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Beginner’s Catalog Of Free Spy Apps For Facebook Ads

Whether being a digital marketer or not, we all have seen the exceptional growth of the business over social media giants like Facebook. In this upsurge of digitalization these days, it is necessary to get a hold of a profound strategy that optimizes your digital presence plus satisfies your conversion goals. Additionally, leveraging free spy apps can further enhance your strategy without changing the meaning or word count.

We all know, that on the marketing landscape, Facebook is the first love for any brand to connect with their clients. It has enlarged to the extent that it is a search engine for active brands over the plane.

Of course, with the dynamic increase in customer demands, there has been enormous growth on the competition scale, which led us to keep tabs on our competitor’s insights through paid or free spy apps.

Sounds controversial! Right! Let’s decode it.

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Does Spying Mean Your Competitor Is Better Than You?


Not! There are superior reasons for spying on competitors. If you are competitor-focused, you might want to keep tabs on their advert profile and pitching strategies so that you can always remain two steps ahead of them. Maybe spying seems foul or disgraceful, but there is no better way to win without knowing your competitor.

As the quote says-

“You can’t look at the competition and say you are going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you are going to do it differently.”

Spying on your competitor is not always about strategy. When you keep track of your competitor, you get to know their moves and even their mistakes. By the way, who doesn’t want to know about the downfall of the path beforehand?

Spying enables you to set up a benchmark of your ad strategy plus directs you to try something new or replicate the ideas that have already worked well. After all, how you are going to proceed depends upon you.

Ad spy tool and Facebook marketing


Are you looking for complete organic growth on your Facebook? Then you are in the right place!

Experts in marketing have already claimed that growth over social media is directly proportional to high-end advertising strategy. In the era of demands for social traffic, these spy tools might identify opportunities for brands to grow and expand.

Now for marketers, there is a lot more to consider before planning out any ad campaign.

Converting usual visitors to loyal clients requires a little help from paid or free spy apps available over the net. It means an ad spy tool is a primary way to opt before proceeding with digital marketing.

There are a couple of ways you can opt before planning any ad campaign.

  • You can pursue the traditional method, which allows you to try and test every advert strategy so, you can obtain profound insight for the next step.
  • Or you can take the smart route and get a spy tool that shows you exactly what is working on your niche.

By the way, anything you choose gives an incredible advantage to your ad campaign, but the second option sounds like saving time, right? So, let us proceed along the way!

Know what you are looking for!


Being a digital marketer, you may find ways to make your ad campaign seem unique and relevant. Well, these spying tools are your catalyst.

Free spy apps for Facebook assist you in the nitty-gritty of mapping out your master plan. They help you figure out the formula of success with an understanding of the whole plot, about anything that may go wrong or can work just about right.

You can discover their shortcuts, what are they up to, how they have established themselves in the marketplace, or specific strategy that makes them stand out.

In short, spy apps unfold your competitors’ latent mechanisms that you might overlook without those tools. Let’s see what they bring to the surface!

  • Trendy adverts of your niche.
  • Ad performances.
  • Target audience profile.
  • Engagement metrics and duration of the performance.
  • Advert positions.
  • Landing pages and funnels.
  • Revenue-boosting strategies used by competitors.
  • Advanced filters.

Of course, the features may depend upon the tool you use. For example, when you use PowerAdSpy, you get the hold of detailed analysis of the target audience, demographical performance reports, precise engagement graphs, various links for redirects, outgoings including original posts, and audience profiles. This seems like enough information to reverse-engineer their strategy and cook something of your own.

It’s about finding your unique game plan while figuring out their tactics. Copying their advert idea won’t work in the long run. Rather suitable steps and techniques might ensure your ROI.

It is the real power of spy apps!

Let’s Check out some free spy apps for Facebook.

Free spy apps for Facebook

Facebook Ad Library


Yes! Facebook has its ad library. It is a piece of good news for marketers running short of funds.

Now you can explore any advertisement that is currently running on Facebook. You might not have to have a Facebook account to access it, but it proves convenient to have one.

Like any other ad spy tool, the Facebook ad library also uses API for you to perform customized keyword searches in favor of adverts available in your niche over the platform.

You can access ads by opening a competitor’s Facebook profile and then clicking on the ‘info and ads’ mentioned on the left side of the page. Or you can type into your browser, choose the category of your niche, click on the search button, go through the ads, and click ‘see ad details’ you will obtain the desired insight according to your requirement.

Big Spy


It is another free spy app for Facebook ads search and seems like an excellent ad intelligent software for limited funds. You can perform searches based on CTAs and desired niches plus, it is useful to pull out primary information regarding trending ads in the market. Big Spy allows you to make your collection from the available adverts.



If you are doing only a handful of campaigns, then AdEspreso can be the choice you could opt for. This software allows basic ad research for users who want to give it a try for free. You can find your inspiration and swiftly know what style or idea is working on the market.



Want to learn how to proceed with an effective ad campaign? It might be the software you can go for. Here you might not get hold of trendy ad campaigns, but you can dive into the mindset of the buyer, which is the crucial element for creating a successful ad campaign.



That’s right! PowerAdSpy is available at zero expense for ten days. So, you can perform 100 searches for 1000 ads on 8+ platforms and access them from more than 15 countries. The perks of the trial service are you can operate your ad research like a premium user.

PowerAdSpy got you the best features of advert research at your fingertips. You can also access it from a mobile application and pull out the most comprehensive results from the largest database in the world.

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Digitalization has created a competitive ecosystem around the plane of the internet as well as the offline market. Nowadays, the most happening digital reforms are a part of economic uprisings that are the third in the list of the world’s greatest reforms.

While living through this phase, we have used anything we can to beat out the competition, but the chase remains unchanged. Hence, it is good to keep clear in your mind that there is no replacement for thorough research and mindful skills. Anything else can work as a catalyst for your best performance.

Also, you won’t need to limit yourself to exploring your professional knowledge in planning out the best promotional drive for your brand.

Free spy apps are here to derive additional information that may come in handy. Sometimes looking at bigger players may inspire you in ways, and you become one of the rising stars of the modern market. That is the sole purpose of spy apps.

Later in your job profile, it will be useful to hop on paid tools when you have bigger numbers of ad campaigns on your plate, or else sticking to the free spy apps sounds like a bright choice.

After all, the basic motive of using a paid tool is to scale up your business. Knowing what is working helps you find your way, so just keep digging until you outplay your competitor.

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