How To Use Hashtags For Instagram For Better Marketing Approaches? 

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How To Use Hashtags For Instagram For Better Marketing Approaches? 

Hashtags for Instagram are the absolute warriors for the marketing approaches. It is discovering elements efficiently in exploring the new followers, targeting the audiences, and setting the fire in a vast range of crowds provided by the platforms.

So, wondering how to effectively utilize hashtags for Instagram to get more visibility across the platforms? Hop along with us, where we introduce you to nailing the hashtags game for Instagram marketing. 

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What Are Instagram Hashtags?


What is your favorite recipe? And what do you like in that particular recipe? 

Now hypothetically, imagine Instagram is your favorite charming recipe, and the hashtags are the secret sauce that makes it successful. That is why hashtags for Instagram are so important because the platform Instagram itself has low searching capabilities, but the hashtag is the discovery agent of your content, amplifying the benefits of free online advertising.

Hashtags are labels or phrases for content that helps others who are engaged in a specific topic instantly find content on that same topic.

Why Are Hashtags for Instagram Business’s Super Warriors?

hashtags-for-instagram-importanceHashtags let your content on Instagram discovered and attract more attention to find more content. There are numerous benefits of hashtags used in Instagram content; some of the benefits are; 

#1- Improve the discovery of the content 

Hashtags increase the exposure and discovery of the content. For example, clicking on the hashtags leads the users to the gallery of the posts that use the hashtags. It is how you can explore the numerous posts with the same hashtags. Hence using the hashtags for Instagram ensure brand exposure and awareness.

#2- Encourage audience interaction 

Using branded hashtags for Instagram encourages the use of hashtags, and it becomes another form of engagement. Hashtags are the best way to sanction audience interaction and commitment to the customer base.

#3- Content research

Hashtags for every platform allow the analysis of different content and marketing ideas to progress the possibility of a share of voice with the branded hashtags.

#4- Competitor analysis

Nothing in digital marketing works without competitor analysis or in every marketing world. Exploring and investigating the post with the particular hashtags can assist you in getting ideas about the brand’s performance compared to the competitors.

#5- Raise awareness about the particular topic 

Hashtags are phrases about a particular topic and mark the current trends. Eventually, the hashtags spread awareness about a prominent subject and went viral, resulting in plenty of user-generated content. It will for sure spread awareness related to the topic.

05 Best Practices for the Instagram Hashtags 


Gone are the days when you could use any words or phrase with a hashtag. Nowadays, only well-researched and analyzed hashtags will work, and numerous best practices need to be taken care of while including the hashtags in the content. So without any further delay, let’s get into the topic. 

Analyze the ideal number of the hashtags 

The number of hashtags is an essential part of marketing and exploring strategies. For different platforms, there is a unique number of hashtags counts. For example, for Instagram, it is advisable to add 1-3 hashtags with a caption. And with every post, 30 hashtags are recommendable. 

Best hashtags for a particular platform

There are numerous best hashtags for particular brands or businesses. Research and analyze the best hashtags for Instagram. The simplest way to search for the best hashtags for Instagram will allow searching the trendiest hashtags, including the impression on the hashtags. Also, the hashtags that served the brand earlier can be beneficial.

Follow hashtags 

Instagram proffers the functionality of hashtags in the search results. Clicking on a particular hashtag allows research of the hashtags and posts from the post follow.

Use Branded hashtags 

Sometimes, branded hashtags are often added to the brand’s bio with the call to action to use them. Try to use them more often in every relevant post to get a better reach and engagement.

Add the Hashtags to the Instagram Stories

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, which might cause that hashtags are not that worthy when used in the Instagram stories but can show the content in the Instagram search result and are the best-preferred way of getting more interested followers. 

So after acknowledging the benefits and significance of the hashtags for Instagram, knowing the right hashtags ideas and innovation for the businesses or brands is a must. Recognizing the working strategy is always a good idea but researching before implementing the craziness and results of the approach is wisdom.

How To Perform Competitor Analysis With PowerAdSpy?

You might have heard about the word competitor analysis. The method is the truth-teller and essential one. Competitor analysis is constantly investing and researching what the competitor is doing and implementing to get the desired outcomes. 

