5 Inspirational Ideas For Valentine’s Day Advertising

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5 Inspirational Ideas For Valentine’s Day Advertising

A few weeks ago, you might have just wrapped up your holiday advertising campaign. But now, it’s already the time to start pushing your valentine’s day advertising campaign in the market. Being a marketer, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to gain more exposure for your merchandise.

Every year people celebrate this occasion by giving heartwarming gifts to their significant ones. Last year in the US only, it was estimated to have a record Valentine’s sale of over $27.4 billion, according to the survey of NPR!

Shocking isn’t it! From the figures, only you can be certain that year after year advertising for Valentine’s day is always beneficial for marketers. And if you also don’t want to let this opportunity slip through your fingers, then now is a great time to share your valentine’s day marketing campaign.

Here we have shown some ideas that might inspire you to create a great Valentine’s day advertising campaign.

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Interactive Social Media Campaign:

What could be the best gift for your Valentine? This thought would come to the mind of every couple. Just have a look at this Instagram ad from the brand The Customized, where people can order jewelry for their partner at a special sale. Their specialty is that you can just order any jewelry having the name of your partner on it.


Many other brands are also using social media advertising not only to sell their stuff but also to engage with the audience. People who engage in such ads would most likely get converted into sales. So if you really want to boost conversions from your Valentine’s day ad campaign, then interactive Instagram ad campaigns can really help  you in achieving that.

Valentine’s Day Contest:

Another fine idea to drive sales for your brand is to use Valentine’s day contest ad campaigns. Here you can see this ad showing how the brand is encouraging its users to participate in the contest,  where they can tag their Valentine in the comments. And if they are lucky enough, they might be able to win a deluxe overnight stay with dining credit to Oakwood resort.


Usually such contest ads are very effective and it could help you to gain more engagement on your platform. Nowadays, many brands and influencers use contests as a part of their tactics to enhance their engagement. And it benefits them in return, getting more revenue and following on social media.

Lucrative Offers:

People always look for the things which can give the best service or product at a really great price. And during this Valentine’s week also couples have their eyes on the brands with the most offer and discount on the price. Here in the Instagram ad from the brand Bigsmall.in, they are giving a special discount on their products to attract more couples to buy from them.


This ad is mostly targeted to audiences of age 18-25, which also shows that most of their customers are from that age group. It shows how they are targeting a young audience and offering the best price to get a special gift for their valentine.

Heart Warming Videos:

The Valentine is the week of celebrating love. So the people are also interested in the things which spread love. Here on YouTube, we found this heartwarming video where couples can learn how to use pottery wheels to make beautiful pots. It’s a fun way for people to spend their time with their loved ones without thinking about any kind of stress from the outside world.


It shows that people can engage in an activity that is quite fun to do. By handcrafting a piece of art yourself only for your loved one, it gives you the harmony of achieving something great. Such things that both you and your partner can also relate to.

Combo Gift Ideas:

The whole week of Valentine is all about sharing different gifts for your loved ones. So instead of getting one gift at a time, why not buy a combo set of gifts for your Valentine. Based on the same idea, here I have found this Facebook video ad, where one can purchase personalized handmade gift items to show their love and affection.

Bonus: Evaluate & Compare Your Ads Performance:

Here we have used one of the most popular ad finder tools- PowerAdSpy to search for the most inspiring Valentine’s day advertising ideas. After searching for some of the coolest Valentine’s day ads, we found different ads directed to different audiences. There are some ads that even target single people with the idea to love yourself.valentine's-day-advertising-campaign

Also, PowerAdSpy can also help you to check the analytical aspects of adverts. It shows which age group of audience is targeted, what is the relationship status of the target audience, and gives the engagement details in the form of graphical representation.

So, have you thought about starting your own Valentine’s day marketing campaign? If not then, now is the time while you can use PowerAdSpy to check on some of the most inspiring Valentine’s day ads. So that you can replicate them to create winning ads for your campaign.

Conclusion: Valentine’s Day Advertising

In this blog, we have shown some of the most inspiring Valentine’s day advertising ideas. Always remember that Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. And that gives you the ample opportunity to leverage the power of emotions to connect with customers, no matter what their relationship status is.

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