Is Advertising On Facebook Worth It?

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Is Advertising On Facebook Worth It?

Advertising on Facebook, a platform with the highest user base on the internet, has taken the marketing industry by storm. Because of its massive user base, advertising on Facebook has yielded fruitful results for all digital marketers who take a dip in it. What is it about this platform that makes it the #1 spot to be for you to grow your brand organically? Let’s find out!

Facebook: The Place for Digital Marketers To Be


Facebook, birthed in 2004 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his then Harvard roommates, has grown to be the biggest social media platform to exist. With an average monthly user base of 2.8 billion active users, Facebook is the one-stop shop for all your needs.

From entertainment to business tips to handling a full-fledged business, Facebook lets you do it all from your smartphone or laptop. People from all age groups, geographical locations, and other walks of life all have one thing in common: They might have a Facebook account.

Facebook has touched and influenced almost every life on this planet, directly or indirectly. Every time a person signs up on Facebook, they give the platform all the rights to use the information received. This information is priceless to digital marketers as it helps them identify their audience and cater to their social media pages accordingly.

Because this user base is so vast and active, approximately 79% of these users come online daily to check their Facebook accounts. Information that the platform gives; makes it the number one place for marketers to be active if they want to grow their brand. Around 70% of these marketers, in a survey done by Social Media Examiner, said that Facebook is their most important platform for business.

All for a good reason, of course: Because it lets them reach their audience smoothly.

Reaching Your Audience on Facebook

Facebook has almost everyone on Earth using its platform. It makes a lot of sense to invest in Facebook ads for advertising your brand for organic reach. But how does advertising on Facebook work in 2022 and how do you reach out to your audience? Let us find out!

Here are some pointers for making your reach as effective as possible on Facebook:

  • Content matters: For every minute that passes, users on Facebook make two hundred thousand posts on the platform. Because of such high competition, marketers need to make sure that their advertisements are catchy and flashy so that it attracts users to click and spend some more time on their post than the time they have spent on some other post.
  • Tailoring your content: It is better to curate content relatable to the targeted customer base. Personalizing your content goes a long way in catching their attention and interact more with your content.
  • Time is crucial: Time plays a vital factor in social media marketing, especially in advertising on Facebook. The time you post your content matters a lot. If you post as your competitors, your posts will get lost in the crowd of all others.
  • Utilization of Tools: Several brands lack to grab the attention of their audiences as they fail to utilize the tools required and provided by Facebook ads to advertise their content correctly. These tools, if not used properly, will not highlight their posts.

Advertising on Facebook: Policies and Guidelines


Facebook, ever since they acknowledged the overwhelmingly large user-base they have given birth to, monitor the content posted by their users, business and personal alike, and have strengthened their guidelines a lot in the past years. For advertising on Facebook, advertisers and marketers need to tailor their content, not only according to the needs of their consumers but to Facebook advertising policies as well.

Marketers have to adhere to these guidelines strictly to ensure that their advertisements are functioning successfully. It is why social media marketers need to have a crystal clear image of the Facebook advertising policies to make sure their advertisements see the light of the day.
Here is a list of the content that is strictly not allowed by the platform. Posting any content with any of these elements present in them will lead to disciplinary action taken against your account by the platform.

  • Adult/Sexual Content: Facebook strictly prohibits users from posting sexually explicit content or even content that is sexually suggestive. It includes any content with excessive skin exposure, nudity, implied nudity, and any content that may lead to sexual activity.
  • Harassment and Hate Speech: Any advertisements that may discriminate their audience or support discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, caste will lead to an immediate ban. These, along with any hate speech or harassing language, will not be entertained by the platform.
  • Sale of drugs and alcohol: Any sale of nonprescription drugs or alcohol is grounds for prohibition according to the guidelines provided by Facebook.
  • Gambling: Facebook allows gambling only in geographical locations where it is legal. Otherwise, Facebook holds all the rights to suspend your account in case of any gambling activity found.

Guidelines for Images and Videos for Advertising on Facebook


Facebook might have guidelines making life worse for marketers on the platform, but some guidelines are laid in place to let them know what to post to help them boost their engagement. It teaches marketers better about what works and what does not in advertising on Facebook.
These guidelines ensure that your posts on Facebook are not putting your brand and its reputation at risk and helps you save time in learning what needs work. They are listed as follows:

  1. High-Resolution Images: It is crucial to ensure all the visual content, including any pictures (or videos), are uploaded in the highest resolution possible. It maintains the quality of your advertisements which has a direct impact on potential sales.
  2. Height and Width:  The images should have a minimum resolution of 600 pixels (600 x 600)
  3. Aspect Ratio:  Most users use smartphones or laptops to browse the platform to which the aspect ratio limit is 16:9 or 9:16 for mobiles and monitors, respectively.
  4. Exclusion of Non-functioning elements: If the uploaded image/video contains buttons, multiple option checkboxes, or any notifications which provide zero function to the advertisements according to Facebook policies, it will be banned.
  5. NSFW images: Any images containing gore, bloodshed, and other forms of NSFW visuals will be subject to a ban, ensuring the users have a pleasant experience on the platform.

