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7 Tips For Creating Effective Instagram Story Ads

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7 Tips For Creating Effective Instagram Story Ads

In the world of emerging trends, Instagram has become a go-to platform for entertainment and social connectivity. On an average, 500 million users engage in Instagram stories daily. It has become a catch–up medium for viral content and emerging trends.

Among all the features of Instagram launched over the years, Instagram story ads have won the eyeballs and minds of everyone.

Story ads have done wonders for businesses. About one-third of the most watched content comes from businesses. Brands and startups have started squeezing their minds for the best use of Instagram ads over the internet. It has become a great advantage for businesses to promote their brand and plan their strategies accordingly.

In this blog post, we will walk you through some tips and ideas to create winning story ads on Instagram.

But, first thing first.

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What Are Story Ads On Instagram & Its Specifications?

Instagram Story Ads are short, 15-second online graphic advertisements containing photos and videos that come into sight between end users’ Instagram Stories.

Such story ads contain a tag named “Sponsored or Paid Partnership” to specify that they are commercial, permitting businesses to reach a dedicated audience with the help of a transitory Instagram story algorithm.

The unique feature of Instagram Stories ad is the option to incorporate links and generate clickable stories. It helps the advertisers track the results. Such ads also contribute to generating a high Return On Investment(ROI).


Now that we know what are story ads, lets us discuss the minimum requirement for creating them:

Video Format: For creating Instagram story ads you need to have your content in vertical mode or the best ratio fit for it, 9:16.

File Type: The file type of your content should be:
.mp4 or mov (For video)
.jpg or .png (For Image)

Maximum File Size: 4 GB for video and 30 MB for photo

Maximum Video Length: 20 seconds

Image Dimension: Recommended Resolution: 1080 x 1920 and
Minimum Dimension: 600 x 1067

Supported Codecs: In Video: H.264, VP8 and In audio: AAC, Vorbis

5 Things To Pay Attention While Creating Story Ads

Before you start creating Instagram Story Ads, here are 5 things that need your attention:

  • Focusing On Target Audience
  • Keep the Creativity Alive
  • Call to Action
  • Collaborate with other creators
  • Analyze and Track
Focus On Target Audience

While running Instagram story Ads, it is vital to keep your target audience in mind.

It is necessary to make sure that the ads are reaching out to the interested audience. This helps you achieve more responses and increases the effectiveness of your ads.

It is attainable by rigidly selecting your target audience, such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
Keep The Artistry Alive

The key to creating attractive Instagram story ads is to pay attention to the little details like the text, its language, image selection, video quality, and graphics.

The elements should be eye-catching, lined up with the brand’s class, and appealing and engaging to the desired audience.

Call To Action

Inorder to achieve your desired outcome, it is vital to hit an effective CTA to your ads on Instagram to motivate your audience to take the next step.

You can add CTAs like ‘swipe up’, ‘shop now’, ‘learn more’, ‘sign-up’, and more. Such CTAs can add to stories in a place where it is visually appealing and easy for the users to take the upcoming action.

Collaborate With Other Creator

To Increase your reach and brand value, collaborating with other creators of your niche is a good kick-start.

To collaborate with other content creators or creators with a large following you can start by building a connection with them, this will increase your chances of creating collaborations that feel natural and authentic to both sides.

Analyze And Track

Keeping an eye on the performance of your Instagram Story Ads is equally necessary as creating high-quality content. It pinpoints the area that looks out for improvement.

Businesses can go for Instagram’s built-in analytics or opt for software like PowerAdSpy for the complete 360-degree analysis of their story ads.
Metrics like reach, impressions, clicks, and conversions are important aspects of analysis.

Altogether, keeping these five things in mind when running story ads on Instagram can help you effectively navigate your business.

7 Effective Tips To Create Mind-Boggling Insta Story Ads To Grow Your Business7-tips-for-creating-effective-instagram-story-ads

Now that you have a clear understanding of story advertisements on Instagram and the 5 things to devote your attention to, let us discuss the 7 effective tips to create amazing story advertisements on Instagram.

1. Utilize Full Screen
2. Be Interactive
3. Draw your brand in your imagination
4. Enrich Your Ad with Audio
5. Add text overlay
6. Add Transitions
7. Strengthen your CTA

Let’s unlock each of their powers one by one.

