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11 Fun And Trending Instagram Story Ideas

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11 Fun And Trending Instagram Story Ideas

Isn’t it crazy how fast time flies in the world of social media? It feels like just yesterday we were mastering the art of Boomerangs and trying to figure out what on earth a “Finsta” was.

But here we are, almost rolling into next year with our trusty smartphones and Instagram Stories ready. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for fresh and exciting ways to keep your Instagram game strong. Well, my friends, you’re in luck!

In this blog, we’re diving headfirst into a treasure trove of creativity with 11 Fun and Engaging Instagram Story Ideas for the upcoming festive season with some Instagram advertising examples.

Whether you’re a seasoned Insta-pro or just starting on your journey to becoming the next influencer sensation, these ideas are going to take your Stories to the next level.

From dazzling your followers with eye-popping visuals to uniquely sharing your everyday adventures, we’ve got something for everyone.


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Why Are Instagram Story Ideas Important?


Instagram Story ideas are important for several reasons, as they can help you achieve various goals and objectives on the platform. Here are some key reasons why crafting Instagram Story ad ideas are vital:

Follower Engagement: Instagram Stories provide an excellent opportunity to engage with your followers. Posting interesting and interactive stories can keep your audience engaged, leading to increased visibility and a stronger connection with your followers.

Spotlight Team/Company Spotlights: Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team and company can humanize your brand. It allows your audience to connect with the people behind the products or services you offer, fostering trust and loyalty.

Products/Services Promotion: Instagram Stories are an effective platform for promoting your products or services. You can showcase new arrivals, highlight special offers, or run flash sales to entice your audience to make purchases.

Educational Content: Providing educational content through Instagram Stories can position you as an authority in your niche. Whether you’re offering tips, tutorials, or industry insights, educational stories can help build your credibility and attract a relevant audience.

Miscellaneous Content: Instagram Stories don’t always have to be directly related to your products or services. Sharing miscellaneous content, such as personal anecdotes, fun facts, or user-generated content, can help keep your profile diverse and engaging.

In summary, Instagram Story ideas are important because they allow you to engage your followers, humanize your brand, promote your offerings, educate your audience, and maintain a varied and interesting profile.

A well-rounded and creative approach to Instagram Stories can lead to increased visibility, follower loyalty, and business growth.

How To Create An Instagram Story?


Creating Instagram Stories is a great way to engage your audience and promote your brand.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create Instagram Stories, including competitor research using tools like PowerAdSpy:

Login to Your Instagram Account
  • Log in or sign up for your Instagram account
Access the Instagram application on one’s mobile device.
  • If you don’t already have an Instagram account, go ahead and sign in.
Access the Stories Feature:
  • From the home screen, swipe right or tap your profile picture in the top-left corner to access the Stories camera.
Capture or Upload Content:
  • To create a new Instagram Story, you can either take a photo or record a video in real-time by tapping the capture button or holding it for video.
  • Alternatively, you can upload existing photos or videos from your camera roll by swiping up or tapping the gallery icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
Edit Your Story:

After capturing or uploading content, you can edit it by using various tools:

  • Add text: Tap the “Aa” icon to add text to your Story. You can also adjust the colour, size, and look of the text.
  • Stickers: Use stickers to add fun elements, like location, mentions, hashtags, GIFs, polls, and more.
  • Drawing: Tap the pen icon to draw or doodle on your Story.
  • Filters and Effects: Swipe left or right to apply filters or effects to your content.
Add Multiple Slides (Optional):
  • You can add multiple slides to your Story by tapping the “+ Your Story” button or swiping right to add more content. This creates a sequence of Stories that viewers can tap through.
Tagging and Mentioning:
  • If you want to mention or tag other Instagram users in your Story, use the “@” symbol followed by their username. You can also put a sticker on your car that says “mention”.
Location and Hashtags:
  • Add your location by tapping the location sticker or typing the location name.
  • Include relevant hashtags using the text tool or hashtag sticker to increase discoverability.
Preview Your Story:
  • Before sharing, preview your Story to ensure it looks the way you want it to.
Share Your Story:
  • Once you’re satisfied with your Story, tap the “Your Story” button at the bottom of the screen to publish it to your Story for all your followers to see.

Now, regarding competitor research using Instagram spy tools like PowerAdSpy:

Enhance Instagram Stories With PowerAdSpy:


PowerAdSpy is an AI-based ad intelligence software for competitor research and staying updated with the latest trends in advertising. It has more than 100 million ads listed in its dashboard from all around the different countries.

This tool is commonly used by marketers and advertisers to gain a competitive edge by analyzing and understanding their competitors’ ad strategies and creative approaches.

Here’s how you can use it to boost your Instagram Story game:

Competitor Analysis:

Explore the Instagram ads of your competitors. Gain insights into their content strategies, ad copy, and targeting methods to identify successful approaches.

