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07 Ultimate Strategies For Mobile Advertising Campaigns This Diwali Season

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07 Ultimate Strategies For Mobile Advertising Campaigns This Diwali Season

Festivals are great times for consumers as well as marketers due to the abundance of buying and selling opportunities available out there. However, Diwali marks a critical point for a majority of business owners- especially the ones advertising online. One must devise advertising strategies that cater to the targeted audiences to make them have the urge to buy. 

Mobile advertising, in particular, seems to work wonders in such cases because targeting and ad personalization become much more feasible here. For instance, even your salon lady might drop a WhatsApp text or story for her customers to let them know the latest offers. So, if a small business owner can tempt you into buying stuff/services, why can’t you, as well, wear digital attire? 

Do not march ahead with a fragile strategy this festive season. Here we have listed seven sure-shot ways in which mobile advertising works: 

1. Leverage Your Social Media Presence 

Social media is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. From the Boomers to the GenXers and GenZees- everyone seems to be glued to their phones all the time. We spend our leisure time scrolling down our preferred social media channels, the most popular ones being Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora. 

It is, thus, the social media where you need to establish a commendable brand reputation and awareness. Announcing a new product launch or a lucrative festival offer can instantly draw a lot of visitors to your profile. This way, you can capture your consumers’ interest and increase sales in no time. 


There are various ways in which you can run your advertising campaigns on social media. You can post an ad banner on stories, publish a banner or video as a post, or even directly message your ads to your existing or potential consumers. Creating a relatable meme can assist you in grabbing those eyeballs. 

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2. Make an Omnichannel Approach 

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you already have the advantage of taking one step ahead of your eCommerce competitors. While many online sellers are happily able to reach thousands of customers with no physical location of their store, having an actual store allows you to provide your consumers with an excellent on-site purchase experience as well. 

Omnichannel commerce is an approach that focuses on combining a customer’s overall experience with a brand both online and offline. Omnichannel operations work under the assumption that consumers usually purchase by engaging with a brand through multiple channels- from their official website to social media page and offline stores. 


Thus, if you own a store as well as a website, you can maintain consistency in advertising campaigns. Use the same slogans for your offer, work on the same theme, and cross-promote your offers on multiple sites. Make sure you reach every registered customer on their emails and phone numbers as well with the same mobile advertisement and offers. 

3. Use Nostalgia and Related Emotions 


HP India’s “Umeed Ka Diya” Diwali 2020 Video Advertising Campaign

Let your audience take a trip down memory lane. Looking at the relatable content that incites nostalgia can trigger your audience into sharing it with their friends and families. As a result, you can get more exposure and reach than you originally intended for thus helping you with brand awareness. 

Implementing such strategies is not very tricky. If possible, create a video ad that focuses on things that the grown-up generation did as a child during Diwali. If you are going for a banner ad, maybe add clip art, illustrations, or pictures that remind the viewers of their childhood. 

Reminiscing childhood days and festive memories not only lets a brand get closer to its customers but also promotes its authenticity. Indian festive season, especially Diwali, is one of the best times to make investments backed by the emotional bond that your brand can share with its target audience. 

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4. Revamp your Website and Store 


Flipkart India’s Website Layout for Diwali 2020

Yes. It is a must-do thing that you have to put on the top of your list. It might not sound like a part of mobile advertising, but it is. When advertising for a festival, you have to make sure your overall theme suits the festival. Keep in mind- it’s Diwali- the festival of lights. Tiny winy changes won’t make much of a difference. 

Alter the entire layout and design of your web page. If not, you can also change the theme, and background color, add some rangoli designs, clip arts of crackers, candles, etc. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go crazy with the transformation. Adding some colors will make your visitors feel like they have come to the right place to shop. 

If you have an offline store, decorate it. The idea behind revamping your websites and stores is to make sure that you successfully convert more visitors into leads once they visit them. You may have created the most captivating mobile advertising campaigns, but your visitors still won’t shop if they don’t like your store personally. 

5. Organize Contests 


Contests are the best way to attract the clout and keep them engaged with you in the long run. Any brand that you witness online carries out massive campaigns during Diwali, especially on social media. Organizing contests is one such campaign. And it works because it brings people to your brand. 

It doesn’t matter if the participants win- a majority of them are going to check out your services. Thus, it is a commendable way of creating quality leads who are more likely to shop from you. 

Holding contests, thus, is a form of mobile advertising campaign. Make sure you use multiple channels to announce the digital contest- via social media, emails, SMS, etc. Ask people to tag their friends and announce the winner based on the person who participated more actively. All-in-all, you get to promote your brand as well as get potential customers. Voila!

6. Personalization is the Key 

Personalization of your advertising campaigns is no more a luxury- it is an expectation from your customers now. One of the most significant advantages of mobile advertising is that it makes it so feasible to target your customers, that you can entice them into your store if they are walking nearby. 

Personalized target ads are more relatable and increase the chances of sales. That said, there are various ways to personalize your advertising campaigns. Use the customer’s name when addressing them in their emails, reminding them about the products they added to their cart, advertising the products according to the previous purchases that they made, and including a message that says you miss them may help. 

When advertising on mobile phones, you also get access to more information like their geo-location and phone numbers. Personalize ads that ask them to visit your store when they wander in the nearby area. Work on SMS marketing and push notifications. Use your advertising campaigns to remind them that their contribution to your store matters.

7. Highlight Brand Values 


Nike’s “Just Do It” Advertising Campaign

Every person behaves differently and has different values and beliefs. The same thing applies to brands as well. Every brand must come up with a set of values on which the owners built it. These brand values personify a company’s approach, and your key customers act as a medium to echo them by motivating them to behave a certain way. 

For instance, Nike’s recent campaign- Just Do It- encourages and motivates its target audience to take a step ahead of their journey. Any viewer who comes across their advertising campaigns finds them very captivating. Highlighting the value of dedication, hard work, and self-direction works here as it resonates with any individual looking for a source of motivation and commitment. 

Did you get the catch here? Any ad that aligns with its target audience’s expectations keeps them engaged with your brand. Such values are easy to preach with mobile advertising because they reach consumers personally via emails, social media channels, mobile app advertising, SMS, etc. 

Pro Tip: Customization and Packaging

Here comes a ghost hug for everyone who is still reading. As a reward, you get an extra tip for your offline marketing strategy- pay attention to the customization and packaging of the products in your store. 

The new-age customer pays a lot of attention to how you present your products to them. Not only do you have to focus on your products’ presentation in your store, but you also have to customize your packaging and the way you hand it over to them. 

Give a new twist to your packaging as per the occasion. Cover it up in a Diwali theme, include a sweet message on top, and maybe add a chocolate/ribbon. Considering that this festival is all about gifting, buyers will notice the elegantly packaged products for what they are- memorable tokens of love. 

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Grow Your Business This Diwali!! 

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a small business or a large firm- mobile advertising is always going to come in handy to grow your brand. You don’t have to wear yourself off to achieve your goals. Curate your advertising campaigns according to what your target audience wants during the festivities. 

Was this blog helpful? Are you ready to take on the market this festive season? Have you created your next advertising campaigns for Diwali? Let us know in the comments below! 

Happy Diwali!!!