Amazing Things You Never Knew About Instagram Search

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Amazing Things You Never Knew About Instagram Search

Instagram is not just about posting your photos and looking at your friends’ cool updates. It is also about discovering new people like you that love sharing their photos and videos with those who matter!

And if you are promoting your business on Instagram, it can get your social media marketing game on another level. All thanks to the Instagram search, you can easily search Instagram accounts from all around the world and grow your audience. One another advantage of the Instagram search and explore feature is to find the trending topics and hashtags.

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Many Instagram users, especially those who are using Instagram as a tool for marketing their business online, can search for users to follow by profile category or a specific keyword. The Instagram search is an easy, highly advanced analyzing tool. It does in-depth filtering and categorization in your search. And believe me, there’s no other Instagram search on the internet that can get such accurate results for you. Once you start utilizing this Instagram feature, there is no coming back to a basic Instagram search anymore. 

Instagram Search and Explore Features:


The popularity of Instagram features is increasing continuously. Instagram is determined to improve its features to make it more appealing for brands like sponsored posts, in-app shopping, product catalog, etc. But the question is: how can you use this opportunity and utilize it to get on the top?

First thing first, try to take advantage of the search and explore page, Instagram wanted to step up its competitive edge, so they launched this feature back in 2015 which allowed users to see what’s happening globally with real-time reporting. Gradually, Instagram has been updating and revamping the Search & Explore page, with more well-known updates including the Places Search, which groups images by location. 

There are 3 ways for users to discover your brand on Instagram:

  • The Instagram search tool:

It is where people search for specific hashtags, keywords, and brand names.

  • The Instagram Search and Explore tab:

It is where people see posts and Stories that are recommended by the Instagram algorithm.

  • Sponsored posts:

These are organic posts that you choose to promote.

Search and explore page can help you to reach more people through an organized social search on Instagram. But, you have to master the art of hashtags and some more tricks. Before that, let’s see how it actually works.

How Does The Instagram Explore Page Work?


The Explore page is situated next to the Instagram home feed, it is where you get all the suggested posts, Stories, and topics. With the explore page, Instagram tries to predict what users can search for.

This page is heavily influenced and dependable on what and user searches on Instagram, then Instagram algorithm shows related posts.

It also depends on the trending topics, so you can see it as a mixture of both. Here are the things that the Instagram algorithm considers while suggesting content.

  • Interest: 

Is this content that the user (i.e. your target audience) cares about?

  • Timeliness: 

If you are posting regularly, at optimized times. There are more chances that your post will show up if they are recent.

  • Relationship: 

If this user has previously followed you or has friends who follow you, then your posts are more likely to appear in their Explore tab.

Instagram usually measures relevancy based on how you are targeting your audience. You can use these customized hashtags to interact with your audience, but use more than the top 100 hashtags of the day. Do your research and discover where your target audience is hanging out. Then, Instagram will show its magic by putting your content in front of the target audience via the explore page.

How Does Instagram Search Work On The Explore Page?


The working of the Instagram search feature is different from other search engines. On google, you write keywords or a string of words and get the result. But on Instagram, you can search a single keyword or a single hashtag at a time. That means you can perform one specific search at a time.

Here are some more, search results for every user are distinctive. Instagram search and explore shows the result based on the experience and activities for each user, posts that your followers have liked, and what is trending on the social network. You get mixed results for your searches. You can filter out the results by sorting them into different categories, found at the very top of the Search page:

  • Top 
  • Accounts
  • Tags
  • Places

If you search by hashtag or click on a hashtag related to your keyword it will redirect you to a page full of related posts. 

  • Where you will get to see a collection of top posts, Stories, and IGTV videos. To see the top posts in your home feed regularly, you can follow the hashtag.
  • Instagram tries to give the best experience possible for each user by choosing relevant photos and videos that are liked by people you are connected with and by current trending posts.
  • To determine what to show on your feed, Instagram links the trending places and suggests people into different collections by Instagram account or place.

