3 Easy Ways To Do Competitor Keyword Research For Facebook Ads

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3 Easy Ways To Do Competitor Keyword Research For Facebook Ads

Have you been wondering about how you will be able to find out the best keywords for your Facebook Ads or are you looking out to reach your perfect audience and save more money from your advertising efforts.

YES… it will take some time and effort of yours to do the research manually, so you need to think about a perfect alternative that will simply let you do this with ease. And that is where the Competitor Keyword Research tools come into action. These tools have been crafted by professional and industry +experts, specifically to help you fetch your competitors Keywords quickly. With filtered keywords you will be able to target competitors Facebook ad strategies easily and use them for your own business. It will surely turn out to be one of the best and most important turning points in your marketing strategies. So, if you ever have a plan to create super cool ads on Facebook, then you should use any of these awesome tools, that will help you to filter out most popular and widely searched keywords.

But How Exactly Can Competitor Keyword Research Help You?

Analysing the keywords used by your top competitors in their ads, will help you to drive more organic traffic to your website. You will now be able to reach your target audience much faster and also be able to boost your engagement rates. Keyword research is the foundation on which all excellent search marketing campaigns are being built upon. So researching on your competitor’s keywords will surely help you to compete better and to gain a crucial advantage over other experts in your business or industry.

PowerAdSpy: A Perfect Place for doing Competitor’s Keyword Research for Facebook Ads

PowerAdSpy: A Perfect Place for doing Competitor’s Keyword Research for Facebook Ads

As a powerful Ad-Intelligence tool for Facebook, PowerAdSpy helps you in researching competitors keywords in 3 effective ways :

In-depth analysis 

In-depth analysis 

As you can see above, according to the selected advertiser PAS has displayed all related ads and we have taken this particular ad for you because of the very high number of likes, comments and shares that the ad has received so far.

After this you just need to tap on the Show Analytics tabs and it will look like this…

 Analytics tabs

Now, you will be directed to the Ads Analytics page as shown here and  you can see on the left side  you will be seing a set of three tabs mentioned like:

Basic Info


Outgoing URLs

And on the Right side you will see the Original Ad and to  view it, just tap on the show original button.

You will be able to fetch all your Facebook target audience with just a click. And will be able to spy on the exact keywords that they are using to carry out their marketing strategies. The tool provides you a space to check out, what keywords are helping your competitor ads rank higher.

Social Engagement Report

Social Engagement

Under Social engagement, you can see a detailed report of  how many likes, comments and shares that particular ad  has received. Also you can view other vital factors like Gender, Country, interest targeted and Age.

Social engagement

The PowerAdSpy tool enables you to check the real-time user’s engagement of an ad. This enables you to select the content and Keyword of your ad based on the type of keyword/content that is generally search/seen and virally shared. You can also expect your advertisement to outperform well by using this feature of PowerAdSpy.

Using Advanced Filters

Using Advanced Filters

This allows you to search for valid and relevant ads related to the keywords of your interest. You can make use of these filters to check out for ads based on factors like interest, keyword, age, gender, relationship and much more. They just work to help you make, exactly the right kind of Facebook ad that you have been dreaming of.

Is this the best way to spy on top Facebook Ads?

Since its launch, the PowerAdSpy has always stood high to give you the best results to spy on your competitor’s ads and apply a better and more impressive ad strategy for your marketing. And after getting your list of all the keywords used by your competitors, you can use them to craft yours.

With this tool you will be able to create better Facebook Ads after comparing all the existing ads by your competitors. Also make sure to identify your customer’s need, bring out the best solution for them through your ad, find out the perfect and right Facebook strategy for ads and use your customer’s pain point to build your Ad strategy. This will help you to do a handful of things all at once. And some of it includes spying on your competitor campaigns, track their ads, creatives and landing pages and potential keywords all from one single dashboard.

So to target any market segment of your interest, you could use this super cool tool, and they are easy to use and comes to you at very affordable prices as well.

This is the best opportunity for you to get Facebook Ad intelligence at your fingertips. Just go ahead, to make your first purchase over here. Start creating smart Facebook Ads after getting to know all the secretive ad strategies followed by your competitors.

Analysing your competitors is very important to succeed in whatever field you choose, and that is why PowerAdSpy aims to give you all the necessary details you want to spy on your Competitor Keyword Research and Facebook ad strategies. They are quick, efficient, reliable and is available to purchase at reliable prices tool.

So if you are a business person or a marketer interested to promote your brand or product on Facebook, then you need to focus on Facebook ads. And this can just be the right tool for crafting smart ads that work well and once you start using this tool for creating your ads and researching on your competitors keywords, you will find out the magic of how it transforms your simple ad into an exceptional one.


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