How To Scale Up The Business Using Facebook Stories

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How To Scale Up The Business Using Facebook Stories

Facebook is a popular social media platform, with 2 billion users visiting every day to keep themselves updated on news feeds and posts. To harness more advantages through this platform for the promotion of business and products, people are investing more into it. People are searching for more options within Facebook to increase sales figures or increase engagement of crowds. In this theme only, Facebook stories are another way to scale up your business or make a profit from your products.

As social media is moving more towards visual content like photos and videos than written content, Facebook stories can prove more effective and trusted features to attract people. Today people have less time to check on long updates, and it is difficult to hook up people for a longer duration. This is where Facebook stories play a crucial role in their short videos and slideshows.

Defining Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are the feature of Facebook launched in 2016 after the success of Snapchat stories. We relate it to short videos and images which disappear on their own after a 24 hours time frame. It is another kind of new feed based on visual information. It has add-on features of different camera effects and filters. The interesting thing is that anyone with a Facebook account can use it.

How to use Facebook stories?

Facebook has two parts to share your stories with others, either directly or through Facebook Story. We can find Facebook story options at the top of news feeds. The paper airplane icon helps to access the direct mode. It is an additional feature linked to stories and permits viewing videos and images sent to us along with messaging. In the news feed area at the top, the stories icon is available. Stories show the videos and images attached to it in a circle icon, and to view these videos and images, we have to click on the circle icon. Through replies at the bottom screen, we can interact with stories (videos and images).


Creating Facebook stories

The creation of a story is a simple task. In this, we need images or videos from the camera or content available on the phone storage. For beginners to upload a story, one can access the Facebook camera by just tapping the circle with the + icon shown in the news feed. We can enhance existing stories by adding more videos and images while swiping right from the news feed to access the camera. Also, we can use Direct icons to add images and videos. These are options to decorate images and videos by using filters or masks. Facebook stories have the facility to develop images and videos with extra impact. We can use an “arrow icon” to publish the story.

Editing Facebook stories

Editing stories is very easy, and we can do it in a few clicks. To edit in Facebook stories, we have a feature given at the top of news feeds with three dots. Through this, we can access the feature of delete, edit, or save the elements of the story.


Checking traffic on Facebook stories

The eye icon present at the bottom of the story shows the viewer count. By clicking on this icon, we can see the number of viewers visited our story. By taking the screenshots helps to track the number of people visiting the segment of the story. This helps to segregate which content is most popular.

Procedure for responding

Direct inbox shows the replies of our content stories. The message we get as a response is not present in messenger or Facebook notifications. For this, we have to check our inbox regularly. We can respond by writing a message on an image or videos posted by us.

Facebook stories as a tool to marketing

After recognizing our audience, Facebook stories can be useful in generating business. Some ideas to increase sales are

Addressing of activity

In this idea, we can share our life personal experiences as individual businessmen. By allowing people to know about the daily activity as a businessman may send a message that audiences are special for us. Let us take an example for a brief understanding, like posting about an event you spoke or took part in.

Showing expertise

Facebook stories are useful in sharing tips through images and videos. The idea behind this is to help in providing extra value to our audience. By this tool, we can schedule the theme of stories according to the days and our daily activities.

Giving offers

We all are more attracted to discounts, free giveaways, and discounts given to us. The content of a Facebook story must include exclusive offers, free giveaways, and discounts to the people who are viewing the story can change the scenario in your favor. Here the theme is to convert the audience into potential customers.

Unique selling points

The content should be unique and without repetition because the audience prefers to see fresh content every time. Change content according to demographics such as people’s likes and dislikes and serve them with content that suits them.

The centralized idea around the brand

We have a facility for using filters and effects on Facebook for stories. These tools are available in both activities, such as while creating stories or editing post on Facebook. We can use filters according to brand suitability, and themes which we can add for promotion. There are options available to use various fonts and colors to build a brand image.

Delivering healthy experiences

Facebook stories help in building marketing strategies. For example, posting about an event can extend your reach. There is also an option of collaborative stories where you can connect with posts from other people on your social network.

Insight of brand using Facebook stories

Facebook is the best platform on social media, which can produce excellent ROI than any other social media platform. As per the analysis and reports, Facebook stories are the most popular service offered by Facebook. Brands can use stories to get connected with the customers organically. Facebook stories have a deep impact on the audience and customers, as the first thing that people notice on someone’s Facebook page is a story.

Use of PowerAdSpy with Facebook Stories

poweradspyIf you want to stay ahead of other competitors who are making an impact on their Facebook to drive customers, use PowerAdSpy as a tool. It is an analytical tool that searches various Facebook ads to help you create good content for publishing on Facebook stories. You can particularly browse various ads by putting filters, that will give you insights into what is working in the market.

We can also check the proper time engagement of the audience with a particular ad and prepare your Facebook story ad around an idea. PowerAdSpy has a database of millions of ads from 15+ countries in every segment, which will help to explore various ideas regarding ads that you can use to create your own Facebook story ads. It also has the feature of bookmarking the ads which we want to search in-depth or review later. PowerAdSpy shows most influencing Facebook ads with its engagement rates.


Facebook stories can be a suitable medium to generate potential business. It helps in the delivery of powerful content on the Facebook network and makes an impact. With the help of PowerAdSpy, we can enhance the quality of our Facebook stories with special themes. Through Facebook stories, the brands can be in touch with their people and keep track of their popularity. With the growing nature of the social media industry, we have to keep an update on ourselves, to reap more profit. For this purpose, use Facebook stories and corresponding strategies for your content.

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