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7 Best Social Media Campaign & Contest Ideas

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7 Best Social Media Campaign & Contest Ideas

It’s the New year celebration time. Have you been looking for the best social media campaign & contest ideas to plan your new year adverts?

Just scroll down a bit, and you will find out some amazing contest ideas for your new year ad campaign in 2021.

If we look back in the past experience of 2020, there were quite ups and downs. Initially, after the bumpy start, the market has been able to recover a lot. And now is the best time for brands to appeal to audiences with their creative social media campaign and contest ideas.

Every year, many brands come up with their most creative advertising ideas so that they could gain better customer acquisition for their business. With the end of the Christmas season, in this new year 2021 again brands are ready to create captivating and engaging campaigns for their audiences.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the most creative incorporated ideas for new year adverts, which you can implement to ensure getting better reach with your potential customers.

So here we go!

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New Year Campaign Idea # 1- Run Your Quotes:

One of the most popular kinds of new year adverts we have seen is actually based on new year resolutions. Here we have used PowerAdSpy to search for the most trending new year contest ads on Facebook. And we have found this new year advert by brand NIVEA. In this ad, they are encouraging viewers to make a resolution for not ignoring skincare health. And in a way, they are also promoting their brand products.


By posting their own experience with NIVEA skin care products, people have shared their photos with hashtag #NiveaForYou to win exciting prizes and hampers.


New Year Campaign Idea # 2- Giveaway Contest:

Another most amazing idea to try the giveaway contest this year. Considering giveaway campaigns, Instagram is the best platform for advertising and using an Instagram ad spy tool can enable you to analyze these ads. Nowadays, brands can also collaborate with popular influencers using sponsored content. Here we found a sponsored giveaway post shared by Christine Andrew.


It was a  giveaway contest for the fans of @hellofashionblog and @michelewatches where they can repost and tag others to get a chance of winning a brand new watch from MICHELE collection.

New Year Campaign Idea # 3- Inspire Your Customers:

Another great idea is to inspire others so that they can also achieve their dreams and goals. While searching for such an inspirational campaign, we found this ad on YouTube showing- How a brown girl builds a six-figure well-ness brand online with WIX.


As an eCommerce platform, WIX online services provide you with the best business tools. This ad shows how you can explore your reach using online media to track and manage everything in advance. With such an inspirational campaign on new year, more eCommerce business owners are joining WIX.

New Year Campaign Idea # 4- Launch New Ideas:

It’s the time when people look out for every new thing in the market. So, you can say that it’s the perfect time to try new ideas to explore your business.  Here is an Instagram ad we have found showing the launch of the Blackberrys Menswear store in Gurgaon.


With the start of the new year, they have brought a present for the people of Gurgaon. This kind of launch idea can help you to attract more potential customers that convert and bring more sales for your business.

New Year Campaign Idea #5- Discount, Offer & Sale:

Every year brands come up with their new discounts and offer to grab more sales in the new year. This year also many brands are coming up with exciting deals and offers to attract more sales opportunities. Check out some of the most amazing year end deals and new year sales offers. While searching for the new year campaign ideas, we found many brands giving away discount deals on their products.


New Year Campaign Idea #6- Body Positive Promotion:

Every year many people make new year resolutions to control their diet or lose weight. In fact, last year many people made a resolution to be more fit in the upcoming year. In research, we found that almost 45% of such users make investments in various health care products to achieve their goals. We have been searching for the new year campaign ideas and found the collection of body promotion ads shown here.


When brands create such ads on social media, many people get inspired to be more slim, fit, and good looking in the upcoming year. That’s why it is the best time for the brands to promote health care and lifestyle products. Make sure that your ads motivate people to improve their lifestyle so that you will gain better conversions for your brand products.

New Year Campaign Idea #7- New Year Party-


Want to gain loyal customers for your brand? Then it’s time for you to bring your customers to your store. For instance, you could throw out an event to invite guests and let them try your latest brand products. Many of the restaurants, pubs, and resorts are investing in such campaigns to gain more customers for their business. Just make sure that you advertise the event well enough. Whether it will be on social media or brick-and-mortar locations, such events can draw big attention from people and bring your conversions.

Final Words:

So these are some of the new year campaign and contest ideas which you can try to accomplish success in your social media marketing. We have tried to list out the best collection of ads for you which you can also implement to achieve success in your business. If you are looking out for the most creative ads and campaign ideas, you can make use of PowerAdSpy tool. It is an ad intelligence tool that can help you to find the most engaging ads based on niche based search filtration options. While you can replicate the same strategies in your own campaign to gain more conversions in 2021.


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