How Facebook Ads For Restaurants Can Be Useful During COVID 19?

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How Facebook Ads For Restaurants Can Be Useful During COVID 19?

Day by day, Facebook ads are becoming one of the major segments of social media marketing for your products and services. It has a huge impact on the market, with its two billion users that are still increasing worldwide. Facebook ads cover every segment of different industries selling their products and services online, and hence restaurant business is also not left untouched. In fact, amid COVID19 and a dramatically changing face of the modern restaurant business, it has become the need of an hour to promote your restaurant business through Facebook ads.

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Facebook ads for restaurants are another way to step ahead of your local competitors in your community to reach as many customers as you can. More the awareness among the people why they should choose you over other restaurants, more the business it will bring to your doorstep. So to achieve this objective, Facebook ads tips come into play.

Another point of concern about why Facebook ads are needed is that the traditional way of marketing is not successful anymore in attracting a myriad of people to dine into your restaurant. Now you need something more to keep people running into your food joint. One has to strategize to keep social engagement alive and keep orders rolling in.

Last but not least, one of the crucial aspects of why Facebook ads for restaurants are a must is because of the changing face of the restaurant industry. People are now invested more in online orders, take away, and home delivery.

Now let us dive into the world of Facebook ads and explore the vital tips you can use for your restaurants.

1. Sort and target specific local community where your ads can be placed


The first step of the process is to figure out in which area you want to place your ads. For this purpose, Facebook comes with handy tools like the Facebook ad manager platform. In this, you can put the country name and zip code to cover the area of your choice where your ads will be displayed.

Further ahead, it has a more specific option to filter your target audience. You can choose based on its demography, interest, and behaviors. This feature is especially useful to target your different customer segments. For example, if your restaurant serves fast food or trendy creative meals, then teenagers would be the best target to promote your business. Likewise, for more expensive continental cuisines, you must target the high-income group.

2. Use of Ad Spying tools for in-depth research

Once you are done, choosing the area and figuring out people you want to address, the next and most important step is to use a spy tool. Spy tool is an online tool that searches for ads placed by your competitors. It tells you what is working for them and what is not working in your relevant field.

This way you can save a lot of time, energy, and money before running your ad campaign. I will elaborate more here on how spy tools work and what purpose they solve. So, that you can have a clear cut idea as to why a spy tool like PowerAdSpy is so important. One of the things I would like to clarify is why I preferred the PowerAdSpy tool over other spy tools is that it is trusted by many fortune 500 companies and it is more cost-effective than other spy tools available in the market.

PowerAdSpy tool is a smart tool that keeps an eye over your competitor’s ad campaign and has a humongous database of over 50 million ads. It figures out which ad campaigns are being run by your competitors to attract more customers and what strategies they use to draw traffic into their ads and business. When working with Facebook ads, PowerAdSpy is an excellent tool due to its capability to search ads on all social media platforms like Facebook, Google ads, Google display, Youtube, Instagram, and email advertisements.


Now let us just look at the most useful feature of PowerAdSpy. It gives an in-depth analysis of competitors by filtering their advertisements based on Ad type, Ad position, its location, the gender of the audience, backlink search, and even on which e-commerce platform their ads are running.

3. Be creative while preparing Facebook Ads


When it comes to following Facebook ads tips for restaurants, you have to get the pulse of your audience. You have to come up with creative ideas that can attract more and more people and get your message delivered across the community and targeted audience.

After searching millions of ideas and checking up on your competitors’ ads through a spy tool, it will now be a piece of cake to come up with a creative ad that will work for you. The hosting of different events and changes in your restaurant should be outreached, through your ad campaign to the people. Place the reward points towards your regular customer to drive more traffic in.

4. Draw people with discounts, happy hours meals and free coupons

When it comes to discount offers, happy hour bill reduction, and free coupon distribution everyone’s gaze gets fixated on it for a moment. It has become part of our nature to get the best buy offer or value for money we spend on buying with quality being served.

If you want to drive more customers, make use of Facebook ads for restaurants in such a way that you give discounts and free coupons. Myriad people love discounts, happy hours, and free coupons to redeem when they book an order. Overall it works on a simple philosophy. The more you give service to people, the more you draw traffic to your restaurant.

5. Welcome comments and likes for improvisation



Feedback from regular customers and people visiting your restaurant is valuable input for improving your business. This is how restaurants can use Facebook ads to know about areas they need to fix in their restaurants. Positive feedback in terms of comments and likes to put your restaurant in more limelight. And you must take negative feedback and dislikes as constructive feedback on the areas you need to improve for a better quality of service.

The important reason to promote this strategy is that we all are social by nature and love to share our experiences with others. The cuisine we had, the quality of services given, and the ambiance of the place are some of the feedback you can receive from your customers. Thus the overall result of this tip will drive more traffic to your restaurant.

6. Integration of Facebook with you restaurant mobile app

There should be a place over online media where your regular customers and returning customers can connect with your restaurant. So here comes another tip to promote your business more. Allow your restaurant mobile app to login through their Facebook account. That way you can keep records of your customers ordering online. One more benefit of it is that you can send push notifications of your Facebook ads. Those notifications will tell them about events being organized discounts that are given, and free coupons to be distributed.

Wrapping Up

Facebook ads are the most widely used ad platform around the globe, over 6 million advertisers using its services. Thus to reap maximum benefit out of it you have to create ads on Facebook with thorough study over your competitor and have a look at top rated ads running in that segment.


Use of a tool like PowerAdSpy lets you peep into other competitors and avoid the mistakes already done by them. Here in this post, we have addressed all the necessary steps for running successful Facebook ad campaigns. With the help of these Facebook ads tips, you can make your restaurant grow by leaps and bounds.

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In the end, in this changing era of the modern digital marketing world and with a powerful tool like PowerAdSpy and Facebook ads in your hand, you can change the face of your business for better. It will work wonders for your business if you are implementing these strategies with the right knowledge and expertise.