Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Stories In 2023

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Stories In 2023

We all share our life events on Facebook, but what is the most effective way to reach your audience? It is Facebook stories. Yes! You read the correct one.

By the end, you will get to know all the details you require to create good-quality Facebook stories. So, continue reading till last to know the best of Facebook stories.

Let’s get started!

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What Are Facebook Stories?

what are facebook stories

Facebook stories can be short videos or collections of pictures generated by the user that pop up on the top of the news feed.

It is a creative way to get your content in front of your followers before they scroll down the news feed. Facebook stories also appear in the messenger app at the top of the chat list.

If you want to make your story look more attractive, you can add different types of filters and effects to your stories. Also, you can check the reactions of your audience through story insights that will help you improve your strategy gradually.

Now let us see how Facebook ad stories are important to marketers.

Importance Of Facebook Stories To Marketers:

importance of facebook stories to marketers

Marketers need to reach an audience and promote their products. Facebook stories are the best option to reach billions of people across the globe. Because according to statistics Facebook had 1.69 billion users in 2020. So, to reach maximum audiences, Facebook is the best platform.

Now Let Us See How The Facebook Story Is Beneficial For Marketers.

Facebook stories appear at the top of the news feed. When a user opens the app, the first thing that comes to his sight is Facebook stories that grab maximum attention. Getting your brand at the top of the news feed of the app can create engagement and ROI.

There is a new feature added to the Instagram story, which is cross-posting. It means that if you are adding stories on your Instagram it will automatically be posted on the Facebook story as well. No extra effort is required to reach your Facebook audiences. It is a simple way to promote your brand.

Creating a good content story can boost the interest and engagement of your fans leading them to your website. You can also promote offers in the stories that can generate high traffic and make people purchase from them.

Facebook provides you with a lot of additional tools and features to make your content more eye-catching and interesting that can compel people to take desired actions. We will discuss the tools and features of Facebook later in this article. So, continue reading.

How Long Do Stories Last On Facebook And With Whom You Can Share Your Stories On Facebook?

How long do Facebook stories last and with whom you can share your stories on Facebook

Facebook stories last for 24 hours and then disappear. If you want to save your Facebook story even after 24 hours in your profile then follow these steps:

Click on your profile picture. You will get a “story archive” button.
Tap on it.
Your photos and videos will automatically be archived.

Only you can see your story archive. It is up to you to turn on or off your story archive. But if you delete your Facebook story before 24 hours, it will not be saved to your story archive.

You can share it with your friends or anyone else. It depends upon you with whom you want to share. You can choose a group of people or an individual to view your story. But how to do it? Follow these steps:

When you add a photo or video to your story, there will be an option of audience selector at the right of the story.

There will be three options. Public, friends, and customs.

Want to share your story with all? Select the public.

Want to share your story only with your Facebook friends(Facebook friends, followers, people who are on your chat list)? Select friends.

Want to share your story with some selected people? Select custom.

So, this was all about how long stories last on Facebook. Now, let’s move further to Facebook stories features and tools.

Features And Tools Of Facebook Stories:


To make your content more eye-catching and interesting, Facebook provides a lot of features and tools for your brand, the service that you provide, and the products of your brand.

You can add filters to your videos and pictures. You can also use lighting options like turn on your flash, turn off your flash, make low light, etc.
For the fun content, you can make use of stickers and emojis like music stickers, event stickers, location stickers, etc.

They grab attention and create engagement. You can use poll stickers to make your audience interact with you. Through music stickers, you can add music of your choice to the background of your story.

In short, these features and tools give life to your stories. Marketers can choose any of them to achieve their marketing goals.

Steps To Create Facebook Stories?


When you open your Facebook page, you will get a “+” attached to your profile on the left side of your page. It will navigate you to the story page where you have to add your content, it may be video pictures, or simply text. You can also add stickers to them to make them more fantastic. Now click on add story.

For stickers, there is a sticker icon when clicked, which shows several options to use in your content. Select any of them relevant to your story. You can also see the number of viewers who viewed your profile in the “viewers” option.

See, it is that simple. Have you tried this before? If not, then try now and share your experience below in the comments.

How To Delete A Facebook Story?


If you want to delete a picture or video added to your Facebook story, follow these steps:
– Go to the story section above the news feed.
– Click on your story.
– Now go to the three-dot option … at the right side of your story.
– Click delete a picture or delete the video.

Once you delete your Facebook story, it will automatically get deleted from the messenger app.

If you do not want to see someone’s story, you can mute it, which will never appear in your story section.

Want To Share Someone Else’s Post On Your Facebook Story?


It is quite interesting! You can use a post from your news feed or someone’s else news feed to share in your story. But keep in mind that if the original owner deleted the post before 24 hours of your upload, then your account will also disappear. Anyways, let us see how to do it:

– Below every post, there is a share icon.
– Now select “share to story” and the post will come to your story. You can also make some additions to it to make it look a little different than the original one.
– Select next.
– Then select the audience with whom you want to share your story.
– Click on share now.

If in case you are facing any issues posting any pictures or any kind of ads or if you are not getting relevant ads, you can take the help of ads management tools. Let me explain.

Ads management tools help you find posts or ads of your interest. There are many ad management tools available in the market out there.

But the best example of an ads management tool that can help you in many ways is PowerAdSpy. Not only does it help you to find ads, but also it provides you with the features to find ads for different social media platforms, it also provides more features than Facebook Pixel where you can search for your target audience only for the Facebook platform.


For marketers, it is helpful in many ways, like it improves your social ads advertising campaigns. Here, you can search your Facebook ads and analyze which among them suits your niche.

Thousands of ads are added to its dashboard daily. You can also see the live ad post directly from the platform. You can also bookmark the ads and save them for later use.

Not only this but there are many more that you can experience with PowerAdSpy. Don’t think much. Download it now and have the best ad management experience ever.

Want To Share Instagram Stories On Facebook?


Sharing your story directly on Facebook is the easiest way. But if you are creating content on Instagram and at the same time you want it for your Facebook story with no extra effort then your Instagram account should be linked with your Facebook account. So that as soon as you post your Instagram story, it will automatically appear in the Facebook story.

If you have not linked it, then follow these steps to get your Instagram account linked with your Facebook account:

– Create content for the Instagram story.
– Tap on the “Send To” button.
– Now from the sharing options, select “Share to the Facebook story”.
– Now cross-post by tapping “Share”.

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Wrapping Words:

It was a long article with lots of information like what is Facebook stories, steps to create stories, how long stories last on Facebook, and many more. Isn’t it? How do you feel? Was this article helpful to you? Have you decided which ad management tool you will use for your business? Please share your views. I would love to hear from you!