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Market Research On Facebook: Surveying Your Audience In The Right Ways

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Market Research On Facebook: Surveying Your Audience In The Right Ways


So, you have an organization, is making products for your customers but you have no clue how to go about knowing who your customers are, or what their tastes, preferences are. How do you design a product and put it out there without knowing if there are people in the audience fit to use your product? The answer? One word: Surveys.

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People from different backgrounds, education levels, and paths of life make up the world. No organization is capable of making products fit and suitable, accommodating and acknowledging all the different kinds of people in the world.

But when the organization knows the diversity of the people around their organization, they have an idea of the types of products to put out in the market to satisfy the desires and the needs of the population, some satisfying some groups in the population and others not.

Similarly, a lot of organizations have products which already out in the market and are actively catering to the needs of their target audience.

Competing organizations would need to look into the products, marketing strategies, and the ways their competitors work to gauge the amount of work and effort required to make your products stand out amongst your competitors, leading to revenue generation.

Social Media for Modern Market Research –

Market research involves organizations learning about their customers’ preferences, understanding market trends, and examining their customers’ strategies to develop their own, improved approaches.

Market Research is an integral part of marketing in any organization and helps an organization to identify and scout out new opportunities in their business. It provides a deeper insight into what drives your customers into buying your products, which of these customers convert to sales and which do not, and what’s hindering them from buying your product and their loyalty to the organization.


With the rise in the usage of social media, conducting market research for organizations has never been easier than now. With a large amount of user base like Facebook, which has 1.2B active users on the platform monthly.

A lot of market research earlier used to be conducted via traditional questionnaire surveys and/or focus groups but with the help of social media, conducting surveys and understanding your organization’s customer base is much quicker and efficient as all of it is done in real-time.

Thanks to social media, organizations nowadays don’t even need to put in the effort to initiate a discussion about their products but only browse through different forums and pages on the internet and observe.

Many online discussions already cover information about current trends. Often, a brief observation of these discussion forums provides valuable insights into the trends followed by the audience. This allows organizations to innovate and develop products that surpass those of their competitors.

These discussion forums also offer real-time updates to the organizations, as they should, mainly because the preferences, trends, and tastes of the consumers are so dynamic that it is impossible to gauge what they might require or want next without a little bit of market research.

Conducting Market Research on Social Media: Facebook Survey

Facebook, the social media platform with an active daily user base of 1.73B people is the largest social media platform globally, with YouTube and its sister companies WhatsApp and Instagram following suit.

All of these statistics make Facebook ad targeting the most appropriate social media platform to conduct market research for your organization and to learn what works for your organization and what doesn’t, all of it in real-time.

One could list numerous reasons to use Facebook survey, but here are some to get you started:

Targeting Audience:

Targeting your audience on Facebook comes very handy, especially when an organization needs to target a very specific demographic out of its audience.

Facebook has data about age, geographical locations, religions, interests, jobs, etc. and all this information helps digital marketers to sieve out the preferred audience from the massive audience the platform has.

Better Responses:

Because a lot of users on Facebook launch the platform on their phones and PCs in their leisure times, Facebook survey when presented with a chance to win a reward usually get a lot of traction as the users don’t think they are too busy doing anything and a two-minute survey has never hurt anyone.


Finding the right audience, reaching out to them, conducting the survey: all of this takes a lot of effort and is very costly to the organization as they have to find the right audience and reach out to them.

While these traditional surveys do provide information, Facebook does it for way cheaper and gives you all the options. Whether targeting of an audience, having different surveys show up for different people across the world, and a lot more; Facebook survey provides a lot of tools to make your experience give you the best results!

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, you can also make the user experience of your audience while surfing through your social media handles a lot better by providing them with a survey for anything they would not like to see.

This ensures that the customer feels a little closer with the organization and that the organization is putting in the work to make their feed a little more personable to the audience visiting them over the web!

Getting started with Facebook Survey

Surveys, as discussed earlier have been traditionally used since market research has been recognized as a thing way back. Today, surveys provide organizations with an opportunity to better connect and understand their customers, enabling them to fulfill their needs.

Facebook survey, are provided by Facebook Ads Manager along with other social media platforms, take the form of polls and advertisements.

Typically, these polls contain questions offering consumers three or four choices to select from. Additionally, they include a suggestion/feedback dialog box at the end, allowing customers to communicate directly with organizations in their own words. This enables them to highlight areas for change or improvement, or simply to commend the brand for its hard work.

These surveys are non-intrusive but a little flashy to grab the attention of the users but not poking a fork in their user experience. These surveys also include call-to-action buttons that assist users in navigating directly to their assigned tasks, such as opening a new email to the brand’s email address or redirecting them to the brand’s website.

Marketers also have the option to add supportive text and graphics to make their posts enticing enough for interaction.

Do you need something more than what Facebook offers?

Although Facebook offers many tools to facilitate market research for your brand/organization, digital marketers today may find its tools somewhat lacking, especially in meeting their current needs

Facebook Ads Manager provides an array of tools for your advertising needs including the ability to pinpoint clearly what the goal of your ad could be, or the intended target for the particular content, and to steer clear from the audience that is not likely to interact with your products and will give you insights on what works for your organization and what doesn’t according to the information on the audience that interacts with your campaigns.

But what happens when your competitors go above and beyond and leave you following their tracks? Is there a better way to know about the whereabouts of your competitors’ performances and to learn from their mistakes and deeds and get better?

The answer to your problem is PowerAdSpy!

PowerAdSpy: For looking into not just competitors, but competitors too!


PowerAdSpy is a very strong and efficient tool that lets you spy in on your competitor’s ads so you can go through and breakdown every detail of their ad copy. It provides you other insights such as the date in which the ad was last seen, its engagement on social media and some targeting options you might not have even heard of!

It has a very simple interface for the analysis of competitors on Facebook as it can easily search between millions of ads and can filter them by domains, advertisers, keywords, their longest-running ads, etc.

All of these make PowerAdSpy a very compelling tool for analysis of competitors all over Facebook or any other platform. Not just all of this but you can also check which are the most popular ads that have been catching the eye of the audience, thanks to you being able to check on your competitor’s techniques and strategies!

Not just Facebook, PowerAdSpy also tracks advertisements over other different social media platforms like:

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora

Why PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy as a tool is very powerful and can be used to derive a lot of insights about the performance of an advertisement for a product by the competition. These insights tell you what is there to be fulfilled in your organization and to fit in the missing parts.

It also highlights the aspects where your organization needs work and which of those aspects are better than your competitors. There are a lot more reasons for you to use PowerAdSpy for your competitive analysis, especially if you’re using Facebook. Some of them are:

Search ads of all your competitors using exact keywords or relevant ones.

Providing information about geo-targets of an organization which in turn helps you to understand in which parts of the world the public is already ready for your products.

Images or videos, PowerAdSpy has the largest collection of video advertisements that will help you cater your advertisements to target the audience you desire and assist you in implementing the ones to which your audience will respond!

Advertisers use real-time measurements to track audience engagement with their advertisements and other posts across various platforms. This information helps advertisers capture the attention of their desired targeted audience.

All insights, including charts and graphs, are provided by the application itself in a very intuitive and easily comprehensible manner. All information is worth a lot in digital marketing!

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It’s not just ads, offers, copies, creatives that the competitors are putting out that are also available for you to analyze and use for your own organization’s benefit. All this research and derivation of information costs an organization a huge chunk of capital every year. Using this competitive analysis tool for Facebook and other platforms can save a significant amount of money.

All in all, it’s a huge deal when it comes to value for money at the same time it provides you a neat way of keeping track of what everyone is up to.