Facebook Ads Spy: How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads in 2023!

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Facebook Ads Spy: How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads in 2023!

Every time we counter the term ‘spy’, it seems fishy. Spy words do not always reflect any ethical activities. It’s a marketing jargon to have a close look at competitors’ strategies.

Let’s say — your competitor is Zomato, and you want to be ahead of them. Then your first aim should be to know their marketing strategies and social media engagement. 

Competitors are a great help to make you win the race and especially for the top platforms such as Facebook! But how does Facebook ads spy assist you in running better ad campaigns?

Well! It might seem a bit confusing, but yes, it’s true!

Keeping tabs on your competitors is crucial to any marketer’s strategic arsenal. 

So here we are! This blog post will cover how to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads and reveal other social media secrets. You’ll also learn about lesser-known strategies for keeping tabs on your rivals in this digital age.

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So, let’s begin.

What Are Facebook Ads Spy?

Facebook Ads Spy

If you want to take your marketing to the next level, it’s essential for you to know how your competitors are approaching their digital marketing strategy, especially Facebook advertisements. 

After all, every business is unique; therefore, particular aspects of your competitors’ brands may not apply to you or your business specifically. 

Facebook Ads Spy tool lets you snoop on your competitors to see their ads, their ad budgets, and which ad creatives they use. You can also use a Facebook ads spy tool to see what your competitors are targeting and the geographical areas they’re focusing on. 

But where to find such a tool that equips you with all? Well! Look no more! Opt for PowerAdSpy & uncover the ads of your competitors just with a few clicks.

Well! If we dive deeper, we understand that researching competitors ads is essential for any social campaign. And knowing what your competitors are doing can tailor your ads better to fit your audience’s wants and needs. 

A good Facebook Ads Spy tool can give you a leg up on the competition by revealing your competitors’ ad budgets, targeting information, and more. With this information, you can make strategic decisions about how to run your own Facebook Ads. 

We agree—spying, tracking, analyzing, and scrutinizing sound technical and tricky to manage single-handedly.

Need not worry! We will further discuss various ways how to spy on Facebook ads effectively.

Here we go!

Track Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads with Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

How to spy on competitors’ Facebook ads?

This must be the topmost question revolving in your mind right now. Let’s start with one of the popular ways to do so.

To track your competitors’ Facebook Ads, you’ll first want to sign up for Google’s AdWords tool. You can sign up for the 14-day free trial here if you’re not already a member. 

Once you’re signed up, you need to click on “Tools” to discover a host of helpful apps that will let you spy on your competitors. Further, You need to click on the “Ads Analysis” tab to track your competitors’ Facebook Ads. 

From there, you’ll be able to enter the URL of a Facebook page, and Google will show you all of the ads they’re running. You’ll also see the budget, average CPC, number of impressions and clicks, geographic focus, and more! 

You can export the data to a spreadsheet if you’d like a more in-depth look at your competitors’ Facebook Ads. It will allow you to dig deeper into their campaigns and find insights- you might not have otherwise. You can also use this tool to track your own Facebook Ads.

Track Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads with Adwords Script

Another way to track your competitors’ Facebook Ads is to use a script. Facebook ads with the help of hands can be a worthy decision as these scripts are lines of code that you can enter into an AdWords search tab and tell the program to track a specific URL. 

You can also track competitors’ Facebook Campaigns with Google Sheets, allowing you to search for new Facebook Ads and track them with a script. To track your competitors’ Facebook Ads with a hand, follow these instructions: 

  • First, open up a new tab in your browser and head to “Scripts” in AdWords. 
  • Next, click on “Create a new script.” 
  • Once there, you’ll select “Social” and “Track social actions.” You’ll be prompted to choose a script type. Select “Track Facebook Ads.” 
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to enter the URL you’d like to track. You can also enter the name of the campaign or the name of the company; however, we recommend following the URL instead. 
  • Finally, click “Save”, and your script will begin tracking.