The results generated depend on various factors, like the people you follow, which posts you like, and what type of content you engage the most.

How Do Businesses Benefit From Instagram Explore Page?


The Instagram Search and Explore page not only hands you a way to get discovered, but you can use the feature to fine-tune your own Instagram strategy.

Target Audience Accurately:

The page will let you see suggested people and places that are already relevant to your brand. It takes a lot of guesswork out of targeting your audience because the recommendations are based on your Instagram activity.

Reach Your Audience From Specific Locations:

Brands can use Search by Place to target their audience from a specific location and grow their audience. You can discover what people are sharing by your location and engage with them accordingly. You can also find the best relevant hashtags and increase your visibility.

Discover Trending Hashtags:

The same feature allows you to discover trending hashtags in real-time to see if current trends are related to your product, service, or brand. If they do, leverage this to develop engaging conversations to build brand trust and loyalty.

Run Customized Ad Campaigns:

Then, use these as inspiration to help develop your social media campaigns for your business. Combining these factors will help build Instagram’s already high engagement rates. The more you develop your engagement, the higher you’ll appear in Instagram’s search results.

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Search Instagram Contents Like A Pro:


In case you have not used Instagram search to its full potential, we are going to show you how you can take advantage of this Instagram feature to increase your Instagram followings and improve your account visibility on the popular photo-sharing app.

Use The Best Hashtags:

The best hashtags are the ones that are the most relevant to what you are posting. If you are posting about your trip to Seoul, South Korea, then your hashtags should have words like Seoul, South Korea, or Asia, and perhaps K-Pop since that is what the country is very famous for. Use whatever you think will help people with similar interests find you.

You can search Instagram for hashtags by:

  • Going to the Instagram search bar and type your keyword.
  • Clicking on a hashtag in a comment section or image caption.

The best thing about the first option is that it allows you to discover other hashtags relevant to your searches.

Search By Location:

Another great way to discover Instagram accounts, hashtags, and trending posts is by using Instagram locations. You do not need to turn on your GPS to see other people’s locations. Just click on the location shown at the top of the photo. It will redirect you to the location of the photo.

Instagram will show you both top and recent images posted by other Instagrammers who had been to the location. There is a small map just above the tagged photos that you can click. You can click on the red icon and open the map using Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can go to the Instagram search bar to search for the same location to see who else has been to the same place. Instagram will require you to turn on your GPS to help you find the location you want to find. If you have an Instagram page for your business, you must not miss out on this feature. Use it to help people locate your local store (if any) or company.

Search By User:

It is likely that you already know someone on Instagram — friends, relatives, and co-workers. Adding them is a great way to start your Instagram journey. You do not need to add everybody you know if you rather not do that for privacy reasons. To search Instagram accounts you know, you need to enter their usernames in the Instagram search bar.

Instagram will also recommend people you may know on Instagram. These people are likely your friends on Facebook. The Instagram search bar is also great to help you follow your favorite brands, celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers. You may even find new inspiring social influencers to follow. Keep in mind that the minute you follow someone on Instagram, Instagram will give you recommendations of people to follow; people like them.

Search By Keyword:

To make your Instagram searches easy, use keywords when looking for Instagram users of particular niches. If you click on People, then you will discover all the Instagram users who have the keyword you have searched for in their Instagram handle. 

Search By Followers:

While searching for Instagram accounts, keep in mind that you follow accounts relevant to your business. It will help you to grow a relevant audience that might potentially become your customers. When you see their contents, you will also be able to see the people who follow them, like and comment on their posts.

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Wrapping Words:

Instagram’s revamped its Search & Explore page, instead featuring a near-endless stream of posts and leading marketers to wonder how, exactly, the Instagram algorithm was ranking images. The idea of getting on the Explore tab might seem more intimidating. But it’s becoming easier, as Instagram breaks that tab down into more specific categories. I hope you find this article helpful on how to search Instagram accounts, hashtags, and poses like a pro, don’t forget to leave a comment.