12 Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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12 Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Today Facebook ad is the most popular paid media option for marketing, and it can really help you to succeed in your business. However, with time there have been several changes to the Facebook algorithm. The strategies that were working great earlier are now just giving average results. Moreover, you might want to implement Google ads that are getting you more new visitors compared to Facebook.

However, if you are looking for better ROI in your business, then Facebook gives you a better option of targeting prospective audiences based on their interest. While you must avoid the common Facebook ad mistakes, which can make you spend more and won’t get results for your business.

Being a marketer, you are also not immune to such Facebook ad mistakes. In this article, we are going to talk about such mistakes and how to fix them for achieving better returns from your Facebook ad campaigns.

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12 Common FaceBook Ad Mistakes

Here are some of the common mistakes:


1. Facebook Ads Won’t Convert Like Google Ads


Facebook ads and Google ads are almost similar platforms that can help you to promote your business. But if you see, there is a basic difference that Google ads can help you to reach a newer audience. People around the world search, click on the Google ads, and make their purchase. In terms of intent, advertising on Google can be a gold mine for marketers. That is the reason, even with the higher expense on Google ads, marketers look at it as a great opportunity for business.


On the other way, Facebook ads can help you to target prospective customers to bring conversions for your business. On Facebook, you have to create a funnel to process the cycle of converting the audience into leads and then target those leads to bring sales for your business. You can’t jump ahead of the funnel to scoop down all the sales prospects into real deals.

At the top of the funnel, you can build new audiences from your Facebook ad campaigns. And after getting some potential leads for your business, you can retarget them using Facebook Pixel to bring more sales conversions. While you can utilize blogs, webinars, free offers, and trials in your Facebook ads to nurture the sales prospects (In the midsection of your sales funnel). In fact, targeting is the biggest factor of success in Facebook ads that can lead you to accomplish sales goals of your business.

2. Wrong Campaign Objective:

When you start creating your Facebook ad, you need to decide your campaign objective. Based on the different stages on your sales funnel, you can target Facebook ads to deliver awareness, consideration, and conversions for your business. 

On every stage, you have several options to select objectives for your ad campaign. By selecting the right objective, you can ensure that your expenditure on Facebook ads would bring you the desired results. So you must be careful while selecting the objectives of your Facebook ad campaign. You can rely on Facebook pixel to analyze past performance before selecting the campaign objective.

3. Not Using Pixel

Being a marketer, you know that tracking and analyzing is an essential part of the advertising business. Otherwise, you can’t be able to gauge the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that can track and analyze the behavior of the people who click on your ads. While you can optimize your ads accordingly to improve your advertising performance. It’s an amazing tool to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, as it can help you know the likes and dislikes of your audience so that your ads can deliver better traffic to your website. 

If you are a missing pixel in your marketing strategy, then you are making quite a big Facebook ad mistake that can make you lose many conversion opportunities.

4. Hitting The Boost Post Button Every Time:


One of the major blunders that many of the Facebook marketers do is to rely too much on the boost post option. Though boosting a post is not a wrong thing to do. However, we know that Facebook ads let you focus on targeting and placement of your ads so you can accomplish your sales objectives. 


Although by hitting the boost posts button, you may get better reach with the audience, but ultimately it won’t bring many conversions. Instead, it’s better to use the Facebook Ad Manager that lets you turn your highly engaging posts into ads to bring more audience engagement.

5. Poor Targeting:

As we know that organic reach on Facebook has been declining with time.  With 2.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook, the chances of your organic posts resonating with your target audience are also quite slim. 

In such a case, Facebook ads give you the targeting capabilities which allow you to reach the best audience for your business. Facebook targeting features include analyzing behavior, existing contacts, a lookalike audience, layered targeting options like location, demographics, and behavior, etc.

Beginner marketers often make Facebook ad mistakes by targeting a broad audience or narrowing down too much to limit their target reach on Facebook.

 Targeting Too Broad/Narrow Audience 

Even with better visibility of your ads on Facebook, it won’t get you enough conversions unless and until you target the right audience for your business. While you should narrow down your audience by selecting the additional demographics and interests. 

On the flip side, you don’t want to narrow down your audience to have a scarcity of potential customers for your business. You need to balance out your marketing strategy to keep your audience size in a safe zone. So that you can gain better conversions in your business.

 Targeting Right Audience Using PowerAdSpy

When you are creating your ad campaign, make sure to target the appropriate audience, which shouldn’t be too low or too high. To find out your reach with potential customers, you can make use of powerful ad analytic tools like PowerAdSpy. Using its dashboard features, you can filter out some of the highly engaging ads on Facebook and can analyze the ad campaigns of your competitors to learn about the audience which you can target and covert for your business.

