Marketer’s Guide To A Complete List Of Native Ads Spy Tools

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Marketer’s Guide To A Complete List Of Native Ads Spy Tools

Native Ads have always been a boon to affiliate marketers, but not all such ads work well. So if you want to outsmart your competitors, then you have to surely try your hands on some of the best native ads spy tools, which will help you to do better than your competitors, and gain a better edge over them. One important advantage of the native ads is that they don’t pop up on your screen.

They are always presented to you in such a way that they come up only with associated content to what you search for, and it could be quite interesting and tempting. So as a marketer, you will be able to hit on the right target audience, in a better and focused way. These tools will always help you stay updated about the latest and trending marketing updates.

You will get to know the new areas of interest and work of your competitors, what exactly makes an ad more clickable and attractive, how well you can work effectively to improve the ads that you are already running or working on and you can save a lot of time as you spy on your competitors, using native ads spy tools.

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Native Ads

Here is an impressive list of all the top tools, that will help you spy on your native ads, with ease. These tools, will work by crawling over the web, to fetch you the top ads from across different websites, and then indexing them to allow you to scroll through them, and sort the right ad, that is most suitable for you. This is one great opportunity to spy or track all your competitor’s strategies or spending, and this will surely help you to monitor all trending Ad copies.

These tools are also of great use to the publishers. Native Ads spy tools will help publishers look out for new premium advertisers and also track the latest shifts in market trends. So all the information, that is being gathered by the spy tools, can surely help to improve your native return on investment, by gaining a better edge over your competitor’s strategies, helping you to fetch high-performing placements and publishers, and you could also find top converting landing pages.

Keep reading to know about the entire list of native Ads spy tools, that you should never miss out on!.



This is a powerful tool, that will help you to extract top selling Ads from Facebook. This lets you spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ad activities, including their strategies, content, and target audience, and also implement a better strategy for your Ads. Since nothing in the world of marketing is constant, you should check out spying on the Facebook Strategies of your competitors. Advanced search and filtering, spying on your competitors, and in-depth analysis are what this tool, lets you do with your native Ads.

# Adbeat


You can take the help of this tool if your motive is to uncover your competitor advertiser’s marketing strategies, that have helped them to succeed in the market.  It has been recognized as a perfect tool for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad networks. They have also been found to provide you with real-time results.

# Advault

This tool goes ahead in scrapping the best native ads, across 13 network advertising networks, around 19 countries. It scrapes a whopping count of 7.3 million native ads. Most of the Affiliate markers have already started using these tools, for monitoring their top competitor native Ads. For those brands, who are looking for promising and successful affiliates, this tool will surely help you.

# AdPlexity


This tool mainly focuses on targeting campaigns, across all popular devices. This lets you keep track of two important things which include native ad units and landing pages across almost 32 countries.

# NativeAdBuzz

It scrolls through almost 10 native ad networks, and extracts essential data from native ads about your competitors, like language, keywords, advertiser URL,  impressions, country, publishers, landing pages, date, network, and much more.


This is a widget-based tool, that was added recently and has a database full of widgets and also includes real-time scanning, so marketers will surely come to know when and how well their native ads are running.

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Why Should You Use Native Ad Spy Tools?

There are numerous reasons, why you should try your hands on native Ads spy tools, one of the advantages that they provide you with is that you can take a glance at all the top advertisements of your competitors, and this is pretty good because you will always be able to stay updated about the latest trending ads in your platform. So, this just allows you to spy on all types of ads, find out new niches, fetch ad details from spy tools, and analyze and improve your ads. It is not that you will not be able to manually look out for the best-selling ads, though you may be able to do this, you probably will not be able to fetch all essential data about your ad competitors’ top ads.

Some essential features of this may include:-

Native ad spy tools provide essential data such as the first and last sighting of an ad, as well as the number of platforms it’s running on. This data is crucial for successful affiliate marketing campaigns. These tools consolidate vast ad data, saving time and effort. Staying ahead of competitors is easier as these tools continuously update you on captivating ads, helping you understand and analyze your competition. By studying competitor ads, you can enhance your own, ensuring they stand out and appeal to your target audience.

So among all the native ad spy tools, mentioned above PowerAdspy and AdPlexity have been able to satisfy users’ needs of fetching the best competitor Ads. Both these tools, help you to fetch the best-selling ads, which are running successfully, and also you could search for the ads that satisfy your criteria like age, gender, location, and much more. So do a detailed analysis, before you go ahead in choosing any ad spy tools. Make sure you always choose the right tool, which will satisfy all your essential ad scraping criteria. Using the right tool will surely provide you with the best results, and thus you will be able to fetch the top ads of your competitors, in a very short period. So you can always choose the ad spy best tool, after a detailed analysis of the top tools available for ad spying.