Discover The Best Google Ad Spy Tool That Will Help To Beat Your Competitors

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Discover The Best Google Ad Spy Tool That Will Help To Beat Your Competitors

Every time you log in to your Facebook account, how does it feel like to see your competitor’s add popping to your feed?. It is sure to be a quite frustrating process.  You might not be sure about how your competitors manage to do this. Facebook is a cool social media platform to reach your target audience in a very short period of time. And these days, people are more into social media like Facebook, so you too should think about smart ways to promote your brand or business online using the best Google Ad spy tool for creating better Facebook Ads.

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Which Competitors Are Using Ad words?


You can carry out a Google ad in order to find this out, and check out which companies come on top of the list. Check out the following features too.

  • Geography And Language

You will be able to see the perfect results for the specific location from which you are searching.

  • Keywords

It requires some idea about the general kind of keywords which has been able to reach a huge audience out there.

  • Schedule Ad Posts

You can configure your ads in such a way that they will show up only during specific time of the day.  So you can either repeat your ads in the evening or morning.

  • Ad budget

This deals with a company’s promotional expenditures over a certain period of time and it talks about the money, a company is ready or willing to keep aside to utilise for their promotional activities.

What Are Your Competitor’s Most Profitable Ad Strategies?

Whenever you choose to conduct a proper competitive analysis, you should first choose to identify all your potential competitors. So while crafting or designing Facebook Ads, you should think of an authentic Ad spy tool that will let you carry out the task professionally with ease, and once such tool is known as PowerAdSpy.


How Does PowerAdSpy Help you To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads?

This has been regarded as a top spying tool to check out your competitor’s ad on Facebook. This tool simply let you know all the required metrics about all successful Facebook Ads. You can search for ads by gender, relationship, age, interest, keyword or can even filter based on what is happening on their landing page. With this tool, you will be able to check out your competitor ads which are having maximum audience reach. You can also filter out ads which are having high rate of audience engagement. Which could be like, comments or shares.

The PowerAdspy tool provides you three important features like Advanced search and filtering, In-Depth analysis and spying on competitor’s Facebook Ad strategies. And as you use this tool you will get a clear idea about your competitor’s campaigns, their landing pages, ads and creatives.

How Will You Benefit from Spying On Your Competitor’s Ads?

Spying on your competitor Ads helps you to improve your business growth and achieve your targets. And as you check out your competitor Ads,  you will become well aware of the strategies they are applying. You could use a much better one for your ads. Website traffic, Seo, social media, blog or website content, media mentions, keywords, Ad strategies and target audiences are few criterias that you should check out on your competitors.


What Are The Features A Good Ad Spy Tool Must Have?

Nothing in the realm of marketing is consistent and advertisers need to keep themselves refreshed with new innovations regularly. So checking out how successful you can be while advertising on Facebook is very important. Discussed below are some highlights of a perfect Google Ad Spy Tool that you should probably be using for your marketing on Facebook.

Propelled Search and Filtering

It should be able to give you the right choice for seeking applicable promotions. You should be able to search for Facebook ads by age, gender, relationship, interests, keywords or channels.



You should be able to view ads based on your areas of interest. Also, be able to filter those ads with have good audience engagement.

Keep an eye on your Competitors

It should be able to help you keep an eye on each of the battles of your rivals. And track all their ads, creatives, points, landing pages from one single dashboard. You should be able to track all the activities of your competitors. Also,  how they carry out their ad strategies too.


In-Depth Analytics

It should be able to help you discover the Ads of your interest group with just a snap of a click. When you utilise such tools, you should have the capacity to see target showcase sections for each promotion that draws your interest. It should also provide you with clear ideas about viewing promotions, social engagement measurements and weekly progress as well.

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So the best way to stay ahead of your competitors and take your business to the next level will be by spying on their Ad strategies. And one smart way to do this will be to rely on Google Ad spy tools. They will help you to specifically spy on your competitors and check out their winning strategies for creating successful Facebook Ads.

After analysing all the metrics, you will surely be able to craft a perfect Ad for your brand or business. This will help you to take your business higher, where your Return on investment will be fairly good. Creating relevant and perfect Ads on Facebook, is one powerful way to reach your potential audience, so you should never miss out on that. So,you can try your hands on this spying tool, and it will help you to achieve what you want, effortlessly.