A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Advertising

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A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Advertising

Now, the term celebrities or influencers are not only confined to film stars; social media has set the level high and served as a tremendous space for ordinary people to make a remarkable presence over the globe.

You can find every firm on top social media platforms like Instagram for self-made designers, chefs, motivational speakers, singers, dancers, entrepreneurs, stock marketers, and whatnot. 

We are sure you also desire to make the best use of such a powerful platform. Well, growing on Instagram is not a one-night journey, and that’s where you need to introduce Instagram advertising into your social media marketing journey.

Still, pondering why? Here is why.

The photo-sharing app has grown to be one of the most popular social networks in the world. With more than 700 million active users, Instagram is a great place to market your brand and products. With over 90% of users younger than 35 years old, it’s also an essential platform for businesses trying to appeal to younger demographics. 

Instagram advertising can seem overwhelming at first glance with so many features and functions. Let us go through this blog to learn about what Instagram advertising is, its benefits, how it works, how much Instagram ads cost, and more!

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What is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Instagram is paid to advertise where brands promote their content on the Instagram app or website via Sponsored Posts. This type of advertising allows you to show your ads to a targeted audience, which means you can reach more people with your brand’s message and products. 

Essentially, Instagram advertising promotes products and services through visual content. 

It’s a form of marketing that uses imagery to draw attention toward a product or service and convince potential customers to engage with it (i.e. purchase it). You can do this through pictures, videos, or other visual content. Instagram is a top-rated platform for advertising due to its vast user base and graphic nature.

How Does Instagram Advertising Work?

When you create an ad for Instagram, you choose your target audience based on their age, gender, and interests. Instagram lets you choose your geolocation and language as well. 

You then select the type of ad you’d like to run. Instagram offers a few different types of ads — like video ads, carousel ads, and slideshow ads. Next, you’ll select an image or video for your ad. 

You can use your existing image or video or create a new one for your ad. 

After that, you can write a short description of your product or service, as it is an unavoidable aspect while advertising on Instagram. That’s it! Once you’ve created your ad, you’re ready to start your campaign!

Why Should You Use Instagram Advertising?

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is quickly expanding and increasing.

In addition to its rapid growth, Instagram is generating significant revenue for businesses. It draws many well-known brands since doing business there is highly profitable.

Here are some reasons why any size business should think about using Instagram to market its name, offerings, or services:

  • On the platform, anyone may promote.
  • You can target specific audiences using Facebook data because Facebook controls Instagram.
  • There is no end to audience involvement. Businesses can engage with users’ images in the comments section of users’ photos.
  • Post advertisements feel less intrusive because they appear much like any other shared post on Instagram.

Instagram advertising comes as an optimal solution for online marketers. As it may assist you in reaching a sizable audience, whether your goal is to build brand awareness, enhance website traffic, make sales, or increase downloads of your most recent e-book.

Why Should Your Brand Use Instagram Advertising?

Besides being free to use, Instagram is a great platform to advertise your brand because of its natural visuals. 

Most of us are more likely to remember images than we are words. Advertisers can take advantage of this visual nature and provide their target audience with a memorable and engaging advertisement, improving the chances that they’ll click and make a purchase! 

For example: Currently, people are more conscious of fashion trends and trendy outfits. If they come across eye-gazing ads on fashion trends, they surely tap into them to explore more.

Also, if your brand sells sunglasses, using eye-catching sun-glasses advertisement can lure more customers into buying your products.

Additionally, Instagram ads are easy to create and can be scheduled to run at certain times. You can set up your ad to run on a loop so that it appears in your audience’s feed whenever they log onto Instagram. This means that your ad continues to reach your audience until they either engage with it or remove themselves from the audience.

How to Create an Ad on Instagram?

Create Ads On Instagram

Now that you know what Instagram ads are and how they work let’s discuss how to create an ad for your Instagram account. 

  • First, log into your Instagram account and navigate to “Manage”> “Ads”> “Ad Manager.” 
  • Next, select the “Create an ad” option on the sidebar left-hand side of the page. 
  • This will take you to a new page that contains the different types of ads you can create. 
  • Once you select the type of ad that you’d like to create, you’ll be asked to choose the type of business you are and a few other questions. 
  • Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be able to create your ad!

Well! You can use these tips in a creative way to allure the audience. Let us explain to you with an example.

