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How Many Views Does It Take To Get A Social Ad Shared?

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Here’s What You Get…

Thousands of ads from every industry from around the world: Stay up to date with what is happening in your industry in different regions

 Discover top ads by performance: Sort by engagement – likes, comments, shares, video views

  Search using our advanced algorithm: Explore ads that are relevant to you by keyword

 Preview screenshots of landing pages proven to work: And get full access at the click of a button

Mark as favorite: Categorize ads by folders directly in the app so you can quickly find them when it really counts

 Mark ads that catch your eye as favourites directly from your newsfeed: Click the PowerAdSpy button right next to “Share” for it to be saved in your “Newsfeed” favourites folder directly in the app

 Find out what makes ads go viral: Explore our advanced metrics (ex. how many views does it take for an ad to be shared)

 Ads are submitted to us by real people! We do not use fake accounts or automated spiders (that go against Facebook’s Terms of Use)

 And more…

How It Works

Once you become a part of our community, we ask that you install a Chrome Browser plugin.

It sits quietly in the background and when a new Facebook ad (sponsored post) pops up on your feed, it is automatically added to “Your Most Recent Ads” list directly in the app.
It is also made available to our global user base in the “Search All Ads” menu.
We value your privacy highly. None of your personal information is collected or shared (apart from your name and email when you register an account with us).
* Please make sure you don’t have an AdBlocker Extension running on your Chrome, as it will prevent you from seeing ads within PowerAdSpy.

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