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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Story Ads| 7 Winning Tips

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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Story Ads| 7 Winning Tips

Story posts on Instagram are such a nice way to engage with the audience. Don’t you also think so? Then why not use Instagram story ads?

As we know, the popularity of story posts has been rising more and more, with over 500 million daily active users interacting with Instagram Stories every day. That’s quite a number. Isn’t it?

Instagram stories have already become one of the best marketing options for advertisers. Still not sure of making the most out of stories as ad placement? Then you are missing a big chunk of the piece.

In this guide, we are going to show- the ins and outs of Instagram story advertising and how you can use it to leverage more.

So let’s talk more about…

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What Are Instagram Story Ads?

Likewise, in the Insta stories, you can take vertical photos and videos to start. Also, use the swipe-up feature and CTAs in story ads to bring conversions. Along with that, now there are also options with stickers as well to make the content look more amazing.

But unlike an organic story post, which disappears after 24 hours, Instagram story ads stay there till the time you want. With several editing, mask/filter, and music options, you can make it look even more engaging. In fact, with these kinds of ads, it becomes easier to connect with the audience.

Now, you are ready to create IG story ads- there are several options with objectives to target through ad campaigns.


Brand Awareness- It helps to create awareness about brands to reach more people.

Reach- With this objective selected, it can reach maximum audiences through the ad campaign.

Video views- This would help to drive more views to video posts on Instagram.

App Installs- Under this objective, get people to click on ads and install the application on their devices.

Lead Generation- Collect user’s information like their email address or phone number. Later they can be targeted to convert into sales.

Traffic- With this objective selected, it drives more traffic on the website.

For creating Instagram story ads, you can use both Creative Hub and Ad Manager. Now if you are ready to create story ads, here is the process-

Steps To Create Instagram Story Ads

  1. Go to the ad manager. There you can use Instagram ads and click on Create ad
  2. There you can select an objective from the options-  Brand Awareness, Reach, Video views, Conversions, App Installs, Lead Generation, Traffic. And then give a name to your ad campaign. Click on the continue button.
  3. On the next page, under the placement section, select automatic placement or edit placement. By default, you can see the Instagram story already selected.
  4. Set your budget schedule your ad and Continue. Now select a format – either carousel, single image, or single video. And upload your content.
  5. Next check- Add a website URL box, and put your website link there.

Now tap on the Confirm button, and you are ready to go!

7 Tips To Create Winning Story Ads-

Try Experimenting With Instagram Story Ads


The good thing about stories is that you can use both still images and videos in them. And that gives you more options to create engaging story posts. As we already know, the attention span of the audience is getting lower and lower. But stories are still the best content to grab the attention of viewers. Integrating your videos and images together in a post can make it look more amazing.

Make The First Few Seconds Count

The initial few seconds of the Instagram story are crucial, since it’s the first thing that catches the viewer’s sight. In a survey conducted by RivalHQ, we learned that most of the brands using story ads lose 20% of views, just after a watch time of a few seconds.  So unless your story is impactful enough to grab viewers’ attention, it won’t be getting you more views, engagement, and clicks on your story ads.

Clear & Concise Messages

It is important to make sure to be clear and concise with your message on your story ads.  Since there, you also have very little space for text. For creating impactful content, instead of adding too much text, just focus on creating engaging visuals. If you would like to add more content, you may use carousels or even include videos in your stories. As there is a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Brand Visibility Is Important

One basic thing that you must do is to include a brand logo in your Instagram story ads. The whole reason for creating story ads is to get more awareness about your brand. So it doesn’t make sense if you don’t use a brand logo or name in your story ads. The viewers who try to reach that posts will also get to know about the brand as well. And most likely, they might even visit the brand’s website to check out products or services as well.


Stick With Your Brand Aesthetics

While designing Instagram story ads, it is important to keep the term in mind- branding. Nowadays, many brands and influencers try to create their self-brand image. So people can easily recognize their brand. With recognition, more and more people start to connect with a brand making it even more successful and prosperous.

Feature Influencers In Your Stories

Influencers are quite creative with their content. That is why people engage with their content and follow them on Instagram. So to amplify your efforts, why not collaborate with such influencers to get a boost for your brand? And that would also help you save a lot of time on developing creative content. In fact, many popular brands do connect with influencers to do paid partnership posts. That also helps them to get better views, engagement, and conversions from their ads.

feature-influencers-in-ig- story-ads

Add Music In Your Story Ads

One last thing that you shouldn’t forget is to use music in your Instagram story ads. Just adding audio can get a post 60% better views and engagement. Cool! Isn’t it? There are many brands utilizing music audio in their story posts to make it more entertaining for audiences. If you are still not using music in your story ads, now is the time to realize your fault and start including music audio in your Instagram story ads.


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After going through these 7 amazing tips, have you got some ideas to create captivating story ads on Instagram? Don’t worry if you haven’t got any yet. Now you can use the PowerAdSpy ad intelligence solution to check out the most converting and engaging IG story ads on Instagram. And accordingly, you can design your own aesthetics. Isn’t that quite easy?

Ready to search for the most engaging Instagram story ads using PowerAdSpy here are the steps to follow.

Steps To Search For Instagram Story Ads Using PowerAdSpy

1. Open the PowerAdSpy dashboard and log in with user-id and password.

2. Now, select the Instagram icon on the left side of the screen.



3. Go to the Filters section, and in the Ad Type select- Stories.



4. Now go to the search box, and type niche-based keywords to search for relevant Instagram story ads.


There you go, you are ready to search for your favorite brand’s story ads on Instagram. Find the best ads that get the most views, and replicate the same strategy to create winning ads on Instagram.

Wrapping Words

Because of the growing competition in the advertising industry, marketers are taking every opportunity to bring engagement and conversions to their businesses. With Instagram story ads, it has become easier for marketers to create awareness and drive conversions for their business. Once the story goes live, you can also use Instagram analytic tools to track its performance.

So, don’t you think that Instagram story ads are amazing? If you also think so, then write to us in the comments section and also tell us your experience. Also, you can share this blog post on social media with others who may need this.