You may conduct various campaigns. While talking about campaigns, you might also want to match your steps with the latest trends. Right? To do so, you can do Instagram advertising by promoting giveaways! Yes! You all might agree as it is one of the trendy concepts creeping over the internet these days.

Types of Ads on Instagram

Instagram Ad Types

While there are many Instagram advertising formats you can create for your account, there are three main types of ads that you’ll likely use. 

Photo Ads: As you navigate your Instagram account, photo adverts appear naturally. 

Instagram photo ads appear to be posted from any accounts you are already following, but they will have a little “Sponsored” label in the corner to make it clear that they are advertisements. In addition, these advertisements have a call-to-action button at the bottom that directs viewers to a specific website or your Instagram page.

They are helpful if you want to share a compelling image with your audience. 

When you want to spread the word about a particular product or message, Instagram advises utilizing this type. Keeping things straightforward might help you stand out and attract attention when people are skimming through.

Video ads: A video ad is a great way to showcase your product or service in a short and engaging format. Instagram video ads are exactly what they sound like.

They are visible on the Instagram feed section. You can post a video advertisement in as little as one to sixty minutes or at any time.

It will help if you keep your goals in mind while constructing Instagram video advertising. For example, you can effectively use this ad as a teaser to entice viewers to click through and learn more about your brand, or you can deliver a tonne of information in the video to amuse or educate.

Carousel ads: You are familiar with slideshow and photo ads.

Instagram carousel advertising elevates photo ads to a new level. With this format, you may make a series of up to 10 images or videos for one advertisement.

They appear in the Instagram news feed just like photo advertising, but each image or video might link to a different website or place.

Carousel ads allow you to display a line or collection of goods.

Consider what you are attempting to advertise when deciding between photo and carousel ads. Avoid the temptation to see carousel advertising as a technique to include additional photos in an advertisement. Together, they ought to work well and make sense.

How much does Instagram Advertising Cost?

Similar to Facebook advertising, three primary elements determine the cost of your Instagram ads:

  • Your maximum bid amount for your campaign
  • Your ad’s quality. That can consider things like comments from viewers or ad-blockers and evaluations of its low-quality elements like omissions of information, sensationalized language, and engagement bait.
  • Your Projected Response Rates – how likely Facebook/Instagram thinks users will engage with the call-to-action you’ve targeted for your ads, such as how probable they’ll convert after seeing your ad.

 Cost Of Instagram Ads

Depending on the bidding methodology, Instagram advertising costs can vary between $0.20 and $6.70. Advertisers pay $0.20 to $2 per click for CPC, or cost per click. Advertisers pay $6.70 for every 1000 impressions for CPM, or cost per impression. Finally, advertisers pay between $0.01 and $0.05 per engagement for CPE or cost per engagement.

Now, here another question arises. 

What steps can you take to incorporate this into your current marketing budget? 

Concentrating on your primary goals and objectives for the year is crucial and only investing money in advertisements and marketing initiatives that improve your bottom line is vital.

Promote content and pieces that you already know perform well naturally with advertising. Test everything to determine what works best, then focus most of your advertising budget on that. Finally, measure the effectiveness of your ads and highlight any that weren’t as successful as you’d planned.

But how do you check which sort of Instagram adverting strategy works over the platform and will help you grow digitally?

Do you know—you can check your competitors’ ads who are already into Instagram marketing and consisting a good audience?

To do so, you will need an appropriate tool, reliable yet budget-friendly, just like PowerAdSpy.

What Is PowerAdSpy?


The largest archive of social media advertising, both past, and present, Poweradspy is regularly updated with at least 1000 ads each day. 

By giving you all the tools you need to build your own social media ads from scratch, PowerAdspy, a powerful cloud-based social media advertising software, allows you to spy on your competitors’ social media ads.

Beyond the consensus, the ads spy tool provides additional advantages and functionality in contrast to high-end social network ad spying solutions, like PowerAdSpy.

Moreover, the tool assists users to track the best-performing ads for multiple platforms. It makes Instagram advertising simpler and more impactful.

So why wait? Check out your competitors’ successful Instagram advertisement strategy, and start targeting your audience now!

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Bottom line

Instagram advertising is a great way to promote your brand or product. It uses the app’s visual nature to convey your message and connect with your audience. Creating an ad on Instagram can be simple. 

Once you’ve created your ad, you can create a campaign and choose your target audience. For example, you can choose between a video, a slideshow, or a carousel ad and decide whether you’d like your ad to lead to a landing page or directly to your product page.