Spy on Competitor’s Ad Campaign And Improve Yours – 2023 Roadmap

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Spy on Competitor’s Ad Campaign And Improve Yours – 2023 Roadmap

Business is inherently a competitive field. As an organisation, if continuous improvement is your goal, you must know what your competitors are doing, so you can do it better than them.

Tracking competition is a vital part of the overall marketing strategy. It gives prompt and suitable information about the competitor in a short time, improves business effectiveness, and gives insights into the potential threats from both already established and newly entered businesses.

Why to Spy on Competitors?


In a world where competition is an innate part of a business, it is logical that every business has an effective ad copy monitoring strategy. Monitor ad copy of your competitor keeps you a step ahead of them, providing you the ability to stand out with your product and services more effectively. 

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Let’s check out some facts why you should monitor ad copy of your competitors.

1. Forecast competitor’s moves


Ad copy monitoring and studying what your competition is doing gives you the insight to predict their future moves and strategies. These predictions help you to counter your competitor’s upcoming strategy, which are beneficial for your product and services to stand out. Having an eye on your rival’s strategy will keep you ahead of them.

2. Understanding the market


The concept of promotion and conversion will be stuck in the starting gate if the market is not properly understood. With competitive advertising analysis, you get insight into where the market is heading, what is in demand, and how your competitors are fulfilling those demands. This benefits you to monopolize the market with your product effectively.

3. Ability to counter-strategy


Having prior knowledge of any upcoming marketing strategies from your competitor like a promotional campaign or a new product, allows you to keep yourself prepared and introduce a counter strategy. Any cost-cutting strategy or branding promotion is less likely to affect your business as you are already aware of the upcoming strategies due to continuous ad copy monitoring.

For Example: Find a Facebook ad, active with more than 5000+ views for more than a week. Spying on such ads using an ad analytic tool like PowerAdSpy gives you prominent knowledge about the ad activity, campaign keywords, target audience and much more ( Refer the image below ). Using this knowledge you can identify your competitor’s advertising strategy, implement in yours, and stand out with your product or services more effectively.

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What Should You Monitor Ad Copy?

Spying on your competitor’s activity can derive you a bunch of informative insights, But not unless you know what you should be spying on. What is the relevant data you are looking for? Well, here’s the answer-



There are various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. where businesses are running ads to generate potential customers. The sites have a huge user base, providing marketers with a platform to advertise their products. It is important to know which platform your competitors are using and deriving customers. So You can attract more engagements from the platform by outperforming your competitors with better offers and engaging advertisements.


It is important to spy what kind of ads competitors are running ,what type of content they are using, what audio and video interface they are using to attract customers. Displaying a better quality ad with enhanced content will help you engage the audience to get them to take the next step whether it’s visiting your website, buying your product or booking your service.


We are well aware of the word ‘keyword’ its, a search term that you want to rank for within the page. It plays a vital role in reaching out to the target audience. Therefore it is important to know which set of keywords your competitor is using and getting most engagement. Selecting relevant and quality keywords for your ad campaign can help you reach the audience you want.

Target Audience

Displaying a car ad in front of a person looking for a jacket or a beauty cosmetic ad doesn’t make any sense. Therefore it is important to know your customer’s demographic information, their gender,age,location,profession,income etc. To make sure your product or service reaches the right audience.

For Example: Find competitor’s Facebook Ad and derive necessary insights like the targeted audience, campaign keyword, etc. using Poweradspy. Monitor ad copy of your competitor and see what works for them and how they write their ad copies. If a competitor mentions a lower price in their ad or a special offer, then you may want to advertise a better offer to overcome his deal and increase your Pay-Per-Click.

How To Write Great Ad Copy


Thorough research:

It is vital to stay ahead of your competitor to stand out for your product and services in the market. You must conduct thorough research, monitor ad copy, and search common keywords to create effective search ads that keep you at the top of your game.

Be customer focussed:

People buy products because they want or need them, so focus on how your product will make their life better. Monitor ad copy of your competitor to see how they are fulfilling the demand of the market and be customer focussed to encourage viewers to click through to your landing page.

Include a compelling Call-To-Action:

CTAs are very essential for good search ads. It makes visitors aware of what they should do and when they should do it. No Pay-Per-Click ad is complete without a CTA. For example – Using CTA like, ‘Click Here, ‘Buy Now, ‘Download Now’ can trigger people to click.

Write attention-grabbing headline:

It is really important to write a headline of the ad that is compelling, to make people pay attention to your ads. It is better to show the benefits and not the features because the users are not interested in what you do, instead they want to know what your product and service can do for them.

Amazing ad copy will help to increase visibility, sales, and eventually, it will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. If you are interested in spying on your competitor’s ad, you can take the help of PowerAdSpy. We all know that good ad copy can derive tons of traffic, so if the ads stand out and get clicked, the campaign result will improve. Therefore, monitor ad copy of your competitor to write your powerful ad copy. This will boost your click rates and conversion rates significantly. 

Ad Copy Monitoring With PowerAdSpy


Finding out who your real competitors are essential. You don’t have to monitor ad copy of irrelevant sellers with entirely different businesses. Therefore choose wisely your prominent competitor with Poweradspy. It is the most effective ads analytical tool that allows you to monitor ad copy of your competitor’s ads. It generates insights from the world’s largest ad inventory and provides you with a diligent set of information based on your niche. These insights are then used to write great ad copies to enhance branding and advertising practices. 

 Poweradspy gives you insights on : 

  • Which platform are they using
  • What are their campaign keywords
  • Which call to action are they using
  • How to monitor ad copy
  • Their ranking in google
  • What backlinks do they have
  • Where your competitors are driving traffic and much more..

If you’re wondering how to spy on fb ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, etc., Poweradspy got you covered. This tool has the widest range of advertisements from various social networking and advertising platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. allowing you to monitor ad copy of the top ads you wish to spy based on your niche.

Use The Data Wisely


Now you have collected vital information about your competitor, it’s time to perform a SWOT analysis of your brand. It is essential to know that marketers don’t monitor ad copy of their competitors to copy the competition rather the purpose is to foresee and adopt unique solutions. Monitor ad copy, keywords, and other data to find what works and see how you can apply that strategy to your brand.

Conclusion : 

It is important to monitor ad copy your competitor to see what they are up to, where they might have an advantage over you or where you can beat them. Prior knowledge of your competition helps you stay one step ahead of them. It is just the initial step towards making your organization competitively intelligent. Hope the above mentioned knowledge helps you build a strategic plan for your company to remain competitive.