How to add a video to Facebook cover- a step-by-step guide to posting the Facebook cover video

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How to add a video to Facebook cover- a step-by-step guide to posting the Facebook cover video

A Facebook cover video is a crucial segment of real estate on your business site. You may have contained certain cover paintings with a Facebook cover image initially, but it won’t catch the attention of your customers more than certain attractive videos.  

Did you aware of the recent features of Facebook that you can create a smooth video, which can be added to your Facebook cover page within a minute? You can boost your Facebook page and gain more followers. And, in this blog, I will take you through the primary things of making your Facebook cover video.  

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The significance of video nowadays  The-significance-of-video-nowadays

Based on the latest analysis, 60 percent of users view exclusive videos on Facebook regularly; on the other hand, 64percent of users claim that videos from Facebook have provoked their buying statements in the previous month. It means that video theme is widely holding on the prime social media site, is present today as Facebook.  

Though, the major work to do before planning to make and post suitable videos is to create your Facebook page more video approachable. This method, no doubt it permits you to create a thought process for your user.  

Where do you initiate?  

You initiate with your profile pictures and the page header. And actually, you can make a dynamic profile image or cover video.  

Beginning of cover videos   

In April 2017, Facebook initiated to announce cover video competencies for certain sites. Its innovative feature was initially noted on the site of Netflix New Series Narcos were rather than keeping a still image as their cover, a video shown on repeat mode. When the Narcos cover video looked like a gif in the logic, it is small and repeating. Cover videos can be played in between 20 and 90 seconds and have complete audio competencies. Toward 2018, cover videos are accessible on several sites and have been broadly accepting as the drive-to for cover context. Keeping the capability for an attractive video is the primary thing friends to your profile view is a great implement and should positively be preferred.  

How to create your Facebook cover video  

Luckily, setting a cover video for your profile is now easy to work with and an acquainted one if you have ever tried to change a cover image. if you cross over the cover image, you will notice the “change cover” option find in the upper left side corner of the cover section. Likewise, set a cover video, and you will get the button to “upload video”. It is a brief idea about creating a cover video; we will describe the whole process below.  

Facebook cover video size resolution for 2021  

1.Size of the cover video  

The exact Facebook cover video size is not identifying yet, but you should preserve it under 1.75GB. While uploading the video, confirm that a shorter file size would support consumers with slower internet activities to receive a quicker video load time without buffering.  

2.Dimensions of the cover video  

The exact Facebook cover video dimension must be 820 x 312 pixels, but for best outcomes, the video should be in 820 x 462 pixels. It will be the tenacity upon which your video will be showing on your Facebook profile.  

3.Length of the cover video  

The Facebook cover video length must be between 20 and 90 seconds lengthy. Smaller or longer videos or moving pictures will not be establishing.  

4.Format of the cover video  

The cover video format must be at 1080p, which means you want to make a full HD video in mp4 or MOV format. The tenacity is not compulsory, but it would look better for the entire appearance of your profile.  

What is best about these cover videos is that they play automatically when someone views your profile. The auto play mode is on volume less that means it won’t be disturbing to the friends of your profile. Keep in mind that it creates logic if your cover video does not contain a sound stream.  

Step-by-step guide to create a Facebook cover video   Step-by-step-guide-to-create-a-Facebook-cover-video   

Currently, you have a brief idea about all the mechanics, so now you can start making your personal Facebook dynamic profile cover video. And, fortunately, you have the top Facebook profile cover video creator right here, on PowerAdSpy. You can make a Facebook cover video within a few minutes with the help of this beneficial and easy learning application. What do you want more?  

 Let’s keep it simple and explore the procedure step by step: 

1. Make your profile and try to log in 

If you haven’t created a PowerAdSpy account yet, make one and “log in” to it. Next, you can select among two possibilities: make a solo video or a complete set of videos.  

In this blog, I will go for the single video possibility ever since we are connected with Facebook. Though, it’s better to keep in mind that with PAS, you can also form a complete package of videos for all major social media sites automatically. Hence, if you need to promote or market your business on the above one page, you should choose that possibility and save valuable time by keeping the application in your device, regulate your designs for all sorts of formats, shapes, and sizes.  

Click on the search button on the left.

2. Go to the application 

Click on the search button on the left side and look for the Facebook Video Cover size resolutions. Now, you can initiate your preferred work and plan your video.  

There are several types of stock videos, keys, and sizes accessible in PAS. If you have particular features you need to add to your plan, you can even upload them into your profile. 

3. Now form your Facebook video cover 

Selecting a video directly from our videos file you can get in the Elements category, or put your video for further personalization and form the noticeable Facebook cover video. You have the option to cut the video to fit the suitable Facebook size using PAS’s Timeline.  

When you go to the Timeline segment, you’ll notice you can put and moving other essentials you earlier put to your Facebook cover video. As you have already viewed several pages’ images, there are many kinds of changes and animations they use, and seeing these variations you will get an idea. There are also many different sizes, shapes, and dimensions present, which you can animate too, create more energy. 

4. Re-check and download 

Once you are all set, you can re-check your Facebook cover video, then download it as an MP4 file or GIF format, but for having the superiority of your design, we suggest the MP4 file.  

How to set a Facebook cover video  

After creating your Facebook cover video successfully, let’s give a shot at how to publish it on your Facebook profile.  

Step1. Look over to your Facebook profile and tab the camera sign on the Facebook video.  

Step2. From the given list, choose the third possibility Upload Videos and select the mark Facebook cover video.  

Step3. After the uploading method is all set to move forward, you can re-check the video. Then tab the Next option to stay further.  

Step4. Click the Publish option to approve the process.  

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This blog can support you to put a video on the Facebook cover page. With easy steps, you can display your profile to users in a unique and unique video cover. It is a pretty amazing feature announced by Facebook.

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