High Targeting Features of PowerAdSpy


  • PowerAdSpy lets you find the winning ads based on the business niche, which you can target and analyze the details which you can later implement in your own ad campaign to deliver success for your business.
  • This Facebook ad spy tool lets you peek on the ad analytics such as likes, comments, share and engagement on the top-performing ads.
  • It has a huge database that lets you search for millions of ads from more than 15 countries.
  • Narrow down your search results using the powerful filter option using which you can explore ads of your competitors based on domain, keywords, comments, brand name, products, etc.
  • Using the PowerAdSpy dashboard, you can also bookmark the best-performing ads to save them in your personalized ad inventory. You don’t need to search for it again and again.
  • It also delivers you engagement oriented details of your competitors’ ads so that you can learn about their winning strategies and implement them in your own ad campaign.


6. Disregarding The Importance of Image:

The success of your Facebook ad campaigns mostly depends on your content strategy. While you should pay closer attention to your visual content, as you may know, that 70% of time images are responsible for the success of your ad campaigns.

Facebook has several ad formats using which you can create highly engaging content for your audience. Nowadays, videos are quite trending on social media, or you can also use slideshows or carousel ad format to attract more audiences to increase click-through and bring more conversions. Disregarding the importance of images in your ad campaign can be a huge Facebook ad mistake which you must avoid.

7. Not Using Videos:


From studies, we have concluded that video content has a 90% better engagement rate on Facebook and other social media platforms. If you are not using videos in your marketing strategy, then you are going to lose a big opportunity to attract more prospective customers for your business. Moreover, in the Facebook ad manager, you have a video ad metrics option to check the performance of your campaign.


To use video ad metrics in ad manager, click on the Column> Video engagement where you can track metrics such as- Average watch time, Video views, Reach, Thruplays, Cost per Thruplay, Amount spend, Video watches (at various %ges).

8. Missing The Point In Headlines:

Usually, marketers take it lightly to create heading for their ad campaign. And eventually, it hurts the performance of Facebook ads by not getting it better reach with the audience.

For the success of your Facebook ad campaign, make sure to create an attractive headline, which can catch the attention of your audience. That way, you could bring more traffic to your ads while you can entice them to get clicks and conversions.

Also, you can highlight the lucrative features and offers to catch the attention of the audience. Make your headlines showing the beneficial qualities of your products and services. That way, you can also create an emotional bond. And by touching on the pain points of your potential customers, you can get more deals for your business.

9. Not Having Compelling Offers

With high quality and engaging content, you can bring more audience to your ads, but it won’t give you the surety of sales conversions. If you want better conversions, you should giveaway compelling offers to your potential customers. 

Make sure that your offers are captivating enough to gain you more leads for your business. It doesn’t matter what you offer to your audience- (It could be a webinar, ebook, free trial, or discount offer). It should hit the pain points of your potential customer to increase your chances of getting better conversions. Without enough compelling offers, you can’t be able to deliver enough traffic to your website.

Therefore, you must ask yourself- Is your giveaway effective enough to catch the attention of the audience? If the answer is yes, then you really have great offers on your Facebook ads.

10. Not Using The Audience Exclusion:

You don’t want to show your ads to the people who have already clicked on your ads and have become your customers. It’s just a waste of money. Rather you can use the audience exclusion option in your Facebook ads, which allows you to exclude those who have already clicked on your ads and have already become your customers.

Steps to Use Audience Exclusion:
  • Install Facebook Pixel on your website. (It will help you to track down the people who have purchased or signed up for your service through Facebook ads).facebook-ad-mistakes-create-custom-audience


  • Create the custom audience for your website, showing the details of the audience who have already made a purchase. Go to create the audience then click on the custom audience- select the people who have visited your website to make a purchase.



  • There you can change “URL change” to “URL equal” and also change the time period. Then copy and paste the lander page on which you want to bring conversions.
  • Go to the Facebook Ad Manager. On the side hand side, you have the ad set option under that click on the audience.
  • Select the custom audience who has taken action on your website in the past few days.
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11. Setting & Forgetting:

It often happens that marketers set their ad campaigns on Facebook, and after that, they forget about it. You can say that it was one of the most common Facebook ad mistakes. You need to check your ads regularity and try to optimize it to win more business opportunities. 

Under the ad manager section, you have the option ads reporting where you can check the performance of your ads and also compare them with each other. That way, you can make sure enough to invest only in the ads, which can get better results for your business.

12. Creating More Ads When You Already Have Winning Ad:

If you already have some winning Facebook ads that are leading web traffic, engagement, and conversions for your business, then you don’t need to spend more time and effort on creating new ads to achieve the same target. With a similar target and objectives, it would only take your time and money, but you can’t be able to gain favorable results. Instead, it’s better to optimize the winning ad and improve its performance. So that you don’t have to spend your money on creating new ads when you already have ads that are delivering conversions for your business.

Wrapping Words

These are some of the Facebook ad mistakes which can be avoidable. By analyzing the ad details of your competitors’ campaigns, you will learn how to optimize your Facebook ads to bring more engagement and conversions for your business. 

We hope you find this article interesting. 

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