Track Your Competitors With An Ultimate Ads Spy Tool – PowerAdSpy

Facebook Ad Spy Tool – PowerAdSpy

Whether you have a new competitor or an old one with new strategies, keeping track of their ads and monitoring their social media presence can help you optimize your own campaigns. Well! Facebook Ad Tracker is primarily used for tracking your competitor, it can also be used to decode their advertising strategies. 

Well, we suggest you not pick any random ad spy tool as this can degrade your strategy and ultimately make you far from your desired aim. 

Before getting yourself a Facebook ads spy tool, check for the reliability, client reviews, testimonials, and what could be the best if a software offers a free trial for its potential clients.

Yes! It would be an intelligent step to opt for a tool facilitating a free trial, just like PowerAdSpy. In fact, not only the a free trial, but you can also book a free demo to make yourself more clear about the tool and function.

Moreover, it gives affiliates, owners of eCommerce websites, agencies, and marketers information about the media buying practices of rivals, enabling them to spy on such businesses.

This tool can help you gain insights into your competitors’ ad creative, targeting, and more. To track your competitors’ Facebook Ads with PowerAdSpy, follow these instructions: 

Step 1: First, access the PowerAdSpy Dashboard.

PowerAdSpy Dashboard

Step 2: Select “Keyword Type” from the menu on the left. More options are available underneath that, allowing you to focus on a few particular keywords.

PowerAdSpy Dashboard

Step 3: Select the “Filter mode” option in this step. It allows you to categorize advertising based on CTA instructions, target locations, ad kind, positioning, and other factors. You may easily target the Facebook advertising of your rivals by using such filters.

PowerAdSpy Dashboard

Step 4: You must click the search button to access the advertisements already showing up, depending on the keyword and filter you added.

PowerAdSpy Dashboard

By selecting show analytics, you may also examine how well different brands like Facebook ads for e-commerce, real estate, or other bands are performing.

You can also view the following video clip for a more thorough explanation of PowerAdSpy:

Track Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads with Browser Extensions

Another way to track your competitors’ Facebook Ads is to use a browser extension. Many browser extensions can help you keep tabs on your competitors’ ads. 

Here are a few we recommend: 

Facebook Ad Watcher: Facebook Ad Watcher is a browser extension that lets you track your competitors’ ads and see their likes, comments, and demographic data.

Social Media Monitoring Tools: Some social media monitoring tools, like PowerAdSpy, not only offer Facebook ads tracking but also facilitate a deep analysis for more than seven top platforms including, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Google Ads, Native, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest. This will let you see your competitors’ ads and the impressions they’re receiving. 

Google Chrome: If you want to keep tabs on your competitors’ ads with Google Chrome, you can use the “Social Media Monitoring” feature that’s native to the browser. You can also use the “Ads by URL” feature to track your competitors’ Facebook Ads.

Still Don’t Know Which Strategies Are Working for Your Competitors?

Facebook Ads Spy

If you still don’t know which strategies are working for your competitors, you can always take a page out of their book and try them out yourself! 

One of the best ways to discover what’s working for your competitors is to run your Facebook Ads and see what types of ads are driving the most engagement. 

But it doesn’t mean you need to invest a whole lot of money on running A/B testing campaigns and expecting a hit n’ try method for your business.

You can try out similar ad strategies and see which ads work best for your business. One key thing to remember when trying out new techniques is to track your campaigns and keep tabs on what works and doesn’t. 

If you approach tried and tested strategies, it will allow you to iterate on your plan and find the ones that work best for your audience and business.

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Wrapping up

Facebook Ads and social media marketing, in general, can be tricky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re likely to mess up and waste a lot of money. It happens a lot to new marketers who are new to Facebook Ads. 

If you keep tabs on your competitors’ ads and use one of the optimum Facebook ads spy tools that are mentioned in this post, you’ll be well on your way to success in the digital marketing world.