09 Mindful Ideas To Inspire Budding Fashion Bloggers

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09 Mindful Ideas To Inspire Budding Fashion Bloggers

Fashion is a very visual industry, hence why Instagram is the preferred social media platform for fashionistas. However, there is considerably more fashion material available online than what is to share on social media. It has always been a popular blogging or clothing ads platform.

There are several high-quality fashion blogs that, naturally, cover the most recent fashion trends. Most fashion websites are full of ideas for those mornings when you open your wardrobe door and have no idea what to wear. They’re a great location to start your internet study into what’s trendy this season before you go out and buy your clothes. They may also give you suggestions on what you can mix and match to achieve the ideal appearance.

Successful online fashion bloggers have the same number of influences as celebrities that post fashion photos on Instagram. Indeed, the majority of these fashion bloggers have an active Instagram presence. But it’s not only about being a trailblazer; clothing ads on Instagram strategy for a fashion brand should not just capture an audience, but there are a variety of other things you should accomplish as well.

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Check out these – 8 popular ideas, tactics, and industry-favorite features to help you develop your own effective Instagram fashion marketing plan!

#1 Ingenuity

To keep things interesting, you must be innovative. Keeping things diverse and fascinating by employing new settings, backdrops, components in your appearance, props, and so on always fascinates the readers.

When I see other people’s innovative fashion ads & photographs, I’m always interested in seeing what they come up with next.

Have enjoyment and take pleasure in what you’re doing. It will be visible in the photographs. It’s an opportunity to let go and do things you wouldn’t normally do in your daily life.

Twirl about with an umbrella in the rain, sit on walls or stairwells, strike some unusual postures, but always be creative with your clothes.

Some famous fashion bloggers dress in outlandish and innovative outfits, yet it always looks good in photographs. You’re browsing for visually attractive pictures.

#2 Hashtags


Hashtags are one of the simplest methods to increase your social media presence (particularly on Instagram!). Hashtags are a type of grouping system that allows users to discover postings on a specific topic from all over the world. When you click on a hashtag, it will show you the most recent postings with that hashtag in the caption or comment. Hashtags, when utilized wisely, may boost your traffic and possible follower conversions! Check out our simple step-by-step approach to selecting and using the best hashtags for your Instagram fashion account:

  • The first step is usually investigation. Who are your ideal fans? What do they desire? What are the questions they have that you can answer? What are the hashtags they’re using? Answer these questions and see if you can uncover relevant hashtags which used frequently. It makes all the difference to put oneself in the shoes of the searcher!
  • The best accounts can teach you a lot. Fashion bloggers with tens of thousands of followers have all gone before you. You can take a look at their profiles and take notice of the hashtags that they use frequently. To see how they function with your content, try them out on your account.
  • Use 10 to 30 hashtags. The more, the better!
  • Maintain a neat appearance in your content. There are differing viewpoints on this, but we believe that postings appear better without hashtags in the caption text. Once you’ve posted, go ahead and write a comment with the hashtags in it! The hashtags will provide the same advantages without the clutter.
  • Keep a list of hashtags in your phone’s notes for fast access. Instead of wasting time typing out each hashtag, enter them once and then copy & paste as needed!
  • When it comes to hashtags, timeliness is crucial! Add them to your social media post as soon as possible. So they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

#3 Develop A Theme

A theme for your fashion Instagram account might help you and your followers. If you’re unsure whether to share a particular photograph or select a specific costume for your next shoot, or what sort of clothing ads to choose you can comfortably come back to your theme and ask yourself if it would suit you nicely. Themes help make quick decisions, and they’re an excellent tool for fashion Instagram influencers.

They’re also beneficial to your fans because a theme helps to strengthen your brand. Following a few posts with the same topic, your followers will learn to connect that theme with you and will be able to recognize your posts when they see them. Visitors to your profile will also be able to see your grid and learn about your theme. If it appeals to them, it makes it easier for them to follow you.

