7 Best Ads Ideas For Valentine’s Day You Can Try

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7 Best Ads Ideas For Valentine’s Day You Can Try

There is no specific time for expressing love to your loved ones, but there is a time when it all feels extra special. You got that right – Valentine’s Day is coming closer! People have started making plans to purchase gifts, flowers, and chocolates for their loved ones. And it is also the perfect opportunity for marketers to increase conversion and sales. All you need is the best ads ideas for Valentine’s Day.

And believe us, Valentine’s Day is going to be more special than ever. Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to flaunt their love and spoil their partner with heart-shaped chocolates, roses, and many other gifts. For the last two years, people have been stuck in their homes and not able to celebrate any festivals as they used to, but that did not stop them from celebrating this festival.

It is why Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity for businesses to glorify their sales and revenue. Are you getting excited looking into all those numbers? Do you want to run a glorious ad campaign this Valentine’s Day? Why wouldn’t you?

So let’s dive into the ads ideas for Valentine’s Day!

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Run Valentine’s Day Promotion On Best-Selling Products:


If you have a business of chocolates, flowers, or jewelry, Valentine’s week is potentially one of the biggest sales opportunities of the year. Running a promotion on items that can be purchased as gifts is a traditional move. One might argue that it’s even anticipated by customers. It is one of the best ads ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day Themed Gift Collection:

Gits are an inseparable part of Valentine’s week. People get customized gifts for their loved ones. You can also make your ad campaigns shine by creating a Valentine-themed gift collection for your customers.

Nothing can be more lucrative than this. Just look at this ad from Starbucks. They have created a whole collection of Valentine’s Day-themed tumblers, water bottles, and mugs. And not just that, caption also plays a crucial role in engaging the audience.

Here is what they have written – This Valentine’s Day, give your partner some mugs and kisses! Let’s celebrate the moments of love and connection by choosing gifts from our Valentine’s collection.


This type of simple yet special gift will remind them of their loved ones every time they hold a cup of warm and comforting tea in their hands. It is one of the best ads ideas for Valentine’s Day, you can also create something inspired by it.


Share Love And Positivity:


Valentine’s week is all about sharing love and positivity. What you can do is simply post content with positive vibes. Creating a positive vibe with your ads or posts engages your audience and creates a sense of emotional bond.  


Even if you don’t have Products or services that are relevant for Valentine’s Day advertising in general, this next best ad idea for Valentine’s Day is definitely for you!

Just because something isn’t wrapped up in the traditional Valentine’s Day trimmings, it doesn’t mean you can’t create inspired campaigns around it. By thinking outside the box you can stand out from the crowd. 

Offer Limited-Edition Product:


Limited edition and buzzed items are always an excellent idea to link your products with Valentine’s Day. 

Brands successfully launch special-edition products to fit the holiday season. If your niche has nothing to do with love or romance it’s time for you to get creative. It’s not necessary to sell Valentine’s cards. You might as well promote red and heart-shaped items while making messages and images that evoke love. 

If there is no other way of making your product Valentine-related, offering a gift set of two identical or similar products, one for each is a sure hit. Make ads with two-for-one deals. Or a personalized product for buyers to put the name of their lover! 

Organize A Contest Or A Poll:

Authentic and original content has been under great hype, so why not try using user-generated content (UGC) for your campaign? You can even organize a contest or Valentine’s Day giveaway. This is a fun way to attract new audiences and provides a source of entertainment for the existing ones. 

Another great idea to check your audience engagement is to run a series of polls on your page. 



Dunkin Donuts used fun colors and ads for its unique social media presence, fuelled by customer-generated photos and videos. Taking their promotional strategy to another level they invited their followers to play a trivia game via Instagram Stories, prove their love for Dunkin Donuts, and unlock a secret promo code. This proved to be an exceptional way of engaging and rewarding your most loyal customers at the same time.

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So these were some of the best ads ideas for Valentine’s Day for you to get inspired from. But to be honest, you need much more than 5 or 6 ideas. So, how can you find more ideas and inspirations for this Valentine’s Day? 

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PowerAdSpy can improve your ad campaigns ten-fold. 

Over To You:

Celebrating special events and holidays along with your followers on social media is a great way to open up a little and show the fun side of a brand. While you need to be results-driven to justify spending your time on this, we’d suggest most of all, keeping things fun and avoiding being boring on Valentine’s Day. You can PowerAdSpy to find the most engaging and interesting ads to spice up your ad campaigns.

We would love to know how your special campaigns for Valentine’s Day went and which tip you have used. We wonder which brands will steal the show this year and hold the most promising social media campaigns.