How To Perform Ad Words Ad Spying On Your Competitors?

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How To Perform Ad Words Ad Spying On Your Competitors?

To figure out what your competitors are doing with their Adwords campaign is not an easy task. You may really want to know which keywords they are using for their campaigns, how their Ads look like, which Ads worked successfully in the past and so on. Well, here you will read about the different techniques to know about your competitor’s Adwords campaign’s success.

An important part of running a successful Ad words ad spying campaign is to effectively carry out Keyword monitoring. You can choose to google your own keyword and check out all the Ads that show up, for that particular keyword that you have used. Keyword monitoring helps you to analyze where you stand when compared to your competitors.

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Use Adwords To Identify Your Competitors

Adwords help you to find who your top competitors are, and not many people know about this. In order to do this, you need to first login to your Adwords account, click on your campaigns. After which you need to click on the “Auction Insights” tab, and then on the “All” tab which lies beneath it.

Now you will be viewing your Auction insight reports, wherein you will simply be able to know how your campaign is doing when compared to all other campaigns of your competitors. You will also see a complete comparison on a number of factors like:


Impression Share

How often you were able to receive an impression, with respect to the number of times an Ad appeared for the keywords that you are competing for.

Average Ad Position

This denotes the position of your Ads on an average ratio, after a comparison with all other competitor Ads.

Ad Overlap Rate

This refers to the number of times your Ad appears when being compared to that of your competitors.

Position Above Rate

This refers to how frequently your competitor’s Ads showed above your Ad.

Top Page Rate

This measures the frequency of your Ad showing up on the top of the page, on search results when a comparison is being made with that of your competitors.

Outranking Share

This measures how often competitor Ads showed above yours, or how frequently they turned up when your Ad didn’t even show for the particular keyword being used.

Use Tools To Identify your Top Adwords Competitors

You can not only use Adwords to find out your top competitors, you could also use genuine tools for finding out your exact competitors. Tools will make finding things much easier for you. There are many tools available in the market for performing google Ad spying and you can rely on such genuine tools which will surely provide you with good results.


For example, if you are using tools like PowerAdSpy, then you just need to look for the competitor’s tab, wherein all your Top competitors will be displayed for both Adwords and Bing. Next, you can take a look in the column of unique keywords and overlapped keywords. This will give you a complete idea on those keywords on which you and your competitors are bidding on.


Fetch Your Competitors Profitable Keywords

On the list of unique keywords, you can check if your competitor is a direct one or not, and in case if it is a direct one, then you need to analyze the new profitable keywords on their campaigns and also go ahead to add a few of them on yours.

Data Sorting And Organising

You need to look out for a sort and filter option to organize the data that you have fetched. Then you need to sort the keywords from largest to the smallest order. Keywords are the main things around which your entire campaigns revolve, so do take all effort to sort and use the right keyword which is most suitable for your campaigns.

Find And Add the Most Relevant Keywords

At this point of time, you will have a complete idea of the unique keywords that your competitors are bidding on and also know about the most profitable keywords with highest search volumes as well. If there is a term that your competitor is bidding on and you are not, then first check if it is worth the use, and if so, you can add that particular keyword to your campaign for your advantage.


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Why Should You Choose To Perform Adwords Ad Spying On Your Competitors?

All successful people who run Ads would have surely spent some time and effort to spy on their competitors. There is always something good that you can learn from your competitors, that will help you in your business. You need not copy their strategies, but you will surely get an idea of how you should be thinking in order to craft and run successful Ads. Given here are three tips to learn from your competition so that you will be able to learn and improve your campaigns and thereby making more money out of Adwords as well.

  • Find the latest Profitable Keywords.
  • Write An Ad Copy That Will Be Noticed For Sure.
  • Try To Stand Out From Your Competitors By Using A Better Conversion Strategy.

So this article takes you into the simple ways of how you will be able to run your Ad words Ad spying in a more successful and compelling way. It is very sure that your Adwords performance will simply boost as you choose to follow some strategies to spy on your top competitors. So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and perform Ad words Ad Spying to run successful Ads and earn huge profits on Adwords.