Instagram themes help you keep your fashion account organized and coherent. It can also demonstrate to potential followers what they can expect if they follow your account. Your theme is a brief picture of the lives and times of your account, so think about it before picking one.

  • Celebrity Fashion Blogs – As the name implies, celebrity fashion blogs cover celebrity fashion and trends. Celebrity fashion blogs provide the hottest red-carpet clothes, street-style or TV looks worn by celebrities, as well as the most recent beauty advice and cosmetics methods.
  • General Fashion Blogs – As with all of these fashion blog kinds, this one is very self-explanatory. If you operate a broad fashion blog, you can publish any variety of content you like. Outfit ideas, runway trends, shopping advice, editorials, fashion news, and celebrity outfits that inspire you may all include.
  • Unique Style Blogs – If you have a fantastic fashion sense that you want to share with the world, you should think about starting a personal style blog. It’s all about the clothes on this sort of site. You can post casual, business casual, business formal, elegant, evening gowns, or other vintage clothing ads that reflect your taste.
  • Blogs about Street Style – Seeing what others in your neighborhood or worldwide are wearing may be motivating. Who says you can’t make a stylish statement while heading to work or grocery shopping? That is the entire point of street-style blogs. They share the various styles and vibes of trendy individuals on the streets.
  • Fashion Criticism Blogs – For genuine fashionistas who are equipped to evaluate fashion trends, designer collections, celebrity looks, or anything else fashion-related, this sort of fashion blog is an ideal choice. It’s for individuals who have a robust set of talents or expertise in the fashion business, along with authoritative thinking and all of the essential industry knowledge.
  • Fashion News Blogs – These are websites where you may keep up with the most recent fashion news. It might, for example, cover fashion weeks, local fashion shows, new collections from well-known designers, and any other noteworthy event.
  • Shopping Blogs – If you’re wondering how to start a fashion blog and make money, creating a shopping blog might be a great option. Shopping bloggers, in essence, sell numerous fashion goods associated with the most recent fashion trends. Successful retail bloggers create appealing content to attract more leads and increase purchases. Many of them make eye-catching collages out of the items they sell.
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#4 Create a Fashion Blog


Every blog should include three components:

  • A Unique Domain Name: This is what visitors will enter into their computer browser to locate your blog. It’s generally the same as your blog’s name and should be simple to pronounce and type. Here’s more on how to pick the unique domain name.
  • A Trustworthy Web Host: This is where all of the data, pictures, and material are stored.
  • A Blogging Platform: A piece of software that allows you to write and publish blogs and add design and style to your website.

Many prospective fashion bloggers get stuck at this point since they don’t want to pay for a hosting provider, especially in the beginning. So, if you want to learn how to become a fashion blogger, skip the free hosting option.

All of the contents and assets of your fashion blog must remain under your control and ownership. The free choices might vanish at any time, leaving you with no copies of your material and a disgruntled audience. As a result, locate something that meets your needs and helps you perform better.

#5 Show What Makes You Unique

You should find a way to persuade your audience why you are doing something by presenting your response convincingly. Before you offer it to them & showcase your clothing ads, you should familiarise yourself with the reasons why your blog & brand is unique. Write about hot subjects and, more crucially, things that your target audience will like reading, as you’ll need to carve out a niche for yourself. To drive traffic to your blog and encourage people to follow you, you need to stand out from the crowd. Rather than following trends, try starting your own.

Ask yourself the following four questions:

  • What motivates you to blog, and what is your motivation for doing so?
  • How driven are you to keep doing this for a long time?
  • What distinguishes you from other bloggers?
  • What are some of the things that will make it easier for you to get started right away?