Creative Inspiration:

Discover eye-catching visuals and creative elements that resonate with your audience. Adapt and apply these elements to your own Stories.


Keep an eye on emerging trends in advertising. PowerAdSpy allows you to spot new trends early and incorporate them into your Stories before they become mainstream.

Ad Performance Metrics:

Analyze engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares for competitor ads. Use this data to refine your Instagram Story content for better results.

Instagram Stories are a dynamic platform for engaging with your audience. By implementing these fantastic Instagram story ad ideas and using tools like PowerAdSpy for competitive analysis, you can create captivating and effective Instagram Stories that drive engagement, build your brand, and stay ahead of the competition.

Breaking Down Instagram Story Ideas For You


Now, let’s break down the Reason and the ad ideas for creating engaging advertisements with some Instagram story ads examples:

Cool Instagram Story Ideas For Follower Engagement

Creating engaging Instagram Stories is essential for fostering a strong connection with your followers.

Here are two cool Instagram Story ideas for follower engagement:

1. Conduct A Poll:

Engage your followers by conducting a poll on a topic related to your brand or industry. It could be a fun, lighthearted question or a more serious one, depending on your audience and brand tone.

2. Spotlight A Customer:

Feature your customers in your Instagram Stories. Share user-generated content (UGC) or highlight a customer’s success story with your product or service. This not only builds trust but also encourages others to share their experiences.


Cool Instagram Story Ideas For Products/Services

1. Spotlight Products and Services:

Use Instagram Stories to put your products and services in the spotlight. Create visually stunning images or videos that highlight their unique features, benefits, and how they solve your customers’ problems.

2. Announce Discounts and Specials:

Generate excitement by announcing discounts and special offers through Instagram Stories. Incorporate elements like countdown timers, swipe-up links, and engaging visuals to capture attention.




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Creative Instagram Story Ideas for Your Team/Company Spotlights

Highlighting your team and celebrating company milestones on Instagram Stories can foster a sense of community and humanize your brand.

Here are creative Instagram Story ideas for team/company spotlights:

1. Share Behind-the-Scenes Footage:

Give your followers an exclusive look at what happens behind closed doors. Capture candid moments, team meetings, or even humorous outtakes that showcase the personality of your team and the culture of your company.

2. Celebrate Milestones:

Whether it’s your company’s anniversary, a team member’s work anniversary, or hitting a significant achievement, celebrate it with your audience.

Use Stories to share the journey, accomplishments, and future goals.


Cool Instagram Story Ideas for Educational Content

Educational content on Instagram Stories can position you as an authority in your niche and provide value to your audience.

Here are cool Instagram Story ads ideas for sharing educational content:

1. Share Industry News:

Use Instagram Stories to keep your audience informed about the latest developments and trends in your industry. Share breaking news, updates, and noteworthy insights.
Add context and your expert analysis to help your audience understand the implications of the news.

2. Post Quick Tutorials:

Create short, step-by-step tutorials that provide practical knowledge or solve common problems related to your industry or niche. Use clear visuals and concise explanations.

Encourage viewers to try the tutorial themselves and share their results or questions with you.


Cool Instagram Story Ideas for Miscellaneous Content

Creating engaging miscellaneous content on Instagram Stories can add variety to your profile and keep your audience interested.

Here are cool Instagram Story ideas for miscellaneous content:

1. Direct Traffic to Other Sources:

Use Instagram Stories to promote your blog posts, YouTube videos, or other content hosted on external platforms. Share a teaser or snippet to pique curiosity and encourage followers to swipe up to access the full content.

Include a call to action (CTA) that tells viewers why they should check out the external content and what value it offers.

2. Start a Countdown:

Create anticipation and excitement for an upcoming event, product launch, or special occasion by using the countdown sticker. Share daily updates or interesting facts related to the countdown theme.

Encourage interaction by asking followers to guess what will happen when the countdown reaches zero. This can spark conversations and engagement.

3. Promote New Post

Announce your latest Instagram post in your Stories to increase its visibility. Share a sneak peek or a compelling snippet from the post to entice your audience to check it out.

Also Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA) that invites viewers to like, comment, and share your new post.



Instagram Story ads have emerged as a potent tool to capture your audience’s attention. By harnessing the power of creative Instagram Stories, you can craft compelling and visually stunning advertisements that stand out in the digital crowd.

These Instagram ads offer an immersive experience, blending seamlessly into users’ stories, creating a captivating narrative that resonates with your target audience.

As you embark on your advertising journey, remember that the key lies in storytelling, engaging visuals, and strategic placement.

So, use Instagram Story ad templates wisely and watch your brand’s story unfold, leaving a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your viewers.

Elevate your marketing game with Instagram Stories ads today!