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WhichAdsWorks Free Alternative for Facebook Ads

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WhichAdsWorks Free Alternative for Facebook Ads

Around 3 million businesses are already looking forward to Facebook to reach a bigger audience. According to reports, an average person consumes 28% of his/ her total time hovering on social media. Facebook being the dominant social media platform has the highest number of active users from all corners of the world. No matter whether you are searching for a teenager or his grandmother, you will definitely find them on Facebook.

More than 1.5 million businesses leverage Facebook ads as a powerful promotional method.

The most common misconception about Facebook ads is that they seem to be complicated. Business owners and even marketers believe that creating a Facebook ad that could give a higher ROI can be a tricky job.

But that is just the partial truth.

At first, creating Facebook ads can seem an overwhelming task, but with a proper strategy and the right tools, you’ll always win the ad-making quest.

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WhichAdsWork- The Rise and the Fall


WhichAdsWork was one of the most trusted and used Facebook ads spy tools. Here are a few features of WhichAdsWork-

  1. In-depth analysis.
  2. Rich data of around 1.8 million.
  3. Option to install and download ads.
  4. Search through keywords, advertisers, affiliate networks, publishers, etc.

But the tool got a sudden shutdown letting its users search for alternatives.

There are plenty of tools out there that could help you in market research and analysis for creating Facebook ads. However, not all the tools can be the best alternative and support all the features that WhichAdsWork provides.

PowerAdSpy as WhichAdsWorks Free Alternative


Facebook ads are not everyone’s cup of tea, and to create Facebook ads that work and give you higher ROI, you’ll need to look out for what your competitors are doing.

In simple terms, you’ll need to spy on your competitors and check out:

  1. What kind of ads are they creating?
  2. Which of the ads works the best?
  3. Who is their targeted audience?
  4. What are the keywords are they using?
  5. Call to Action
  6. Landing Pages.

The only tool that can help you to find all things is “PowerAdSpy”. It is the best Facebook- Intelligence Ad Spy Tool. It doesn’t only provide all the features of WhichAdsWork, but there are several more features that could help in creating the best and most promising Facebook Ads.

Features of PowerAdSpy Tool w.r. t. WhichAdsWorks-

Let’s have a look at some of the vital features of PowerAdSpy w.r.t to WhichAdsWorks.

Data that None has

WhichAdsWorks Facebook ads spy tool was known for its comprehensive database of ads. As mentioned above, it had over 1.8 million ads, making it one of the most potent ad spy tools.

PowerAdSpy provides you with a rich database of Facebook ads from over 15 countries. Every day it adds thousands of new ads to its database enabling you to find and analyze the best ads in the industry and making it the fastest-growing ad data hub.

Advanced Search and Filtering

To be the best WhichAdsWorks alternative, a tool needs to have the best features regarding search and filters.

PowerAdSpy Tool provides you with the most advanced search and filtering option right into your dashboard. Search every winning ad by keywords, demographics, location, gender, interest, etc.

Moreover, with the filtering option, you can quickly filter ads based on the call to action, ad placement, relationship, etc.

Detailed Analytics

A winning advertisement is defined as one that gets a higher engagement, generates more leads, and hence, more conversions. WhichAdsWorks was an excellent tool for exploring the details of the winning ads and now it is PowerAdSpy Tool.

PowerAdSpy is a Whichadswork’s free alternative that allows you to spy on every aspect of a winning ad. It provides you with a detailed analysis of the ad analytics like shares, comments, likes, and original post links of the competitor’s ads.

With an increasing number of business pages on Facebook, the number of tools related to ads management and competitor analysis is also increasing. People are opting to promote their businesses through Facebook ads more than ever. Here are a few reasons Why you should be using Facebook Ads-

  1. Everyone uses social media, especially Facebook. Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook has over 2.23 billion active users. If you’re not promoting your business over there, you’re missing a big piece.
  2. Targeted People- There is no sense in promoting a product in front of someone who doesn’t need it. But, how about promoting your product to the exact group of people who are more likely to buy? Make sense, right? Facebook ads allow you to target a specific group of people by demographics, age, location, gender, interests, behavior, and connections.
  3. Organic Reach doesn’t work- Only 0.5% of your total followers are supposed to see your updates so moving on with the ads is far more beneficial than the traditional way.
  4. Call to Action- With a proper CTA in your ads, people are more likely to click them and you get a lead.


Facebook is no more like the way it was. The competition has become intense, and people have started to invest more and more in the ads. No matter what your industry is, you need to create compelling and engaging ads to become a success case.

WhichAdsWork was no doubt a sturdy and trustworthy tool for those who wanted to spy on their competitors and come out with modified and more promising ads but since it’s closed, you need to find something that could match with its class.

PowerAdSpy being one of the most widely used and promising tools can easily fill the gap and help you in creating those winning ads that you see across your competitor’s reign. Not only for Facebook, but PowerAdSpy can also help you as an Adwords alternative as well.

All you need to do is deep dive into the world of ads and keep PowerAdSpy handy with you and in no time, you’ll leveraging Facebook ads like never before.