How To Perform Competitor Analysis With Spyfu

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How To Perform Competitor Analysis With Spyfu

Have you ever wondered about how your competitors manage to outsmart you in competition, and also about how they manage to get more social network engagements than you?, then this article will help you to know more about this. Spyfu is an all in one tool, that will let you spy your competitors, all at once. Spyfu tool works pretty well, and you can try to check out all details of your competitors using this easy tool. You can log into it’s main site, and type any website of your choice, and you will be able to check, all the organic keywords that your competitors have used for their website. Also, you will get to know how Google algorithm works and also about how they actually affect the functioning of a website. You can also know about your competitors Ad words campaigns, and how they have changed their Ad copies and keyword groups, to create successful campaigns. So, your ultimate goal of spying on your competitors and finding out their secret strategies of success can be surely be achieved with this tool.

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How People Use Spyfu In An Effective Way?

Spyfu is basically used to spy on your competitors with ease, and also to keep an eye on them, constantly. So spying on competitors and downloading their keywords, is a quite easy process with spyfu beside you. And if you aim to be successful, then surely you have to think of ways to spy on your competitors Ad words campaigns as well. Ads are undoubtedly one of the greatest indicators of your quality score. As you focus more on your quality score, you will be able to figure out, what worked and what didn’t work, so that you can focus on them for improving your ads.


Spyfu tool has been reported to be one of the most interesting tools available, for competitor spying and also some people refer it to be a keyword competition tool, that will let you know and become an expert in online marketing, and also to sneak peek into your competitor’s keywords ideas. Getting an idea about how well, they have used the keywords, will help you to frame and use better keywords for your ads. It is via web data extraction, that this tool fetches its data, and works towards refreshing it’s data, every once in a month. The most interesting thing about this tool is that they let you see the all the keywords that have they have bought from Google Adwords, and also those keywords for which the websites show up in the search results.

With this tool, you will be able to spy on a particular person or business. Also, you can track them on a continuous basis. So, with spyfu you can either improve on an existing campaigns or start building an SEO strategy. This tool has also found to help you by showing unlimited searches for each keyword. So, in short this tool will help you to attain business success in a short time.

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How To Perform Ad Words Ad Spying On Your Competitors?

Gathering Marketing and Keyword Information

The SpyFu tool actually help you to find out and better analyse your own strategies. With this tool, you can check out all the keywords that have ranked earlier, and the keywords that might help you to rank, in future as well. So, this tool will help you to discover your opportunities better and easier. You will also be able to find out how each of your competitor is doing. Also, you can spy on their marketing strategy as well.


How Does It Work?

  • Go to Your projects
  • Create new projects
  • Enter domain name
  • Add your keywords

Here, you need to use certain categories like-

  • Competitor
  • Keywords
  • SEO Clicks
  • SEO Value

So, you will be able to measure your position, when compared to your competitors. Here are a few details that you will be able to view as you spy on your competitors using the SpyFu tool.

  • Number of organic keywords available.
  • Monthly SEO clicks, on average.
  • Organic results vs paid results.
  • Paid Searches.
  • Estimated clicks, on average.

How To Use SpyFu?


So, for each organic keyword, you will be able to find out the number of clicks they get on an average. Using SpyFu is like having a private investigator, who will check out the marketing strategies of your competitors. So here’s why Spyfu should definitely be a part of your SEO toolbox. Without this tool, it is almost like shooting in the dark. This smart tool will help you to bring more focus to what you are doing. Spyfu helps you to rank better in search engines, do well in PPC campaigns, and create more backlinks. Also, it helps to improve your content marketing strategies. In short, you will get to know what keywords your competitors are organically rank for. What are their paid keywords? Who is linking to their main site and much more?

There are actually many such tools, which lead the market, helping you to spy on your competitors. PowerdAspy is one such tool, which has become quite popular recently. This is an Ad spying tool, specifically designed to fetch you with your competitor’s top Facebook Ads. This tool will help you to spy on your competitor’s Facebook strategies, and utilise them for crafting your ads. This will let you keep an eye on the social media strategies of your competitors. Also, it helps to stay updated about all their recent updates on Facebook. Searching for relevant ads, filtering ads based on relationship, gender, keywords, interests and landing page activities are all possible with  this tool.



Some very common things that people use spyfu for are, analysing organic search competitors, learning keywords that are similar to your competitors, identifying most important keywords, identifying your top three keywords that will fetch you more clicks. Also to help your rank higher on google search engine results. Many are the benefits of Spyfu, and how it will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. So do try your hands, on such kind of tools. Carry out an easy and effective analysis of your competitors, to gain quick success on your business.