Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 2022

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Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 2022

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools 2022

Social media marketing has gained much traction in recent years and Facebook ads spy tools help save a lot of time and money on market research.

Businesses are informed of the revenue potential of Facebook Ads, so taking advantage of all possible spy tool apps to tap into the target audience in no time.

While this means that Facebook is no longer the cheapest source of traffic, it’s still the apple in the eye of many CPA affiliates, due to its precise targeting options and insanely high ROI(return on investment).

What Are Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

This spy tool uncovers your competitor’s Facebook ads, and relevant conclusions may vary according to the selection of ad spy tool you are applying. 

 Some of the key findings can be-

  • Ad copy
  • Funnels and landing pages for the ads.
  • Targeting options deployed (location, age group, gender, etc.)
  • Current live and past ads that performed well.
  • When and how often the ads were viewed.

These spy tools reveal to you how your competitors are practicing social ads favorably in their marketing campaigns.

Always remember, do not copy your competitor’s business model, but replicate the key findings to stand out as the most desirable option among your target audience.

It suggests, do not simply copy your competitor’s campaigns but learn the tricks of the trade and create your unique magic strategy by executing the best marketing brains for your marketing campaign.

It’s about delivering your message in a peculiar manner that resonates with your target audience and makes you create a niche amid the tough competition.

Facebook spy tools help you unravel all the behind-the-scenes activities that go into planning a winning marketing campaign for a business.

So, sign up to your competitors’ lists, and register with their CPA offers to check their marketing strategies.


    1. By checking your competition through ad spy, you can understand where not to waste time and resources.
    2. Spy tools give you a new perception of what is going on, right down to the granular level.
    3. They will help you identify new opportunities in your niche.
    4. You can evaluate their sales page copy, their customer service, and their products’ quality.
    5. You can easily know the specific landing pages that your competitor’s are using through spy tools.
    6. You can assess their content, CTA’s, links, and customer engagement on advertisements.
    7. You can borrow ideas, see what’s working, what’s trending right now, and beat the competition at their own game using spy tools.
    8. And more!

Make sure you use spy tools to extract valuable insights, identify weak spots in your strategy, and find hidden lucrative niches to plan better campaigns.

What Tools to Use to Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads:

5 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools-

Facebook Ad Library:


Facebook Ad Library lends transparency to advertising by providing a comprehensive, searchable collection of all advertisements running across Facebook apps and services, including Instagram.

It’s a database of all active, inactive ads that stay within the ads library for 7 years.

Facebook Ad library is a valuable spy tool, open for everybody’s use where you can get information about the ads you see.

Ads are run by Facebook Pages, which means that your search results will be grouped by Pages.

It provides advantageous insight for each ad, like impressions, multiple versions of an ad, when it started running, and the target landing page. Also, you can filter the ads by country and platform.


  • You can easily search for any advertiser name or keyword.
  • See when a competitor’s Facebook page was created.
  • A useful tool for beginners and experienced advertisers.



After the Facebook Ad Library, PowerAdSpy leads the pack with its powerful database of social ads for advertisers, media buyers, and agencies. 

This is undoubtedly the best spy tool to outperform the competition. PowerAdSpy works in 3 easy steps- targeting the audience, viewing the results, copying and executing the results for your improved strategies.

PowerAdSpy gives you the world’s largest Fb, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, NATIVE ads library to search with over 50 million ads from 20 different countries with thousands of new ads added daily.

PowerAdSpy’s smart advertising analytics can improve your content creation experience and advertising campaigns by finding hidden niches & lucrative opportunities.

With its millions of ads database, you can explore ads based on demographic data, location, comments, likes, gender, ad positions, and more. Moreover, if you’re looking to Facebook video ads to increase engagement, it shows you the best-performing video ads.

Spy Tools Advantages:

  • Get detailed analytics of every ad by keywords, gender, location etc.
  • Check ad placement that worked well (News Feed, Right Column, etc.)
  • Can also be used for other platforms like Google and Youtube (in case you run ads there)
  • Saves money on split testing

PowerAdSpy Features

  1. Filter by Ad positions
  2. Complete Visibility
  3. Data of million of ads from 15+ countries
  4. Narrow down searches
  5. Bookmark the Best Ads
  6. Powerful Search Algorithm
  7. Engagement Oriented Details
  8. Combination of Videos & Image ads
  9. GEO-Targeted
  10. Call to Action Based Sorting

Some of the Key Products of PowerAdSpy are-

  • Google PPC Spy tool
  • Native SPY Tool
  • Youtube ads Spy Tool
  • Mailgaze- The Best Email Spy Tool

Furthermore, you can search shopify ads of your competitors and search ads with relevant and exact keywords.

PowerAdSpy offers simple and affordable pricing as per your requirements with 8 Social Media Platforms- Facebook, Instagram , Google, Youtube, Native, GDN, Reddit, and Quora.

3. AdEspresso’s Facebook Ad Examples


AdEspresso’s Facebook Ad Examples isn’t technically a tool, but an intuitive Facebook Ads Management and Optimization Tool with a huge collection of various Facebook ad types. 

It includes photo ads, video ads, and lead ads.

You can click on a category to see ad examples from top brands and ad screenshots to check on a list of reasons why the ad was great.

Using AdEspresso customers can easily split test every aspect of their Facebook Ads Campaigns, discovering which creatives and demographic targets deliver the best result. 

AdEspresso can perform conversion tracking on external websites allowing users to optimize by leads & customer acquisitions, not just CTR.

Spy Tools Advantages:

  • Links to the original ad to check the ad’s engagement and landing page.
  • Features leading companies like in different niches (digital marketing, food, entertainment, etc.)
  • Additional resources at the bottom of the examples.

4. Adplexity


AdPlexity spy tools uncovers ads across mobile, desktop, ecommerce, and more.

You can start by clicking ‘Choose your weapon’ and AdPlexity will show you how the tool can boost your campaigns.

For example, AdPlexity Ecommerce lets you filter through over 70 million products on over 100,000 stores, check top trending products, and access store information. 

You’ll need this kind of data to increase your products’ chances of selling if you own an Ecommerce business.


  • Search for ads that promote affiliate offers
  • Review historical pricing changes
  • Download competitor landing pages
  • Find out which revenue-boosting apps are used by your competitors

5. Swipe-Worthy


Swipe-Worthy is a reverse-engineered marketing and  copywriting Inspiration.

Amongst one of the useful spy tools for finding different types of content for insp[iration for your marketing campaigns.

They take great pride in promoting themselves as a place where marketers & copywriters get inspired & learn the secret psychology of top marketing promotions.

Its featured niches include automotive, beauty, blogging, consulting, dating, food, real estate, and more.

To view only Facebook ads, enter “facebook ads” in the search bar or select “Facebook Ad” under All Types.

If you sign-up for Swipe-Worthy’s newsletter, you’ll receive the latest swipes each week and be the first to know about their new additions.

Spy Tools Advantages:

  • Each ad includes specific explanations on why it worked and provides key takeaways.
  • Features swipes from influencers and leading companies.
  • Filter by niche and content type.
  • Useful for finding ad copywriting inspiration.

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