These guidelines and policies ensure uniformity and give marketers some boundaries to adhere to when curating their advertisements. It is crucial because Facebook is home to a large user base, people of all beliefs and backgrounds. The platform has to make sure that no advertisements go against these beliefs, and they cater to their audience at the same time.

Now that the guidelines and policies are out of the way, there are some tips that digital marketers follow to ensure their advertisements on Facebook achieve maximum reach and traction once posted. Let us take a look!

Facebook Advertising Tips for 2022


Despite the numerous guidelines set by Facebook for advertising on their platform, these are some simple tricks that don’t require a lot of equipment, neither do they need a lot of time. They are:

  1. Using CTA Buttons: Advertisements, once they reach your audience, need to have elements that would bring the customers to the brand’s landing page or some way to contact the brand. These buttons are called call-to-action buttons. These are necessary additions to your advertisements to yield maximum results from clicks to revenue generation; everything starts from CTA buttons.
  2. Vertical Videos: Most people use their phones vertically when scrolling through social media platforms, and Facebook is no different. Vertical videos are the best way to push videos to your audience’s feeds so they can watch your ads without doing much.
  3. Less text, more visuals: Images and videos with only 20% text covering the screen tend to do well. Compared to more textual advertisements, more users tend to interact with ads showing more and saying less.
  4. Movement: Ads with more moving elements caught the eyes and stood out in the users’ news feed. There is a wide variety of templates online, and different types of videos are available for advertisements like Stories, Boomerangs, etc.
  5. Observe your competitors: Probably the most underrated move in the digital marketing industry. A brand must go through what its competitors are doing to lure its audience to its brand. Inculcating these practices to your brand will ensure more output with less cost as it has already been tried and tested by your competitor.

The tips mentioned above will ensure that the advertisements of your brands reach your target audience. Marketers tend to overlook these tips as they might or might not work out with their brand. Observation, however, is key to advertising on Facebook or any other social media platform.

As with your brand, your competitors are out there hustling to lure their audience to their brands as well! Their methods and ways could be different from yours, but a brand needs to go through the methods used by its competitors. It provides us with vital information on what already works with the audience and what does not.

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This information is vital for social media marketers as it helps them curate and tailor their content according to the tastes and preferences of the target audience. However, it is not easy to look through exactly what your competitors are doing. Many different tools on the internet can help you with that, but one of the more effective ones is PowerAdSpy. Read ahead to learn how our tool will help your advertising game reach new heights on Facebook!

PowerAdSpy: Learn From The Mistakes Of Your Competitors


PowerAdSpy is an efficient yet powerful tool that lets you spy on your competitor’s ads. Doing this helps you to look into and analyze every detail of their ad copy. It provides you with other analytics, such as the reach of their ads, along with its engagement on social media and some targeting options you might not have heard!
Social media marketers need such tools as it helps them search from millions of ads, providing them with filter tools such as domains, time run, keywords, advertisers, etc.
Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing is crucial to your social media marketing, and PowerAdSpy understands your needs, which is why they are available on all major platforms such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora

About PowerAdSpy:

PowerAdSpy as a tool is very powerful and can be used to derive several insights about the performance of an advertisement for a product by the competition. These insights highlight the problems in your organization and fit in the missing parts. It also highlights the aspects where your organization needs work and which are better than your competitors. There are more reasons to use PowerAdSpy for your competitive analysis, especially if you’re using Facebook. Some of them are:

  • Assist in providing information about consumers of an organization around the world. It helps you understand in which parts of the world the public is already ready for your products.
  • Search ads of all your competitors using exact keywords or relevant ones.
  • All insights, including charts and graphs, are provided in a very intuitive and user-friendly manner, so no information slips through your eye. All information is worth a lot in digital marketing!
  • Real-time insights about the engagement on your ads and other posts on all major platforms are vital for advertisers to know what grabs the attention of their target audience.

It’s not just ads, offers, copies, creatives that the competitors are putting out that are also available for you to analyze and use for your own organization’s benefit. All this research and derivation of information cost an organization a massive chunk of capital every year. Save your money and install PowerAdSpy in your system today and boost your advertisements as you have never before!