of every adviser’s page, helps you stand better in competition and also lets you download your landing pages as well.


This tool will let you know where exactly your competitors are advertising. Also what kind of ads they are using for their promotional activities. You will also get to know about what kind of Ads are running best on the markets based on particular domains or based on keywords. So this tool provides you with  benefits like checking out all top performing Ads. Investigate on the winning campaigns of your competitors, find out new traffic sources in order to reach out to a wider target audience, stay updated about the strength and weaknesses of your competitor Ads.

As you use WhatRunsWhere tool you will also get the benefit of features like the powerful analysis on top Ads of your competitors, investigate on the top brand and affiliate Ads, discover the best and winning strategies of your competitors, fetch the most accurate and relevant data.


So, the life of Ad Spy tools depends on, how well you know to use it. And how good you handle it, as well. If you use it rightly, then it is sure to enhance your business growth and take it to the next level. So before you make a decision, always go through a thorough and detailed analysis of all the tools available in the market for the same.  Only after a detailed research, you should take a final decision about it.

No matter what business you are into, analysing your competitors is undoubtedly one of the first and foremost things that you should be doing. Once you get this thing done, then things will become much easier for you. This will help you to know about the best tools available in the market for the same niche as yours. And through this analysis, you will be able to craft better Ads, that will attract more people into your business.