All About Social Marketing And Its Benefits For The Society

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All About Social Marketing And Its Benefits For The Society

These days brands and businesses are ditching the traditional and tedious method of marketing, which entirely depends on promoting the products and the services. Instead they are more into spreading awareness regarding society issues and conveying messages for the social cause.

Social marketing is the approach utilized to improve and develop activities at changing or maintaining audience behavior for the benefit of individuals and society. It is selling a behavior or lifestyle that benefits and influences society to bring change. It is a proven tool for influencing behavior in sustainable and cost-effective ways.

However, one of the potent things to remember and understand; It is not like social media marketing. 

It assists in determining; 

  • Which audience to work with 
  • What behavior to influence 
  • How to proceed 
  • And how to track or measure it

In this article, we will discuss every aspect of it and Why is it consequential? The prominent 04 Ps of social marketing and every prospect. Let us dive in together! 

What is Social Marketing?


It is a marketing approach designed to create social changes, not directly benefit a brand. It develops awareness of the problem or cause and aims to convince an audience to change their behaviors.

So, who initiates these social marketing operations? 

Charitable organizations and philanthropy run the preponderance of social marketing campaigns. Government regulations, highways safety, and emergency assistance operate it.

Commercial brands sometimes run social media operations because they are passionate about it. 

Importance of Social Marketing

The significance of well-executed social media marketing captivates attention and awareness about social and societal issues. It represents compelling and uncomplex techniques to make society and the world better, which can successfully “sell” beneficial behavior. 

This is a restraint with benefits for marketers and specialists to expose themselves for familiarity and enriching experience.  provides the insights of the target audience and allows the creation of precise maneuvering and implementation. 

Social marketing combined the value factor in the community behavioral variations with the increment of a company’s reputation. It deviates from commercial marketing as instead of attempting to change people’s behavior to profit the market, social marketing practices techniques to determine social issues for the betterment of society.

Social Marketing has 4 Pcs of Marketing


The argument in this marketing approach is the product is the behavior change or shift in the attitude. Here clarity and the purpose of the product are transparent. Make sure the audience gets paramount and recognizes the cause of the products and their benefits.


Price is the cost of changing behavior. The goal is to reconstruct the behavior change so that the customer realizes the benefit of change outweighs the efforts. Minimizing the price for the social cause makes the audience believe and invest in the same.


This factor is all about where and how the message is reaching. Place signifies all the attempts for the behavior change as smooth as possible to a consumer.


It is the last factor that connects and concrete all the 4 Ps. Promotion is the way used to inform the public of the change and spread the word. The campaign includes a society-inspiring message about the behavior and existing programs in the community.

So why is it recommended to rely on the social marketing approach?

Why Rely on a Social Marketing Approach?

  • Influences a vital division of the priority population
  • Facilities active behavior change over some time 
  • Stimulates change with limited resources 
  • Community partnerships become assets that compensate for limited funds
  • Influence policy and promotes positive social change

Advertisements on social media or other platforms require intense research and studying, what ads will serve the purpose. However, wandering here and there will only add to the stress and wastage of time. Instead, the clever move will be investing in the tool that will do the job on your behalf. 

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Now the question arises between the both terms is how to differentiate the social marketing and social media marketing? At the initial stage of this blog it is mentioned that both are not the same. So let’s throw some light on the question.

The performance of PowerAdSpy with 03 elementary and uncomplex levels; 

Target Audience-

Allow the user to add the filters like age, audience, keywords, and competitors and assist in searching the ads accordingly.

View Results-

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Copy & Implement-

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PowerAdSpy is a platform trusted by 500+ companies and confers the best winning ads of the competitors. It makes the marketing decision and competitor analysis much easier and quicker. So why wait?

Now the question arises how to differentiate social marketing and social media marketing? At the initial stage of this blog, it is mentioned that both are not the same. So let us throw some light on the question.

The term social media marketing refers to the practice of marketing using social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. 

Both types of marketing have similar agenda but executing is yet different. 

Marketing on social media provides companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones to promote products or services. However, it also includes promoting the social cause and message, brands and businesses around the world are more into a combination of social marketing and marketing on social media.

Some Evident Examples of Social Marketing Campaigns

Nike – Equality


“Encourage people to take the fairness and respect they see in sport and translate them off the field.” Equality should have no boundaries, and this is the message Nike’s commercial is promoting to let the ball swing to everyone. 

 Dumb Ways to Die


Innovated by the Metro Trains (Melbourne, Australia) to establish the young people to stay secure around trains to prevent themselves from dumb ways to die. It was promoted by a commercial company in 2012 and makes the most successful social campaign of all time..

Help a Small Dane


Help a Dane, an initiative targeted to encourage parents to shield their children from sunburns and applying sunscreen to keep the young kids at bay from skincare risk. 

This social campaign emphasized spreading awareness of the side effects of holidays in Mallorca. Kids with their parents neglected the disastrous hurting of the sun.

These are the best examples of a perfect combination of social marketing and marketing social media, and here are key tips and strategies.

Social Marketing Tips and Strategies

Building and striking emotional strings are the obvious factors for social media marketing. However, balancing both of them is a potent concern.  ( 4Ps and emotional attachment). 

Try to consider these beneficial tips and strategies for the best outcomes.

  •  Appealing visuals and overwhelming the audience are powerful motivators, significantly if it clarifies the problem and shows the negative behaviors.
  • Add a catchy, easy to remember slogan to go ahead with a social campaign is the fundamental element.  It makes the perfect sense to condense the idea into a campaign slogan that will stay in the audience’s minds. 
  • Design a simple but memorable symbol that makes the most effective social campaign such as a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. It will increase the opportunities for campaign behavior.
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And That’s A Wrap !

Social marketing is expertise in encouraging social changes and spreading awareness in society, rather than just selling products. A well-executed and defined social campaign utilizes and innovates creativity and initiates the action through visual and catchy slogans.

However, no matter how strong the message and awareness, remember to add and define the 4Ps product, price, place, and promotion into the campaign. 

Any more instances of social campaigns that touched your heart? Have any added suggestions on social marketing that we dropped? We’d adore discovering them.