6 Spooky Halloween Ads That Will Inspire You

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6 Spooky Halloween Ads That Will Inspire You

The spooky season of fall is coming closer as Halloween approaches. So the marketers are preparing themselves to start Halloween campaigns, knowing that it is prime for marketers to attract their potential customers.

Although, in general, we consider that the Holiday season starts with Thanksgiving, as Halloween is coming closer, it rings a bell in everybody’s mind that the Holiday season is approaching.

During this time only, many brands come up with crazy deals and exciting offers to attract more consumers. As a marketer, you might also think about using Halloween ads to enhance your sales. If yes, then you are in the right place.

Here, we will show you some of the best and most spooktacular Halloween ad examples you must know. But before moving forward to that, you must know why Halloween marketing is so important for brands.


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Benefits of Halloween Marketing Campaigns


Most people think that Halloween is a festival for kids only. But that’s not really the case. Over the last five years, the average spending on Halloween has been growing steadily, with a growth rate of over 4.5%. In the US, it is estimated that sales would increase by up to $10.6 billion during this holiday season.

It’s a great opportunity to promote whether you have a small business or you are running a big enterprise. Here are the advantages that you may gain with Halloween ads.


Preparation For Holiday Marketing


There you go! You might think it’s too early to start your holiday marketing campaign. Isn’t it? But that is not true! In fact, many marketers set up their Halloween adverb campaign to prepare well for their holiday season marketing.

Most marketers set up their minds to start preparing for the festivals even earlier. With the arrival of Halloween, they initiate making preparations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

In such a case, marketers who start their Halloween sale ads campaign have the advantage, as they have better chances to connect with their target customers. And it brings them a significant advantage in getting better customer acquisition.

However, it’s important to complement this strategy with thorough competitor research and the use of tools like PowerAdSpy to maximize the effectiveness of your Halloween marketing efforts.

PowerAdSpy: AI-based intelligence tool



PowerAdSpy is a competitor ad intelligence tool for analyzing and researching advertising campaigns. In the context of Halloween ads, here are some features that you might expect:

Ad Database:

PowerAdSpy likely has a vast database of ads from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and more. Users can search and filter ads related to Halloween promotions and themes.

Ad Creatives:

The tool may provide the ability to view the actual ad creatives, including images, text, and video content used in Halloween-themed ads. This can be useful for inspiration and creative ideas.

Ad Engagement Metrics:

PowerAdSpy might offer data on ad engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates for Halloween ads. This information can help you gauge the effectiveness of different ad campaigns.

Ad Targeting Information:

Users may be able to see the targeting parameters used for ads, including demographics, interests, and geographic targeting. This can help you understand how advertisers are reaching their Halloween audiences.

Ad Campaign Analysis:

PowerAdSpy could provide insights into the overall strategy of Halloween ad campaigns, including ad spend, campaign duration, and any changes made over time.

Advertiser Insights:

You might find information about the advertisers behind the ads, including their history, other campaigns they’ve run, and their current strategies.

Ad Performance Trends:

The tool may allow you to track the performance of Halloween ads over time to identify trends and patterns in the industry.

These features can help marketers and businesses gain inspiration and insights into successful Halloween advertising campaigns, enabling them to create their own effective and engaging Halloween-themed ads.


Ramp Your Sales With Offers


You might have already started seeing Halloween ads with great offers and deals on some of the most popular brand products. As we move closer and closer to the festive season, more adverts with holiday season offers appear on social media platforms.

And people also feel excited to make the most of such deals during the festive season, which helps marketers increase their sales. Nowadays, marketers try to be creative with their adverts which can easily attract potential customers.


Create A Killer Customer Experience

Last but not least, as the Halloween date is coming closer, people also try to interact with their favourite brands. Brands that capitalize on that and form the most connection with audiences have higher chances of customer acquisition. And it helps them create bonding with customers by giving them the most authentic buying experience.
As we have told you above, there are many more benefits of Halloween ads that you can leverage for your marketing. While here, you will get to know- how to utilize those benefits by checking some of the most wicked Halloween advertising tricks with examples that might help you.


Burger King: Home of The Ghosts


Burger King came up with an exciting deal where customers can use their application to detect ghosts this Halloween. If people can detect any, they will be able to get a free whopper on their purchase. Isn’t that great? You can share your treat with your friends whom you are planning to scare this Halloween.

Every year Burger King comes up with amazing Halloween ads to attract more customers. Their campaign #ScaryClownNight was also quite a success, where people dressed as scary clowns to claim their free burgers.


LG: So Real It’s Scary


For a Halloween ad, LG conducted an experiment with real people on an elevator to introduce their IPS monitor screen. In this ad, they fixed a hidden camera inside the elevator to capture people’s reactions.

They have set IPS monitors on the elevator’s floor, which play that floor fall beneath the people’s legs. At that moment, people panicked and were scared of falling from the elevator due to the terrifying experience.

It was a perfectly executed Halloween commercial where you can see the quality of the LG monitor that creates a scary illusion. And the reaction they got to the ad was also quite splendid.


Netflix: Chills During Halloween


You might already be familiar with the Netflix tag. But do you know this tagline- Chills During Halloween? Netflix has brought Halloween ads showing their users can watch a collection of horror shows and movies. If you haven’t recharged your Netflix subscription, you are not late yet. Now is the time you can get their subscription to enjoy your haunted streaming night this Halloween.


Hershey’s Vampire Kisses

Hershey never disappoints with their Halloween ads. Their Vampire Kisses is the product that got maximum sales due to its spooky marketing strategy. All the candy lovers really liked this advert, which is definitely one of the best Halloween advertising campaigns.


Coke Vs Pepsi


Everybody knows the great rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Pepsi has taken the initiative by creating a Halloween advert as Pepsi is wearing a cape of Coca-Cola. While it started a great discussion between Coke and Pepsi lovers about which is the best. The hype created really gained Pepsi to engage with Coke lovers as well.


Snickers – Halloween Grocery Store Lady


Chocolates and candy companies make the most out of Halloween ads. And it’s the same for the Snickers chocolate brand. They have created an amusing Halloween advert in which a lady dress dressed grossly in a grocery store, scaring people to fill their cart with Snickers only. This ad is quite hilarious, which also gives the flavour of the spookiness of Halloween.


It’s Time  To Create Halloween Ads

While seeing some of the all-time best Halloween adverts, you might also get inspired to start advertising for your own brand. However, if you haven’t started preparing for Holiday marketing yet, now is the time to be ready.

If you want to explore more of such spooky Halloween adverts, then why not use PowerAdSpy ad intelligence software? It allows you to find more creative and scary ads on several ad networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Native, Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora.

So, are you ready to start your Halloween ads? If yes, then you can also share your experience with us in the comments section. Also, you can go through our recent blog post to gain more insights on adverts.