#6 Take Breathtaking Photographs for Clothing Ads

Focusing on taking amazing photographs is another strategy to make your fashion Instagram popular. Here are some Instagram fashion photography tips:

  • Shoot with Natural Light – Soft, diffused natural sunshine is the ideal type of light for fashion photography. Because the clouds function as a great diffuser, overcast days are perfect for fashion photography.
  • Choose the Best Angle –  When the fashion is placed on a plate or bowl, shooting from above is an excellent option. An above phone mount will be helpful, and there are numerous affordable ones on the market. When you want to display details, shooting from one side is an excellent option. If you’re not sure which angle to take, try a few alternative ones.
  • Edit the Image to make it more Appealing – Sometimes, your phone doesn’t catch fashion in the way you want it. You can edit photos after you’ve taken them with a photo editing tool like VSCO, Camera+, or Adobe Lightroom for mobile.
  • Use A Professional Phone Camera Lens- Attach a professional phone camera lens to your phone for stunning extreme close-up fashion photos. The Xenvo Pro Lens is useful for users of the iPhone, Android, and Pixel.

#7 Avoid Taking Shortcuts

Purchasing phony followers, likes, engagement, and so on is a big no-no. Joining Instagram engagement pods is a contentious issue at best (Facebook is cracking down on them) and is usually regarded as a poor idea among Instagram’s elite.

Third-party Instagram growth services, on the other hand, that claim to assist you to increase engagement are something you should consider.

The bottom line is that there is no quick way to acquire a huge Instagram following, but you can certainly gain insights into your rivals and everything current in the fashion industry. It doesn’t take much time or effort—with software like PowerAdSpy – you can obtain every minute of data about the industry and your rivals.

PowerAdSpy is an excellent place to begin. Just go to your rival’s website and look for competitor display clothing ads, ad strategies, and what they do for advertising. You’ll also get an idea of what keywords they’re targeting and find out their strategy for facebook clothing ads as well. You will have whatever you desire.


We’ll show you how to use PowerAdSpy to identify top-performing rival display advertising.

  • First and foremost, use your login credentials to access the PowerAdspy dashboard.
  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll see many ad networks. You can choose any network.
  • If you select the GDN advertising option, you will see random display adverts from the Google Display Network.
  • By navigating to the search box at the top of the dashboard page, you may search for relevant clothing ads and display advertisements of your rivals using keywords.
  • You may also search for advertisements based on Search by, Filters, and Landing Properties, or you can seek for clothing ads with an advertiser’s name, brand name, or specific content.
  • PowerAdSpy’s filter feature allows you to filter clothing ads based on preferred geographical region, age, gender, language, ad positions (Top or Bottom), and even picture sizes.
  • After you’ve finished configuring your settings, click the Explore button. 

That’s all! In just a few clicks, you can now receive the best of all your competitors’ display ad campaigns. 

#8 Be Genuine

Whether you’re utilizing Instagram as your primary “blogging” platform or simply as an extension of your blog, it’s critical to keep things genuine on the ‘gram. Do what seems appropriate for you and experiment; you’ll eventually develop your voice and be able to make statements with your photographs. Consider your profile to be a showcase of who you are. I’d like to believe that it’s due to my viewpoint that my readers keep returning to the site.

It may seem corny, but it is critical to concentrate on perfecting your Insta-blogging voice and style. Of course, everyone has a unique style, so don’t try to imitate anyone or feel compelled to go overboard. Being one-of-a-kind and honest (and being YOU!) will set you apart from the crowd on Instagram. And this is critical for gaining a following and achieving Instagram success.

#9 Have some fun!

Use the information you gather for your blog as a tool to keep up with the fashion industry. If you enjoy getting suited up for gatherings and photographing fashionistas with my big camera. And while not having to pay for fashion shows is a bonus, the most significant piece of advice is to have fun.

Get it now!

Social media has taken over the blogging world. Networks that used to supplement regular blogs are now becoming full-fledged (micro) blogging platforms in their own right.

Many fashion bloggers have opted to prioritize their Instagram feeds above their blogs in recent years with innovative clothing ads. They’re putting in more time and effort to capture, caption, and share the perfect #ootd shot. However, when it comes to companies using Instagram for fashion, keep in mind that it is a fast-paced, competitive industry with several commercial benefits. 

So next time when you are stuck with questions like how do I target clothing store owners with Facebook ads or how to design your clothing ads strategy on any platform – this blog is your one-stop-shop.