How To Utilize FB Ad Library To Get Ahead Of Your Competition?

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How To Utilize FB Ad Library To Get Ahead Of Your Competition?

The FB Ad Library is like a gold mine for marketers. Facebook created the tool for better transparency and allowing access to all the information about the ongoing ads. Since the launch, it has allowed everyone to know what kind of information is spreading every day. 

But it is more than that, this tool has provided insights and knowledge to the marketers. It is not easy to create a Facebook ad. There are many factors involved while creating an advertisement. But thanks to the Facebook Ad Library, every marketer can find ideas from prior successful campaigns.

Facebook Ad Library is advantageous for brands to reach audiences. 

It provides constructive information on what is working and what is not. It allows you to access competitor ads and content to create a competitive strategy.

But you won’t be able to get insights and make a strategy so quickly. You will need to know the process. In this article, we will discuss

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First Things First, Why Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective tools to create loyal customers, generate leads, and increase the overall growth of your business. More than 3 million businesses are advertising on the Facebook platform. Without any doubt, it is the best time to start advertising on Facebook.

Audience size:

Facebook has more than 1.13 billion daily active users, and 1.03 billion users access Facebook via smartphones.


People extensively use social media platforms these days. Every day, a minimum of 50 minutes average users spend on Facebook, Instagram, And messenger.

Organic Reach Decline: 

Organic reach on Facebook is declining over a few years now and has almost hit zero. It has almost become a paid advertising platform, so it might be the right time to play your cards.


Facebook ads provide incredible targeting options. You can target users by their location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and much more.

What Is Facebook Ad Library? 


Facebook Ad Library is a tool for providing everyone access to all the ads on Facebook. It was launched back in 2019. The idea behind this was to improve transparency by sharing as much information as possible. 

With the help of the Facebook ad library, you can see currently running ads on Facebook and Instagram platforms. The Ad Library also provides information on who viewed the ad, its cost, and impressions, and houses ads for seven years.

For marketers, the FB Ad Library is an amazing tool that allows you to see all the advertisements your competitors and similar brands are running, in one place. It is a crucial tool for marketers. If you are not keeping an eye fixed on what your competitors are up to, you might fall behind.

How To Use The Facebook Ad Library?


Now the question that arises is how the FB ad library works? And how can I access it?

Using the FB Ad Library is fairly simple. Facebook has done its best to make it super accessible so that anyone can gain access to ad information, albeit they have never run a Business account or used Facebook in their life.

Open Facebook Ad Library:

To access the FB Ad Library, open Once you have loaded the page, make sure you have the correct country selected.



Choose Your Category:

Before looking up an ad, you need to choose the category. There are only two categories, so if you are looking for a commercial ad, click on Search all.



Search Up A Keyword:

To find the desired ad, type within the name of the brand/company that is running it. Click on the relevant page, and it will pull up all the ads that the brand is running.

Click On A Specific Ad:

You can now open See Ad Details under the ad to find more information. It includes many details such as the beginning date for the ad, the platforms the ad is on, etc.



What Are The Benefits Of The Facebook Ad Library For Marketers?


In the marketing game, it said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While you want your brand’s paid media creative strategy to stand out with a uniquely new idea every time, that does not mean you can not also find a spark of inspiration through your competitors’ work.

Thanks to the FB Ad Library, now you can see ads from your niche to gain inspiration for your own work. You may not be able to see the actual targeting demographics, ad spend, or other nitty-gritty details if they are not a political advertiser, but there is still a lot to learn from competitor ads. 

Even if you are not part of the target audience, you can see the active ads. The ads here are symbolic of the formats running on Facebook. Now let us walk through some of the best advantages of the FB ad library in detail. 

Finding Copy Takeaways:

Marketers may reduce a great deal of effort and investments by paying attention to copywriting formats and formulas in competitor’s ads. It will help to see how they are positioning themselves, how these brands are writing their copy, their tone, their use of incorporate emojis or non-standard text formatting, etc. 

Variation In Headlines:

Marketers can get help in getting an angle content to different audiences through FB Ad Library. Or it may be used to discover what format works best for your audience. By simply looking at the ad headline of your competitor that has a similar audience base, you can reach your audience easily. 

Ad Creative And Imagery:

Images and videos are the best approaches to gain the attention of viewers. Facebook ad video library provides you catchy images or videos that can get them to spend time on your ad long enough to read the copy. Variations in imagery can be used to target different use cases and audiences, or simply keep content looking fresh enough so people don’t simply scroll past a familiar image.

Offers And Deals For Customers That Actually Convert:

Knowing the top offers and deals from the top-performing brands in your niche will help you get an upper hand in creating the most suitable ones for your brand too. 

You may simply copy their tried and tested strategy for your brand. Through your competitors’ ads, you can learn how often to run sales or what offers can be used for promoting.

Audience Targeting Inferences:

The primary step to creating ads is to recognize your target audience. Though the FB Ad Library doesn’t reveal audience targeting details for all advertisers, you may look at ads themselves to determine who the intended audience is. 

Identifying Creative Takeaways:

Glancing through your competitor’s ads you can tell a lot about how they position their brands and their efforts into creative testing. 

You can examine their variety of creative formats, standard image ads, carousels, and video. These trending ad formats should be kept in mind while creating your entire ad strategy.

Strategies For Marketers Using FB Ad Library


Now that you know how to use the FB Ad Library, you can create strategies specifically for marketing managers that will help your business stay on top.

Gain Inspiration:

You can search multiple competitors and take a look at the images, videos, and graphics, which they are using to create an outstanding ad for their brand. 

Keep An Eye On Advertising Trends:

Trends are crucial to gain customer attention, so if you notice a pattern of similar ads amongst a couple of your competitors, it is probably time for you to try the trend out for your brand.

Consider The Placement Of Your URL:

You need to keep information concise and include keywords. Add interesting images or videos and taglines to grab the attention of the users. You should consider placing the URL above the image or video in the text description.

Do Not Spend Too Much Time On What Is Working:

We tend to pay more attention to what is working in our niche, but the social media platform is always changing. And what is working right now, may not work for long. Pay attention to the new features and trending ads and change accordingly.

Tips For Images:

You can write the best copy ever possible, but if your image is not interesting enough to grab attention, you might not get any clicks. 

Always use high-quality images without copyright issues. Try to add faces of people facing towards the right, it will draw attention to your ad text.

Do Not Forget About Mobile View:

You may be creating ads on a laptop, but most of the users are using Facebook on their smartphones. It will be wise to optimize your ads for mobile views.

Use Ad Spy Tools:

You can use tools like PowerAdSpy to get the best and latest ads in your industry. PowerAdSpy is the most powerful social media ads analytics tool, which will improve your overall social media ad campaigns. It can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, eliminating all the trouble of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research, and more.

PowerAdSpy- The Best Ad Analysis Tool


PowerAdSpy has many features like

  • Filter By Ad Positions: 

Experiment with the placement of your ads and use the best ad position working in your niche for higher conversions.

  • Combination Of Images And Videos: 

You can find the best image and video ads to use in your ad campaigns.

  • Bookmark The Best Ads: 

Save the best ads concepts in a personalized ads inventory and use them in future ad campaigns.

These were just a few of what PowerAdSpy offers. There are many amazing features waiting to be explored. So what are you waiting for? Get your free trial now!

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Concluding Words:

The FB Ad Library is the most extensive ads transparency tool from Facebook which is highly beneficial for marketers who want to advertise on their platforms. It’s free, easy to use, and there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored. It provides a view of ads across our apps and services. If your business uses Facebook ads, then you must use Facebook Ad Library search to advertise strategically.