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Facebook Search Ads | Keep Up With Competition in 6 steps.

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Facebook Search Ads | Keep Up With Competition in 6 steps.

In the upsurge of marketing and digitalization these days, there is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most cultivable lands for sales and advertisements. Nowadays, business owners and marketers rely on Facebook search ads to get ahead of the marketing competition. 

Whether it is e-commerce or entertainment, Facebook has the upper hand in every field of the leading industry. It is possible because of users like us who seek a getaway through social media giants like Facebook.

The current stats of Facebook marketing claim that it is used by more than 60% of world e-marketers and approximately 3 billion active users over a month in 2023. Over the years, Facebook’s serviceability has grown to share multimedia content and advertisements. And it is no secret how impactful it proves in the present era.

The Facebook ads library is rolling out to deliver the best search ad results to marketing peeps and their consumers. So, before we begin to know the methods of ad research on Facebook, let us first know; What are Facebook search ads?

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What Are Facebook Search Ads?


Facebook has evolved its services to suit the business pages and e-marketers on the platform. As of 2021, electronic ads are paving the way for lead generation at a massive pace. Well, it seems like the ads library Facebook has leveraged this trend to increase user activity on the platform.

The lead generation on Facebook is due to the choice of ad placements on the platform. Facebook has introduced an ad placement window that lets you decide the deployment of your ads in the preferred window. In addition to this, Facebook search ads are one more feature that displays a personalized set of ad results as per the consumer’s search database. 

With this optimization, Facebook has opened up the portal of dynamic ad display in the context of similar user interests. Moreover, advertisers can select Automatic Placements or Facebook ads Search Results for their news feeds ads and campaigns targeting potential customers.

Search ads in Facebook are a boon for every advertiser present on the platform. This feature has given an upper hand to advertisers. Overshadow their competition by running their ads in those placement options where their alternatives have not been picked yet.

Search Facebook Ads:  How To Do It Manually?


We all can agree on one thing Facebook is not an unfamiliar platform. We all have operated and used Facebook at some point in our lives. So, finding ads on Facebook does not seem like a big deal to any of us. However, with tonnes of ads and advertisers present on the platform, your ad research is quite complicated. 

That is why, for manual conduct of Facebook search ads, we have to get a hold of the Facebook ads library. It is a free ad research extension on Facebook for two platforms that is, Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook introduced an ad library when the Facebook database started getting crowded with millions of ad postings. The hunt for the perfect advertisement has never made this easy.

To perform Facebook search ads (ad research), you only need to log in to your Facebook account and choose desirable filter options. And, the window will showcase the present-day ads of your chosen niche. 

There is one more way for you to access the ads of your competitor. You only have to open their Facebook profile and click on the info and ads on the left side of the page.

Choose your niche, and hit the search button. It will lead you to the existing ad database where you can pick any relevant one to go through the ads by clicking see ad details. 

The Biggest advantage of using Ads Library for Facebook search ads is, that you can also obtain insights into your competitor’s ad campaign.

How to Search Ads On Facebook Using PowerAdSpy?


Ad intelligence tools step in, where the manual Facebook search ads methods appear to be inadequate. As a digital marketer, you may find techniques to keep tabs on your competitor, but you also might want to save some time and effort.

How to search Facebook ads?

Alright, there are several Facebook ad research tools available in the marketplace to assist you in the quest for the perfect strategy for your ad campaign. But, one of the most convenient software to search ads is through PowerAdSpy. Now search ads in Facebook and accomplish your advertising goals by reverse-engineering the strategies of your competitor.


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PowerAdSpy| Ad Intelligence Tools

It is an ad intelligence tool with one of the biggest ad databases in over 15 countries. Apart from Facebook, PowerAdSpy has integration with seven other social media platforms including, Instagram, Google Ads, GDN, YouTube, Reddit, Native Ads, and Quora Ads. 

Tap to the power of utmost convenience of Facebook search ads with a rich feature set, available only on PowerAdSpy. What allures marketers the most is the sheer number of successful ads available for you to decode and reuse the strategies by modifying them as per your accommodations.

Now you know the dominance of PowerAdSpy in the ad world of the global market. So, it is time to learn how to find ads on Facebook using PowerAdSpy.

Go through the steps to Facebook search ads on PowerAdSpy.

  1. Log in or sign up to PowerAdSpy.
  2. Click on the Facebook icon given on the left row of the window.
  3. Enter your search keyword (it can be your niche, name of advertiser, company, or domain)
  4. Choose advanced filter options given in below the search bar.
  5. Hit the search button and wait for the results.
  6. Pick any of the relevant ads you want and go to the Ad Details.
  7. A separate window will open up, which will show you the various ad specifications ranging from the landing page of the ad to the audience demographics and location.

That’s a wrap!

Facebook search ads feature has definitely raised the pace of advertising on Facebook. With the appropriate tools and methods, one can easily decode the winning strategy before anyone in the marketplace. Using PowerAdSpy you can spy on competitor Instagram ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and more to get more engagement in your website.

Well, the software is obliged to help you with any analytics and deep results of electronic advertisements all over the world market. However, to remain ahead of the competition, you need to figure out market mood prospects and trends beforehand.

So, to have a deep analysis of the market, stick to the PowerAdSpy and relish the joy of spying on your competitor’s ads.

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