Now, the question is, in the diligent and tumultuous schedules, how to add on an all-new keeping an eye task. We understand implementing tactics is already an extra addon, and nobody, especially a social media business, gets the time to research their competitors. 

Assistance in searching and analyzing the best ads working for a particular brand or business is now available. Poweradspy is all that an advertiser or marketer needs to keep at the peak in the marketing game. With over 50 million ads listed from over 100+ countries, approximately 50K ads are added daily.

Some of the astonishing features of the PowerAdSpy are; 

  • Get all the current and past ads of the social media platforms Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, GDN, Native, Reddit, and Quora that are already winners under the respective niche.
  • Analyze the targeting countries, groups, age, marital status, gender, and detail analytics.
  • Examine the performance of the ads and monetize accordingly.
  • Grow the email list and analyze the exact ad funnels and targeted audience members of any advertisers, keywords, or domain.

✅ In the PowerAdSpy dashboard, there is a navigation bar to add the keyword, domain, and phrase, to search the relevant terms of the searching ads. Down below on the navigation bar, there are filtering options like Search. 

By, Sort By, Filters, and Lander Properties. At last, with addon filters, options are available that allow you to precisely search your ads, like Sort By, Ad Seen Between, Post Date Between, and Domain Registration Date. 

✅ On the left, there are available options from which you can select the platforms to search ads from, like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, GDN Ads, Native Ads, Reddit Ads, Quora Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

✅ On the right, there are available options like Invite friends, Watch Our Tutorial, Share this on Twitter, Copy URL, and Book Demo.


Instagram Ads on PowerAdSpy, to perceive the detailed insights of the ads, tap on the show analytics option for additional details of the chosen ads.

While exploring Instagram sun glasses advertisement on PowerAdSpy, to perceive the detailed insights of the ads, tap on the show analytics option for additional details of the chosen ads. 

All details of the selected ads are extracted, like;

?Ad details 

?Ad analytics

?Basic info, Redirects, outgoing links, and Instagram post links 

?Lander Page 

?First seen, Last seen, Post date, Age, Ad language, Days Running, and Domain Rgsd Date 

?Target Age

?Target profile 

?Relationship Statusads-analytics-hashtags-for-instagram

So this all makes the PowerAdSpy, an Instagram ad spy tool for marketers, businesses or brands, and advertisers. Just select the like Enter target audience, view results, and implement before monetizing.

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram?

best-hashtags-for-instagram2022 is around the corner, and strategizing the marketing approaches now is perfect for claiming the best marketing outcomes. The best Instagram hashtags will allow exploring the new audience range and alert the brands’ message. In addition, using the best Instagram hashtags related to the niche helps engage and attract the target audience.

Let’s see the precisely extracted tips on how to find the best hashtags for Instagram ;

Research Your Audience 

Adding a random hashtag at the end of the Instagram content will not sufficiently perform the task. To improve the followers, you need to understand your audience’s interests and what they are looking for? Suppose when you add a relevant keyword for the audience looking for, the audience will surely notice or see your posts. 

Analyze Your Competitors 

Analyzing the competitors gives a fair idea of which keywords and phrases will provide the highest level of interaction. Researching the competitor will act as a reference guide while creating any marketing strategies. 

PowerAdSpy, is the world’s largest Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social media platforms, with over 50 million ads from 20 different countries and thousands of news ads daily.

Notice the Influencers

Instagram influencers are heroic icons who have a mass following on social media. One of the well-known methods to analyze the hashtag is examining and analyzing the influencer and their hashtag game.

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Bottom Line

Hashtags for Instagram and each social media platform are the must ingredient for the content. But they have their own set rules to follow. Like revising few are ; 

  • Analyzing the most trendy hashtags,
  • The accurate counts of the hashtags recommended for the platforms,
  • Following the branded hashtags

Analyzing and examining the best hashtags for Instagram is a non-negotiable factor when planning to use the hashtags.

With the perfect tool like PowerAdSpy, the advertising and strategizing game can be easy and budget-friendly. It’s like the map for your best outcome treasure. Well designed for all businesses, organizations, and advertisers, it’s an intelligent assisting tool. So why wait? Of course, visiting will not cost at all! Try PowerAdSpy Today!