The Complete Guide to Spy Ads Facebook for 2023

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The Complete Guide to Spy Ads Facebook for 2023

Are you the one tired of running Facebook ads? Is your ad not getting to its audience?
Are you not getting engagement from your ads?
Do You feel you’re missing something crucial to running an engaging ad?
Then you definitely need a spy ads facebook tool to run ads

So, what exactly is this tool, and how to spy on Facebook ads? There are a large variety of tools you can use to spy on Facebook ads. And it goes without saying why users who use ads spy tools succeed while others fail at ads. All because one marketer uses a better way to run effective ads while others struggle. So let us learn how to spy ads on Facebook and competitors’ Facebook ads to create a compelling ad that converts.

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How to Spy on Facebook Ads?

Facebook’s enormous pool of user data can be helpful to businesses that want to increase their sales. Over the last decade, Facebook has built a platform to aid the company in attaining its desired social and commercial goals. When you take advantage of this unique entity, you can earn thousands of dollars rapidly.

You can use spy ads Facebook to reach new and former customers with better engagement and reach which will help you acquire new fans. Facebook’s integrated ads manager allows you to integrate other relevant, useful information into Facebook ads, all within the same interface. Facebook ads are one of the most effective tools for reaching out to customers and increasing sales. 

However, this can be tricky when you deal with a private Facebook account that is not allowed to go through your ‘likes’. Do you know there is a tool that can help you with filters, criteria, lander properties, and sort and search filters? 

To do this, simply use the Poweradspy tool that will allow you to track the best-performing ad campaigns, while you can track analytical information. Information like this can prove crucial when executing spy ads Facebook or designing future Facebook Ad campaigns. 

How to Spy On Competitors’ Facebook ads?

Competitors’ Facebook trends gather vital market intelligence and plan your strategy. However, if you want to spy on their Facebook campaigns, learning how to do so will help you to spy on Facebook ads. 

Facebook has made it easy for advertisers and businesses to see the success of their advertising campaigns. The information set in front of your competitors can give you a lot of insight into what ads might work for them. And if they are too high-risk, then maybe you should not be opting for the same.

To Begin with the Facebook Ads Spy-

  1. First, you must study your competitor, its target audience, and a strategy used to engage its fans.
  2. Know the pros and cons of spy ads Facebook’s strategy competitor was using.
  3. Take inspiration from the competitor’s ad but create your own highly effective and engaging ad.
  4. Use the Facebook ad library to know which ad performed the best and create your unique piece of content based on it.
  5. You can also view ads from various countries by selecting the country you want to check for from the dropdown menu. You can see active ads for the company in those countries. 
  6. You get limited access to information with the Facebook ad library. But you are using other tools like Poweradspy spy ads Facebook tool.
  7. You can get detailed information on how your competitor’s ads are performing. The former tool stated will help you create a better strategy.

Which Tool is Best for Spy Ads Facebook?

Poweradsy is an ad spy tool that lets you see the competitor’s ad and help you make better plans for your ads. You can use a world-class Ad Intelligence Platform to spy on your competitor’s ads.

This tool lets the user bookmark their favorite ads, so they can keep coming back to them later and see relevant ads based on the relevant keywords. This tool enables the brand to search for spy ads facebook trending on social platforms like- Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. It offers space to create compelling ads to win in ad space.

Ample Opportunities-

Using Poweradspy, you can access an ad library having millions of advertisements from all across the globe. Which can be accessed country-wise! Through this platform, you can gross ads from various filters such as –  

Filter 1- Search By Feature

The Search by feature lets you search for an ad based on the –text in image, brand in image, object in image, and celebrity in image option.  That explores the ads readily. 

Filter 2- Sort by Feature

This feature of “sort by” lets you filter ads based on likes, shares, and comments they got. 

Filters3 – Filter Option Feature

The “Filters” options feature lets you search for an ad based on action buttons like – call to action, search ads by country, ad type, and ad position.

Filter 4 – Lander Properties Feature

Markets can use this tool to find ads already live in that stream, keywords, locations, etc. “Lander properties” allow you to sort ads based on their e-commerce platform, funnel type, and marketing platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or source. 


By far, Poweradspy has faced no issues from the development end, and brands using this tool to spy on their rivals’ ads are happy. So, a person who started using this tool couldn’t select any other software as they got addicted to its easy-to-use interface.

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PowerAdspy is an outstanding marketing research tool. You can find out what ads have the highest influence coefficient, conversions, and return on investment. Your products will be more likely to be purchased by these customers.

If you sell supplements to improve your immune system, you might buy advertising on websites related to sicknesses. They are the people who will most likely purchase your product if they want to improve their immune systems. Spy ads facebook is the best way to know about what’s trending in the market and meet the need.

It’s the only software that can show you EXACTLY where your ads and Pins are showing up on Facebook.  You can search by countries, regions, and cities by keywords. You also have other search options – such as impressions, clicks, reach, and unique visits. As a result, PowerAdSpy stands out from other Facebook tracking tools.