Utilize Full Screen

The most vital thing required for creating effective ads is the utilization of the full screen. Since you are creating ads on Instagram, the vertical screen should be your go-to friend. After all, that is how your target audience is going to see the video, most probably.

Having pre-decided software for editing your content or keeping some of the stock videos of Instagram Story Ad Template for reference helps you in creating impactful content.

Be Interactive

To generate a high response to your ads, you are needed to be interactive with your audience.

You can use polls, stickers, and various Call To Action (CTAs)’ to motivate your audience to take the next step.

Draw Your Brand In Your Imagination

To create attention-grabbing ads, you first need to create your ad in your mind. It helps you frame the ads without any distractions and brings out more creative ideas to implement.

Adding elements like a Logo, product, or transition at the beginning of your Instagram story assists in capturing attention and building positive brand recall.

Enrich Your Ad With Audio

Have you ever thought of a video without audio? Before moving forward, can you share your opinion on the video without the audio?

Instagram has recently discovered that 80% of Instagram Story Ads with audio, either voiceover or music drive, have better results than ads with no sound.

Add Text Overlay

Well, no matter how much you try to ignore this fact, this is something that attracts the targeted audience.

Using texts in your video grabs the attention of your viewers. It provides them with a glimpse of the video, and it also helps in turning the audience towards the video.

Add Transitions

For all the creators out there, this is your key to the audience’s attention.

Transitions add flavor to your story ads. It assists you in holding the attention of your target audience. You can also take inspiration from Instagram  Ads example for indulging your creativity.

Strengthen Your CTA

A CTA – or Call To Action plays a crucial role in running a successful story ad campaign.

It is something that you are asking your audience to do at the end of the day.
In a recent story, it has been described by Instagram that story ad campaigns perform much better when their CTA is strengthened.But how do you strengthen CTA’s?

Here is the simple answer to this.

You can reinforce the CTA by simply running smart research about your
Target audience, and in such conditions, software like PowerAdSpy comes to the rescue and helps you achieve your desired goals.

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PowerAdSpy: AI-Based Ad-Intelligence Platform

PowerAdSpy- AI-Based-Ad-Intelligence-Platform

PowerAdSpy is an online ad intelligence platform that suits businesses with a wide range of features. It is a ground-breaking software for organizations that allows them to stay ahead of their competitor, discover victorious ad strategies, and unlock the potential of their Instagram Story Ads.

You can utilize PowerAdSpy- Instagram ad spy features by following the given steps and enhance your research for story ads

Step 1: Get Access To Ad Database:

Login to the PowerAdSpy application using your user-id and password.

After login you can take the leverage of an extensive database of all the ads and campaigns running across multiple social media platforms. It helps businesses select successful campaigns and strategies according to their niche. This database is updated regularly with the latest trends and strategies granting you access to everything.

Step 2: Ad Filtering and Sorting:

When you land on the homepage of PowerAdspy after login, you can compact your search with advanced filtering and sorting options.

It helps you find your niche-oriented ads and narrow down your searching time by applying filters based on the certain parameters you choose. It also helps you in uncovering the most appropriate data simultaneously.

Step 3: Save the Best Ads:

After utilizing the filtering and sorting feature for scrolling, you may come across certain ads that you would like to recreate later. PowerAdSpy bookmarks those ads and campaigns for you as “mark your favorite” for later use. You can also access your favorite ads by clicking on the favorite ads option provided on the upper right side of your landing page.

This helps the creator never run out of ideas and trends.

Step 4: Ads Performance Analytics:

Did you ever get the curiosity to track your ad or competitor’s Instagram Story Ads analytics? If you answered yes to this question, then PowerAdspy is the ultimate solution to this, as it provides analytics of your desired ads and campaigns.

You have to click on the “show analytics” option provided under each ad, and the analytics will appear.

Let’s Summarize:

So altogether, when it comes to Instagram Story Ads, it is all about catching people’s attention and making it up to the eyeballs of the audience. They have become a great source for managers and entrepreneurs to enhance their business.

To stay at the top of the competition, you need to unfold your hands on your business research and work on understanding your viewers. You can use Instagram story ideas and Instagram advertising examples to get a better view of the audience.

You can also use an AI-based Ad Intelligence Platform, like PowerAdSpy, to automate your research work and take advantage of the multiple leverage provided.

Hence, start implementing the tips and things to pay attention to mentioned above and boost your story ads campaigns.