10 Tips to Write Successful Facebook Ads

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10 Tips to Write Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest and most popular social network today, so there is fierce competition among businesses that are advertising on the platform. That’s why it is important to learn how to write successful Facebook ads that will promote your business and attract new clients.

Many think that images are the key to success when it comes to Facebook advertising, but that’s partially true. The focus is on the message conveyed by images, but these pictures alone are not so valuable without a powerful and compelling message.

Focus on your campaign objective when writing the ad copy

Those who are new to this Facebook advertising thing should know that the message conveyed by the text they use in their ads changes depending on the objective they set for their advertising campaign.

For instance, new businesses just want to build brand awareness, while well-known names seek to get more traffic to their website or more page likes. This means that the copy you write should be in line with the objective you set if you want a successful Facebook ad.

Write for your audience

When copywriting an ad, the message should appeal to the audience’s needs and interest. That’s why every business that wants to attract clients, needs to ask itself some questions regarding the audience: How old are they? Where are they based? What are their interests? What are their problems? What do they need?

Those who want to create successful Facebook ads can use Facebook Targeting to narrow their audience, then formulate the message specifically aimed at it.

Place key messages on the ad image

It’s already established that the image is everything for successful Facebook ads, so it’s only logic and intuitive to place the key messages on that particular image. Keep in mind, though, that Facebook set some rules for images that are allowed. As a result, your copy shouldn’t take up more than 20% of the image. Text-based logos and watermarks also count as text, so keep your message short.

Keep it clear and simple

Successful Facebook ads are usually short and witty, so one of the rules of thumb when writing your ad copy is to formulate it in such a way to get your message across fast. Simple words and clear, direct language will help you attract the attention of people more than complicated words or neologisms that are hard to understand.  Your message should excite, entertain and persuade the audience; don’t use any unnecessary words.

Start with a question

A bold question placed at the very beginning of your ad will draw the audience’s attention. More so if it’s a question phrased in such a way that they can only answer it with “Yes.” A great tip, in this case, is to start your question with the word “Want” and then list one or two of the benefits your product or service delivers. This will pique the interest of the people who see your ad and even make them nod their heads in approval.

Start with a question

The next line in your ad should answer the question and offer them the solution to how they can obtain the promised benefit.

Lead with the numbers

Companies that sell physical products can create successful Facebook ads if they are honest and use upfront numbers. If they are interested in your offer, people usually want to know the price they have to pay for it. Similarly, when you want to promote a sale, it’s a good idea to mention how much clients will get off.

Write a catchy headline

Headlines are the first thing users read when they see an ad, so they must be catchy. When writing headlines for successful Facebook ads, it’s important to focus on a single idea or point, so simplicity is key here. At the same time, special characters and numbers attract the attention, as does the word “new”. Also, the message should be appealing so that the reader feels compelled to click the ad immediately.

The headline must also appear in the image, but maybe with some added words.

Use testimonials

Testimonials from other clients are paramount if you want to produce successful Facebook ads, as people usually need some proof that the product advertised is trustworthy. Companies and entrepreneurs advertising their products/services can even use comments or messages from other Facebook users.

Run tests before releasing the ad

Fortunately, Facebook allows running tests of ads in exchange for a small fee. And this is a good thing, as this can help you improve your ad copy. Usually, it’s a good idea to create two different ads and put them to test to see which one appeals the most to the audience. For instance, you can publish an ad with a question and one with a simple statement and see which gets the most likes, shares, and comments.

Improve your ad relevance score

The relevance score of Facebook ads basically gives companies an idea of how relevant their ad is to the target audience. This score can be between 1 and 10, with 10 assigned only to the best and most successful Facebook ads.

In order to obtain a high relevance score, it’s important that companies create ads accompanied by text that resonates with their target audience and caters to their needs and interests.

All in all, whether the objective is to draw more clients, increase sales or just get more traffic on a company’s website, successful Facebook ads can help achieve that objective and more. Advertising is vital to the success of any business, and Facebook ads are the cheapest in the online world at the moment and the platform has the highest number of users among social media applications, so this is the ideal place for small and big companies to advertise their products and services.

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