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YouTube Promotion Made Simple: Easy Steps for Success

YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally and one of the best video advertising platforms for all the digital marketers out there. The website has gained popularity because of its user-friendly features and not to forget about the best video content released on it. YouTube Promotion/marketing is so much in demand, and YouTube is all about it. Hence, it plans to provide some extra added features to its users.

There is a piece of excellent news for business owners from YouTube. The platform is looking forward to bringing a revolutionary change in its features and turning the website into the best place to shop for its users. YouTube will collaborate with the brands willing to advertise on the site and make the platform more interactive.

The feature will be pretty similar to brand extensions where the users can communicate and know more about the products and services getting promoted on the site. And it will get done effortlessly with just a click. The users do not have to tap on various links and get redirected to some other landing page.

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YouTube’s New Advertising Format


The latest advertising format of YouTube enables promotion to highlight the official website link landing page link, or other call-to-action buttons in the connected TV video advertising. So, here the viewer gets an option to send the links directly to their device. Hence, when they click on it, they receive the website URLs on their mobile device without any interruption in their video.

The viewers can then continue shopping from their mobile devices with the same old procedure like clicking on the link and reaching the official website, exploring various products relevant to their interest, and then initiating a purchase. They can easily add products to the cart and check out by filling in the required details and making the payment.

It will simply ease the process for the user. They do not need to pause their video in between and go to the website to check out the products. They can solely keep the links on their device and interact with it whenever they want to. Indeed this increases the chance of the users visiting your store repeatedly with the same links.

YouTube Promotion


The brand extensions will provide more opportunities for marketers to promote their products on YouTube. The brands can keep an eye on the users interested in a similar niche and include them in their network of the target audience. Also, when a user interacts with the brand extensions, the Google Ads capture them, which makes tracing the audience more comfortable.

It is another way for YouTube promotion to reach out to more users by sharing an eCommerce platform.

The gigantic social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram indulged more in live streaming and video advertising shopping. However, YouTube promotion believe in reaching out to users who like to keep going with the video and interact with the products on various websites.


YouTube is currently working on the feature and is willing to make it a great success by making it an eCommerce platform by adding more resources. It will make YouTube the best place to shop as the links will directly get sent to the user’s device, and they can interact with it whenever they want.

YouTube has an extensive network audience, and most of them get interested in checking out products from the links provided in the description box of any video. Now, this shows that YouTube can drive audience engagement and traffic through its eCommerce platform.

Here, the content creators have a significant role in the play. YouTube already provides space for the creators to share the links or URLs of the website and products they mention in the video. And users tend to go and visit them. So, the feature will only become handy if the influencers or vloggers start putting up the links and the users receive them on their mobile devices.

Now that YouTube is also extending the platform to give it the look and feel of an eCommerce platform, the advertisers must roll up their sleeves and showcase unique and appealing ads to their target audience. And it is all possible with an advertising management tool. So, let us have a look at the best tool to help you create the best ads of all time.

YouTube Advertising With PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is an advertising intelligence tool that lets you create winning and appealing YouTube ad campaigns effortlessly within no time. You can build beautiful and unique ads every time you post by having a look at your competitor’s latest ads and user engagement on them. Also, you do not need to experiment with several campaigns, only check what works best for your niche and get started building the advertisements for your brand.

PowerAdSpy works in a few easy steps. You can specify your target audience network, and the tool will display results showing the best advertising campaigns of a similar niche. Hence, you can look up to these ads, gather some information, and build organic and relevant ad content.

Again, PowerAdSpy provides the world’s most extensive YouTube advertisements library. Hence, you can get your hands on 50 million ads altogether from 20 different countries globally. Also, it is not just that the tool keeps adding thousands of the latest ads to the YouTube ads library every day.

Let us have a look at the steps to know more about the PowerAdSpy dashboard.

Steps To Search Ads On PowerAdSpy

Step-1: To go to the PowerAdSpy dashboard.

Step 2: At the top right corner, select the Login/Sign Up option


Step 3: Mention the proper Username/Email and Password in the box

Step-4: Next, click on Login to continue with the PowerAdSpy Dashboard


Step-5: The left-hand side of the PowerAdSpy dashboard represents the list of social media platforms from where you can hunt advertisements. So, you get to choose from Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, GDN Ads, Native Ads, Reddit Ads and Quora Ads.

Step 6: At the top of the page, you can see the search bar. Mention the appropriate keywords in the box to showcase the advertisements.

Step-7: You can upgrade your user experience and filter out the advertisements according to your requirements. You can pick the options suitably to customize your search.

Search By:


Text In Image- Place the specific text that you want to observe in the ads and view the results in no time.

Brand In Image- Remember the brand logo and search relevant advertisements of any particular niche.

Object In Image- Type an appropriate object, and it will display advertisements having the related components in them.

Celebrity In Image- Specify the name of your favorite celebrity and filter out the relevant ads.

Sort By:


Likes- Define the range of minimum to the maximum amount of likes and analyze the results.

Comments- If you desire to see the advertisements with the most comments, specify the range and have a look at the results

Shares- Identify the most shared advertisements of your niche effortlessly by defining the required range.



Call To Action- Pick from the list of call-to-action buttons available to narrow your search to the relevant ads.

Search Ads By Country- Choose the exact location from where you want to explore your competitor’s ads.

Ad Type- Decide whether you want to view an image or video ad

Ad Position- Decide whether you wish to observe Newsfeed or side-column ads

Lander Properties:


ECommerce Platform- Choose the accurate eCommerce platform from which you are required to compare the ads.

Funnel- PowerAdSpy empowers you to pick between Click Funnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads

Marketing Platform- To continue getting a more personalized experience, choose your desired advertising platform from the dropdown list.

Source- Choose from the source of the advertisements. You get to select from Desktop, Android, iOS, or All.

Creating YouTube ads with PowerAdSpy will become so uncomplicated that you can pay attention to other ways of enhancing your eCommerce business on the platform.

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It Is Just The Beginning

While bringing up these extraordinary features, YouTube states that it is the beginning, and there are more impressive updates coming in the way. Well, it is brilliant news and a great opportunity for marketers to have a brand extension on this vast platform.

The feature will open up room for small and medium-scale businesses to grow on the platform and build their brand recognition. Also, the complete interactive feature of YouTube sharing an eCommerce platform will be rolling out soon by late 2021.

I hope the article helped you know about YouTube promotion. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!