5 Ways Push Notifications Are Boon To Digital Marketing

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5 Ways Push Notifications Are Boon To Digital Marketing

More than 90% of people daily receive loads of push notifications. It means your ad did not go unnoticed by your client. Now it is quite a matter of discussion; Why are these push ads proving to be an excellent marketing strategy?

The engineering of push notifications is to track the customer, who is devoid of actions in a particular platform due to inactivity. Besides this, they only trace those customers who already visited the website or made a profile on a web application. That is why, when you try to generate leads through push notification marketing, you already know you are pitching to people who are already a client or about to be a potential customers.

But first, let us explore push notification’s meaning and their branches over the digital marketing domain. 

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What Are Push Notifications?


We all are familiar with the term push ads or notifications. But do we really know what it is? In this section, we will understand what push notifications are and their role in the present world.

So, push notification is the alert sent by specific applications or websites on detecting inactivity over those platforms. I bet you all have seen a pop-up notification on your mobile or desktop screen informing you about the latest status of that application or website.

According to developers.google.com, push messages are the notification created in response to a push message. It means to push ads are rich media messages. Those are sent to you in a text message or email form. As per one research, these notifications are reaching potential recipients multiple times in a day. 

Mistakenly, many believe that push messages are similar to SMS. Well, they are not!

Let us know how they are different from each other. 

Push Notifications VS SMS

Push notification and SMS both are opted to inform clients about anything new. Yes, they appear to be similar, but let me tell you, the communication approaches in both of them are pretty different. 

The objective of push notification is to communicate new updates and invite the client to engage with the application or website. Besides, SMS aims to inform the client about necessary changes. For example, you have received an SMS from the bank regarding a transaction of X amount from your account. 

Here are some ways to understand these two more efficiently. 

Push Notifications

It requires the permission of the recipient via app installation or website to get enabled. 

The intention of sending push messages is to inform the users about the latest update and entice them to open the application.

For example, informing the clients about the latest deals, new features, recommended actions, announcements, suggestions, etc.


SMS notifications are available to anyone whose phone number is registered in the sender’s database.

SMS only intends to inform the clients about the latest changes.

For example, banking alerts, delivery tracking, weather alerts, event information, reminders, etc.

Ever Ran Into Web Push Notifications?


It is no secret that push messages have altered the dynamics of conversion rates from potential customers. Oesignal.com claims that push messages have increased the rate of conversion prospects up to 30 times. Nowadays, subscribing to any web portal has been made so easy that the customer does not even have to open that website. Besides, they can subscribe to you while visiting other web portals. 

Web push notifications are a great way to engage and re-engage your website visitor. Successful brands have boosted their lead generation process by keeping up with their visitors through push messages. Many software’s are available that provide push messages in various browsers.

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For setting up web push notifications, you will need-

A web server.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Chrome Dev Tools, or Push ads software.

Sample code for setting up web push notifications.

Chrome52 or above.

(resource developers.google.com)

Let us have a look at some interesting facts about web push notifications.

  • Push messages appear to be alert-style messages that appear on the side of the desktop and in the notification queue of the mobile window, depending on the operating system.
  • Connection of the device to the internet is necessary to receive a web push notification.
  • Recipients do not need to be on the website to have a push message.
  • Website owners can increase site traffic by simply sending web push ads.
  • Firstly, the recipient needs to agree on follow-up messages or enable cookies for a website to track them.

What Are Push Notifications On Facebook?


Some of us can agree on one thing, that we have accounts on Facebook, but we happen to be inactive on our accounts due to various reasons. And still, we don’t miss any of the updates and activities of our friends on Facebook. How is that possible? Well, it is the magic of push ads!

According to global stats, push notifications have recolonized the landscape of Facebook. Not only in personal use but have boosted the marketing activity also. Push messages on Facebook have made a breakthrough for various brands and marketers over the plane. Nowadays, Facebook marketers are leveraging push messages for their extended promotion.

Thanks to push messages on Facebook, your message will not go unnoticed, even when your clients are not actively using the platform.

How To Enable Push Ads/ Notification On Your Device?

To use this feature, one has to enable push notifications from the Facebook app. To ensure that you receive the push messages in your phone inbox and email, you have to navigate in your Facebook account’s Settings and Privacy < Settings < Notifications, via mobile app or desktop. And, after a bit of scroll, you will find a Push setting with an On and Off button.

By enabling push ads, you will receive the latest information regarding comments, tags, reminders, memories, birthdays, groups, videos, friends you follow, friend requests, and many more.

Now, let us move on to the marketing accent of push notification. 

The Impact of Push Notification On Digital Marketing


So you have covered all branches of push ads, now it’s time to discuss their impact on digital marketing. Push notifications are a proven marketing strategy. Nowadays, website owners and applications are contacting visitors and clients via push messages regarding exciting deals and updates.

An increasing number of brands are boosting sales and engagement by push notification marketing. According to techatlast.com, those sites that keep up with their clients via push ads have higher click-through rates.

To understand the impact of push messages on the marketing realm, let us look at the benefits of having them.

Higher Reach To Right People.

It is no secret that push notification marketing is a great way to reach the right people across the web. Brands are paving their way for higher engagement and sales by sending a minimum of two push messages regarding their latest deals.

For example, Zomato is booming their client’s device with several foody deals in their campaign. They reached out to their customers mainly via email push messages. It is not the only brand to reach out to its customers via push notification. There are several brands and social sites that keep their users engaged with them through it.

It not only helps brands to reach the right people but also strengthens their relationship with them. 

Lead Generation.

You can imagine the success in Lead Generation if the visibility and reachability are higher on a site. Several brands and marketers have launched automated push notifications to achieve higher lead generation prospects. It is no secret that traffic is equal to lead generation. 

Many push ads include brand and product images that attract their customers instantly. By using appropriate push notification marketing, brands can target and retarget their customers and increase their ROI.

Increased User Engagement.

Push notifications are like pressure points in the human body. The right amount of push messages in duration can actually get users to engage with the deals you are promoting. 

You can simplify the CTA buttons in your push notification with the direct URL to the particular site. To maintain user engagement in your website, you have to send push ads and stay in touch. 

Higher Conversion Prospects.

Push messages with a constructive call to action and well-crafted captions have the potential to convert your visitor to ROI. However, you can consider some of the technicalities before you send them to push ads. 

Reports show that demographically filtered and customized push notifications have a better chance of conversion than random ones. You can personalize them by fetching their interests, online behavior, and location from cookies and web databases.

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Customer Retention.

Retaining an existing customer is tougher than making a new one. Well, with strategically planned push messages, you can keep in touch with them. You can also secure your old customers by feeding them loads of deals and discounts periodically. 

You can leverage push ads in this regard. Studies say that push messages have retained and converted a customer by 71%. From deals, discounts to sales bonanza offers, they can act in your favor.

Bottom Line

Push ads are short, simple, and exciting. And it generates an extra level of engagement to your business.  

Well, who does not want to have more conversions? These are the benefits you can get a hold of by simply having push notification marketing.  As of today, push notifications have proven to be the best way to opt-in to various industries. E-commerce, entertainment, or travel, every industry is currently performing so well with the help of push ads. 

If you want to increase your traffic and conversion, then have the advantage of push notification by your side.